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Best, good, or down right awful MMO's from a MMO playes perspective.

To find an MMO that is well great in all aspects. As well as see why we even play these monstrosities.

Author: MasterchiefM

Aion? Do I eat it?

Posted by MasterchiefM Saturday November 28 2009 at 8:45PM
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This is my first blog entry and im gonna take a deep look at Aion, so lets get right down to business.

Aion was released back in September on the 21st of the year 2009. Now I remember all the hype here and all over gaming websites on how "Awesome" it was going to be. But lets be realistic, when has a developer not lied to us (The gamers) to get our money? I cant think of one occasion. For a while the reviews were solid on this game so I decided to give a whirl when it went into Open Beta.

Needless to say I was impressed. For a while the game play seemed solid and the combat was familiar but had its own spice with the flying system. One thing that stood out were the graphics. They reminded me a lot of Guild Wars but with more depth so to speak. The sound was excellent too but is it necessary to have battle music whenever you get into a fight? I just found that annoying but other then that the sound and music score was excellent. I didnt get the chance to play long enough to explore the dungeons or the PvP and such but this is the core of the game really. With its PvPvE system you get the chance to PvE and PvP at the same time. Confused? Well this is how it works (Correct me if im wrong) But when you go into less say a high level dungeon and get to the last boss you get said boss to less say 1%, near death. The opposing faction can come in kill all of you. It sounds like fun but if you get campers who just want to ruin your day it can be annoying, but it can make for some pretty cool PvP battles. If this were to happen I can only imagine your guild and their guild will be going at it for who knows how long. I wouldve like to see some siege battles (Like taking over a city) but with this sort of setting it doesnt really fit in, you could make it fit but to me it would seem out of place.

For those who played the Open beta you all know it wasnt up for very long, id say two weeks maybe? So now here comes release and oh boy what a release. I actually purchased the game (I can make a chair out of all the MMO's I stupidly buy on a whim) and the release was plagues with huge queues and crazy ass lag. Most MMO's experience this problem when they release and Aion was no different. But I have to say it was much smoother then Vanguard was when it released. The servers at the time were full of people rushing to level 50 which is kind of boring but what can you do, they pay their $15 too. I didnt really see any botting problems till a couple weeks after launch. Sure they were around and spammed the living day lights out of you but every MMO I have laid eyes on does this, just some are worse then others at hiding the fact that they are there. For a while the servers crashed here and there from being overloaded and the log in servers were getting pummled with people who just bought the game and wanted to play. Some of the wait times were 3-6 hours which is just scary for any game. Though from what I remember the Queue times were cleaned up and the most you will wait is 30 mins which is much much better. But apart from that the content seemed plentiful around the start areas which is good to keep newer players hooked, but remember NCSoft if they quit after lvl 20 all you made was $50 from the purchase of the game instead of the 6 month investment you are looking for. Dealt with this for almost a month and cancelled my account a day before I was to be charged. For now Aion was taking a back burner.

I have seen the visions trailer and if these are implemented ill return to Aion in a heartbeat. Just the notion of DX10 makes me drool with excitement (Why didnt they implement it at launch though is my own guess). Some of these changes could make or break the game (SWG NGE anyone?) so well just have to wait and see what happens. I can give some advice though. For those looking at playing Aion (or returning) dont. Avoid it like the plague right now, there are far better looking MMO's coming out in the months to come.

madmaty writes:

Is it necessary to have battle music whenever you get into a fight?

no you can turn it off in sound options :)


When you get to the last boss you get said boss to less say 1%, near death. The opposing faction can come in kill all of you.

Um as long as your party did the majority of the dmg this wont matter since the loot will be flagged to you


I would have liked to see some siege battles..

Um post 25 you enter the abyss and then there are siege battles quite often faction vrs faction raids on castles for control which will benefit your entire faction

The queses are gone now  as well as the gold spammers you had a problem with




Aion is a solid game IMO I have been playing since the release in china and yes they did screw up the launch in NA but all my problems such as queue times and spammers has been dealt with, the economy is starting to level out now and you can get most things at a fair price. I would say to anyone thinking of playing or returning to do so you will not be disappointed



Sun Nov 29 2009 6:17AM Report
ashennox writes:

 Aion is a great game and I played it until level 31 on a Chanter but after awhile it felt a little grindy, it's definitely one of the best MMORPGs out there but can prove a bit difficult in the later levels.  I might eventually go back to it though, I hadn't really experienced much PvP and would like to try it out a bit.

Sun Nov 29 2009 8:01PM Report
kamerian1 writes:

I played Aion in open beta and for about the 1st month of launch.  I never had an issue with queues, but I do remember the horrible lag and all the freakin' gold spammers.  They had pretty much gotten all that taken care of by the time I quit (I got my cleric to around lvl 30sih).  I pretty much quit because the game did become too much of a grind for me.  Seems like there were several instances where there just wasn't quite enough content to move you from one area to another and to progress leveling without the need for grinding.  I don't mind quest grinding because I feel like I'm doing and working towards something, but when it gets down to where the only way to level is by mindlessly killing mobs over and over....that's where I usually have to call it quits.  I'm sure more content will be added over time, and I'll probably eventually give Aion another go.

Mon Nov 30 2009 1:29AM Report
MasterchiefM writes:

 I have considered returning to Aion myself, but Im not sure because of the selection out there that I may prefer. Just have to browse the market to find one you like.

Mon Nov 30 2009 2:03AM Report writes:
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