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The Casual Life by Wintyre Fraust

An older, casual player's perspective on MMOG's in general and GW2 in particular.

Author: Meleagar

GW2: What Does "Overhyped" Even Mean?

Posted by Meleagar Friday April 13 2012 at 8:20AM
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There's been a lot of talk about how Guild Wars 2 is "overhyped" and that players who have pre-purchased it are probably in for a big letdown. These posts usually come with comparisons to other recently-released games, like Aion, Rift & SWTOR.  I think that in the sense that thse games were "overhyped" by zealous fans on forums like those found here, I 'd agree. Those games, however, delivered pretty much what the developers promised as far as game philosophy, mechanics, and graphics.

The implication here is that even though those games, to any reasonable criteria, delivered what the developers promised, the players that were very excited about those games, and considered them to be the best game ever based on that information, were left disappointed, and now would (at best) warn others away from the hype surrounding GW2, and at worst are just trying to spoil GW2 excitement.

I think a more germane question would be: why were they disappointed? Those games - Aion, Rift, SWTOR - delivered what they promised.  If one was excited about the gameplay, graphics and overall philosophy that developers outlined for those games, there is no reason for them to be disappointed - they got what was promised to them by developers.

So, here they are, camped on the GW2 forum throwing up post after post, thread after thread of negativity towards GW2.  If you're like me, you pre-purchased GW2 because of what is already known to be in the game. Open-world raid-like events anyone can participate in. WvWvW.  Deep, varied class systems with no holy trinity. Personal stories and instances.  How can I possibly be "disappointed"?

I think the disappointment is generated simply because those games - SWTOR, Aion and Rift - didn't become "the next big thing"; the WoW-killer, so to speak.  Those who are disappointed wanted to be in the next big thing from the beginning, and be the leet rulers in the new WoW.  It's not that they were disappointed in the graphics, the game mechanics, or the game philosophy,  because they knew what they were getting when they bought those games.  Those things were not over-hyped at all.

What was over-hyped, in the minds of those now disappointed, was how popular they thouight those games would be.  IMO,  they thought one of those would be the next "it" game, and they wanted to be a part of it. Instead, those are just three more games in a otherwise well-saturated market that a decent number of people play. They're really good games, but they're not WoW, or WoW-killers.

I - and many like me - don't care if GW2 is "the next big thing"; I only care that it deliver what it has shown to already have from all current information, and stay true to that design philosophy. Design philosophy is what kept me from buying Aion, Rift, and SWTOR, and it's what keeps me from being remotely interested in any other MMOG currently in development or on the market.  Anet has actually made an MMOG I"m interested in playing.  As long as it is popular enough to support WvWvW and Anet doesn't sell out its design philosophy, I'll be quite satisfied playing GW2.


liva98989 writes:

one word: True.

Fri Apr 13 2012 12:35PM Report
clumsytoes44 writes:

I fully agree with your post, and it's awesome you've made a valid point without alot of negativity. I bought and played Aion, Rift, SWTOR. Each of them lived up to what i expected, i still play Rift and Aion. SWTOR met my expectation's of kotor mixed with wow, honestly i had fairly low expectation's for this game. But while i played it, i had a blast. SWTOR just didn't offer enough to keep me interested. Personally i could care less about a WOW killer game, i played it for about 3 year's off and on and i enjoyed it. Once wow lost it's appeal i left, made no flame post's on any forum, as i find that disrespectfull to a company that made something that gave me enjoyment for awhile.

Sun May 06 2012 1:33PM Report
Jumdor writes:

I am really enjoying your unbiased writting style. Keep it up. You make valid points without being a zealot. 

Wed May 16 2012 11:00PM Report
Meleagar writes:


Let me assure you I am biased - it is, after all, a blog based on my personal opinions - and some of my posts reflect some pretty severe and opinionated biases (soloer, casual), particularly about the hardcore, raiding, gear-grinding playerbase and developers that have - up until recently - entirely dedicated themselves to serving that playstyle.

I appreciate  your comments, though. I find I am more willing (lately) to present a less embittered perspective simply because someone is finally producing an MMOG that doesn't treat every other playstyle like a red-headed step-troll. 

I realize GW2 isn't everyone's cup of tea, and for them, I hope they are curently enjoying games they love or will soon find one.  So, please don't judge my prior columns too harshly if I attack certain game producers or playstyles - I was fairly resentful up until I realized what GW2 was going to be.

Thu May 17 2012 5:04AM Report
wyldcard writes:

Personally, I think a lot of the GW2 players aren't the ones looking to be in a "wow-killer". I'm hoping that a fair chunk of the players will be people like myself who loved GW1 and would really enjoy to go back to Tyria and see it fully explored to a greater potential.

I saw a review the other day that pretty much said it all to me, GW2 isn't good because of what it does do. It is good because of what it doesn't do. It ticks all the regular boxes like any other mmo, guilds, group play, instances, solo experiences, raid bosses but these days all mmos have to. Where it comes into its own is the way in which everyone interacts with that world.

During the beta weekenfound myself, on numerous occasions, coming up against large elite mobs that I could not solo. Normally I would silently whisper a few people, see if we couldn't gather up a team quicker than anyone else to gain the loot. In GW2 not so, I found myself shouting openly for assistance and finding a lot of fun in going from 3 people whittling away at the healthbar, to 14 people holding a proper fight all fighting in their own style but meshing together nicely.

I digress away from my point with that little example, but on the whole I agree with Meleagar. If you are coming in expecting a "wow-killer" or the "Next evolution in MMO"(god I hate that kind of phrase), you will be dissapointed. This is not for you, keep moving and have a nice day. If you came here looking for the next saga in Tyria history, then welcome home my brother. Come sit by my fire and rest, for tomorrow we fight the dragons!

Tue Jun 12 2012 5:58AM Report
TheMagickDoll writes:

I have been far from disappointed with GW2 and its just in beta.  Its far from over hyped, it is getting the hype it deserves.  It really is a great game.  It gets away from the WoW-clone craze that have been plaguing other games and into something more organic.

Sat Jun 16 2012 5:14PM Report writes:
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