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The Casual Life by Wintyre Fraust

An older, casual player's perspective on MMOG's in general and GW2 in particular.

Author: Meleagar

Why I Still Play GW2

Posted by Meleagar Monday December 10 2012 at 8:38AM
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I'm not going to lie to you: I still play GW2, although not as much as before, and I haven't spent any money in the cash shop since they put Ascended gear into the game.  Yes, I do feel betrayed by the insertion of a gear treadmill, I feel let down by the horrible state of content added after launch, and I believe that NCSoft pitched  their Arenanet devision to the cash shop wolves to satisfy investors.

However, finding out that Anet did in fact make comments about adding item progression and higher character levels as early as September of 2011 has softened the sense of betrayal.  I'm at least partly to blame for my expectations of what GW2 was going to be, even though I and many others reasonably (IMO) believed there would be no power creep (considering 7 years of "no power creep" philosophy in GW1).  The fact is that if I stopped doing business with every company I felt did something unethical or produce some shoddy work, I'd probably be unemployed, homeless, naked and hungry.  I'm not going to deprive myself of the enjoyment of entertainment I've already paid for just because I dislike the company. I also don't trash my televisions just because the manufacturer or retail store does something I don't like. That would be rather foolish.

I'm still looking and advocating for a non-vertical MMORPG, but while I do so I still find GW2 reasonably fun to play, and the reason I do so is because GW2 still provides me with several things I - as a casual player (and by casual, I refer to playstyle, not time spent in-game) - never got from any MMORPG before.

First, GW2 allows me to fully participate in raid-style boss MOB fights.  As a casual player having played over 10 years of MMOG including the launch of EQ vanilla, I've never seen anything like the massive battles with Dragons that I've participated in with GW2.  I've never looted those kinds of end-of-the-battle chests before.

Second, it gives me (through my characters) a true sense of power.  I love wading into a bunch of MOBS that are a higher level then me and being able to dispatch them all with special video and sound effects that make my characters feel awesome.  In EQ and WoW, I'm used to characters that could barely hold their own against any smilarly-leveled creature. In GW1, I can tackle a Veteran 2-3 levels above me an, if I play it right, own them. I can show up at an outpost that has been ovverrun and save it, single-handedly. It is very satisfying.

Third, it gives me plenty of content and stuff to do that is really meaningful to my characters. At over 500 hrs played, I still haven't seen over 50% of the map on any character, nor have I come close to finishing any storyline.

Fourth, it gives me great diversity within even a single character and many different ways to play that character - I'm not stuck doing one thing one way every time I log in with that character.  

There are a lot of things ANET did right in GW2, even if they got some things very wrong since launch. I give them credit for that and I'd love to see that kind of appeal to casual players going forward in future games.


Hluill writes: I agree with you assessment.  Though I am still playing The Secret World as well. Mon Dec 10 2012 8:54AM Report
Deeeznuts writes: I also agree with your assessment, and will continue to play GW2 until Archeage gets closer! Mon Dec 10 2012 1:57PM Report
ShortyBible writes:

Just bought the game, the digital copy. Down loading now. Hope I enjoy it as much as you do.


Mon Dec 10 2012 7:52PM Report
VancePants writes: I'm also a casual player and I totally agree. I think the game is fun, huge, and beautiful. I don't really understand why others don't... (it's my suspicion that this community in particular is just jaded and overexposed) Thu Dec 13 2012 7:13PM Report
tachgb writes: GW2 provides a brilliant and lasting experience. A big improvement over GW1 in many ways also. Fri Dec 14 2012 7:16PM Report
player666 writes: VancePants : it's too repetitive. I stopped playing at lvl 60 because I was bored to death. Sat Dec 15 2012 12:52AM Report
Tiller writes: ^ lol if you stopped playing at 60 you missed out on a lot then. I always laugh when people give up on a game in the lower levels. As with most games all classes and content areas have their highs and lows. As someone with 100% world completion. i can say...some areas just suck more then others. Parts of the personal story arch sucks (middle) the end when you get into Orr is pretty good. Sun Dec 16 2012 7:23PM Report
Meleagar writes: I don't really understand people who complain that games are repetitive; that's really the nature of what games are. They are essentially doing the same thing over and over. Mon Dec 17 2012 9:19AM Report writes:
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