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The Closet Rifter

Bold, Strong, Handsome and.... A Rift no-lifer. Join me! The Mastermartz as I conquer the world of Rift Warfront by Warfront, Rift by Rift, and Guardian by Guardian.

Author: Martzehh

The burnout

Posted by Martzehh Sunday April 17 2011 at 12:51AM
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It's happening.

The habitual cycle of staying up past midnight filled with rebuttles inside my head. The inner tangents constantly firing off as I read some of your posts.

I'm addicted to blogging.

I also have another confession to make - I tricked you with the title. You see, I think that you thought I was writing this blog to rant and QQ about how "I've done my free month and now I'm done for good, take that Trion!"


Just kidding, I respect everyone's opinion on this god-sent genre of gaming. But hear me out people, can you really be that aggrivated with a company for arguably improving the 'winning formula'? Sure you can make your comparisons and disagree all you want, but Trion did take your average joe and put him on steroids.

Lets have a look (not literally, I couldn't prepare a screenshot today). Graphics, check. Classes, check. Polished content at release, check.

Which in inteself is an entirely different topic which I plan on tackling next time.

Improved instanced PvP, check. Those are all the features I can give an honest opinion on right now because I'm not actually level 50 yet. And where I can see the source of those of you whom are frustrated because of the lack of true innovation. I still personally think Rift will be around for a while, because while those 'innovative' titles may be on the horizon people may not be ready for the change. As we've seen before with other overly hyped games.

*cough* DCUO

However I won't be too hypocritical because I'm STOKED for the new Star Wars mmo.

Anyway peeps I'm working on a side project right now so g'night!


Just one more quest...

Posted by Martzehh Saturday April 16 2011 at 11:01AM
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That's what I find I'm having to tell myself lately. You see, in my head Rift is going to grow and I truly think it will. But one thing I'm really itching for is endgame.

I'm a PvP freak.

I love how the population is at least good enough so that I never have to wait more than three minutes for my queue. There is nothing better the break up the monotony of questing than melting some faces in PvP!

But c'mon Trion. I love your game but this quest system is terrible. Now it's that, or the overall sensation of Scarlet Gorge in general that just has me not doing any quest whatsoever.

But eh, my only complaint so far and it is very easy to level other ways such as rifting or PvP (but you have to actually win).


Martzeh, Sheriff of ....bah I forget!

I protest the protest.

Posted by Martzehh Friday April 15 2011 at 2:42PM
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What is all this chatter I am hearing about with starting zones and Rift? Now I try to stay as neutral as possible because trust me I see both the ups and downs to this game, but there are a few points people aren't realizing. That or, they're just trolling because they love to troll.

I hate bringing this up. And I mean hate. No no, I hate bringing this up on this website. But those of you making this protest leave me no other choice.

*queue suspense*

Most of you are recycling the age-old debate about "Game X vs WoW" by saying that this game is boring simply because of the lack of starting zones. You know what, you're right about that!

Unfortunately, you're wrong to compare it to WoW. You see, WoW tricked you into thinking they were all clever with the insanely large amount of starting areas. But really people, how long did you spend in those zones? Now I'm not talking about vanilla WoW because I can't be the judge of that. But I can talk about WotLK WoW.

Those little jelly beans of zone you call "starting zones" take you to level 15, maybe? Then what happens, well if you had 3 or 4 horde alts you were stuck going to the damn Barrens!

Ddddoonn''tt gimme the whole "Nope, you had more options. I know cause I'm a hipster and love to e-fight!"

There is a reason there are bloody T-shirts you can buy about barrens chat.

On a side note, my ego dropped down a few levels in my KB group today when an armorsmith/runecrafter kindly offered to take me to Meridian and make all new armor. This guy made me a rune/gear combo that had my tank set take me up 1,5k hp, 200 parry, and 20 block. WTF!?

Matching armor FTW.


New begginings

Posted by Martzehh Friday April 15 2011 at 12:47AM
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Ohh and I mean it quite literally. I had a nice blog all typed and ready for you all to rip eachothers e-guts out over.

But I can't resist you guys!

After viewing countless SWG veteran forums for sheer entertainment (Oh hush, any frequent has at least once!) I had to write a welcome 2.0.

So where do I begin? Should it be that my Rift career was brought to conception exactly five days ago today at EB games niagara when I traded in the last of my PS3 games? Or maybe that I'm currently finishing up my finals yet still find the time to Rift for 4+ hours a day?

Hope my sponsors a.k.a. charity donors a.k.a parents don't see that one :|

Nooo, I think I'd like to start with the simple question of why? Why? Well the simple one word question has a one word answer. Cleric. Nuff said. I mean really people, the class should just be called God. Solo? Me and Tinkerbell pwn neverland. DPS? Mr.Tumnus decapitates guardians! Heals? Duh. Tank? Healing per swing had me at hello <3. And the beauty of it all is I can switch with the click of a button!

Let me put this metaphorically for those of you that aren't too familiar with Rift.

The Cleric is basically like the kid who always got picked first in dodgeball. Everyone wants him because he can do everything (granted I'm not max level yet so I don't know how well he'll hold up endgame) and he does it damn well! Whereas the rogue for example, is on the completely different side of the spectrum. The Rogue would best be compared with the fat kid whom is not only picked last, but the one who the other team secretly aims for the face so he may hopefully be easily injured for the team's sick enjoyment. You should have seen my highschool :|.

I mean no disrespect to my stealthy brothers and sisters it's just that there are so damn many of you nobody wants to group with you!

Anyway, the Cleric class and the zone-wide invasions are probably the reason why it's been five days and I'm level 33 already (max level being 50).

Don't hate me cause' you ain't me.

Does anyone else share the eye-bursting, carpal tunnely goodness of this game with me!?

Unfortunately my FC group is getting a littely antsy and would like their healer to return. Yeah, I'm a healer. And you have to wait because no group can function without me.

Until next time,

Grim Martzeh, The Warden