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Games are Life

Just a personal blog for everyday gaming. Playing various MMO's and always looking for the up and coming title.

Author: Mcdrecan

Rethinking my past gaming

Posted by Mcdrecan Friday June 17 2011 at 11:19PM
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So this post is to inform people of my experience with MMO games and I am an addict so to speak. It all started when I was in school for military training. Didn’t really have too many options for stuff to do outside of class, except being bored in my room, going out drinking and just being dumb with stuff to do.
One day a friend of mine was talking about playing Everquest and I found it interesting. I instantly ran out and bought the game and all the expansions that were available for it at the time. I spent the rest of the day installing and updating the game. My excitement was growing because I’ve actually always wanted to play a RPG online after reading a lot about it online and reviews.
I spent the rest of the weekend trying to figure out the game play, fighting, skills, inventory, and all that go with your typical MMO. Once I got used to the controls and started learning how to play a necromancer my friend offered some help so I could level up a lot faster. Next thing I know I was pushing level 45 and still not really knowing what I was doing but it was a good thing my friend also played a necromancer and gave me some pointers.
 I continued to play for a couple of months and ended up helping with a dragon that was woken up on our server that took an entire weekend to kill, but all that was dropped from the dragon was an egg. It wasn’t even like a valuable egg but just a normal egg to cook with. So I left the game never to return; I did try to get back into a couple of months later but it was pointless.
A couple months later Final Fantasy XI was released for the Playstation 2 and I immediately ran out and bought it. Being a fan of all the Final Fantasy games I was curious of what was in store. It’s funny because I had no idea that it was another MMO, I just thought it was a pretty big version of Final Fantasy that need a hard drive. Till I got installed and started getting everything set up, I ended up using the random name generator to create my first FFXI character. It took some time to actually get one that sounded good and caught my eye. Then I stumbled on ‘Drecan’ (another form of the name I use on this blog) this name ends up being the one name that I try to use with all the games I play.
I played FFXI for over 3 years, had my wife playing along with me after she tried playing my character. When I got her to play I was then banished to the desktop to play and she took over the Playstation 2. I made a lot of friends on that game, spent a lot of time in Jueno, Dynamis, BCNM fights, and way too much time in Sky to the point where I actually routed memorized.  I ran my own linkshells after playing big roles in other linkshells and realizing that I could make up my own and actually help people get gear, levels and even summons.
I had every class leveled over 40, with thief at 67 and my warrior at 75 with countless Merit points. I still too this day have almost 100 gigs of unedited video of game play, mainly thanks to my son who was only a couple of months at the time. I would hold him while playing sometimes and he would beat my keyboard and end up hitting the right key to start my recorder.
More to come next week…. These will continue till I return back to the states to actually start playing MMO’s again once I drive my wife crazy to the point that she tells me to get on my computer to stop bugging her.
Man I love that woman!!
Short-Straw writes:

In my case, it would take about 2 hours to get banished! Hope to have you home safe soon.

Sat Jun 18 2011 2:46PM Report writes:
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