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Malakhons Blog

I try to stay positive and objective.

Author: Malakhon

Craft of Gods : My impressions

Posted by Malakhon Monday May 31 2010 at 11:50AM
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First, let me say that I was hoping for a game where you actually get to start out an emergent demi-god not a "Go collect 10 rat skins and turn them in" guy.

It would be amazing to have a game where you start off in a zone  with a small village of your followers. Instead of Crafting, you go out into the game world and rescue/kidnap a Blacksmith or Artisan of some kind, bring them back the goods and they turn your stuff into a relic. A small change in the mechanic but with more appeal.

As you quest, your people could build you statues and weave tapestry glorifying you, and depending on what you do on the quests, your village grows into a twisted malefic land of doom and terror, Dark-shadowy city of discord and chaos,  glorious city-state of light, or a garden of tranquilic harmony, depending on how you played the game (or some bizzare admixture)

Having said that, this game isnt like that at all.


You start off with graphics very similar to a game like "Dark Ages of Camelot" with an interface slightly above that, but slightly below a guild war or everquest II. 


Not my biggest deal, but there was no ambience like the nearer you get to something the more you notice the babbling brook like in Lord of the Rings or World of Warcraft, instead I would say this sound was equivilant to Dark Ages of Camelot.


First, I am on the trial. It let me log into the game server and create my character and then as I hit "OK" after I had tweaked and adjusted, it said "You can't play on this server". If I can't play on that server, then why did you let me try to make a character on it?

Second, the character models are kind of cheesy. "Well you can be sort of a human...or another sort of human, or basically a human with fangs, or another kind of human, or basically an orc....have fun."

None of them looked like Gods.

I was thinking "Dayum, if  I had half the programming talent needed to make a game like this that they do, I would have let you play something like a Giglamesh Warrior-King or an ancient Naga, if I had anything to choose from "Regular dude" and "Regular Dude but they are all evil" wouldn't be my choosing.  A solid gold giant? a Winged Avatar? A demon pit lord, a River Sprite? yeah thats the kind of stuff that becomes a Titan and then a God.



When I finally got into the trial server, I made sort of an orc dude. I was going to be a Warrior/Healer, I had 3 ability points, and then sank them into probably useless 0 point skills. I hope there is a respec later.  Rather than let you feel some progression the game makes you grind three levels to learn one new thing...the opposite of carrot on a stick, its more like stick on a carrot that you get beaten with.

I like the idea of being able to choose what powers I want, I do not like the idea of them being so stingy that  I get nothing for 2 levels before the third. The progression should be differnt, so new players are learning the basics rapidly and then the old timers can grind out that last epic.


You start off in some sort of generic forest, next to a dude who says "Hello" if you click on him. If you are anything like me You guess maybe the quest is broken and run for about 5 minutes to a portal because no one in any of the villages (crocodile people, who would have made a good playable race) who say anything or even move around. You get the feeling the designers played about 5 minutes on World of Warcraft's night elf starting zone and decided to try something like that.

If you try to tame any mount, I tried wolves and rats and both failed.

Then you'd eventually figure out that had you right clicked on the "HELLO", then you could have chosen it as a quest, but as that is non-intuitive, and since he had one quest you may be assuming the game would automatically show you the quest text, and maybe that guy would have told you something about how to play.

Too late though, you are in a new land surrounded by 7th level rats and only 1st level, and you can't get back, so you quit and come here to warn people


"This could be a good game if the designers;

  -Were more creative and let people play things that were 'cool'

 -Added an actual demigod component and didn't just make it 'collect 10 things for me apprentice'

 -Made the game more intuitive and didn't penalize you for doing things you shouldn't, (close off the server choice for trial players for instance, make pick a quest more intuitive, etc)

-Polished it more sound and graphic wise, made towns seem less static and pointless.









Alganon is not the greatest game in the world, it is just a tribute....

Posted by Malakhon Tuesday January 12 2010 at 10:38PM
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You enter Alganon Game client and hear this song;


This is the greatest and best Game in the world... Tribute.

Long time ago me and my brother David Allen here,
we was hitchhikin' down a long and lonesome road.
All of a sudden, there shined a shiny demon... in the middle... of the road.
And he said:

"Create the best game in the world, or I'll eat your soul." (soul)

Well me and David Allen, we looked at each other,
and we each said... "Okay."
And we made the first thing that came to our heads,
Just so happened to be,
The Best Game in the World, it was The Best Gay-um in the World.

Look into my eyes and it's easy to see
One and one make two, two and one make three,
It was destiny.
Once every hundred-thousand years or so,
When the sun doth shine and the moon doth glow
And the user base doth grow...

Needless to say, the beast was stunned.
Whip-crack went his Whoopy tail,
And the beast was done.
He asked us: "(snort) Be you angels?"
And we said, "Nay. We are but men."
Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh-ah-ah,
Ohhh, whoah, ah-whoah-oh!

This is not The Greatest Game in the World, no.
This is just a tribute....

Flip Floop, fleebie floop flee,...

I can't get that Jack Black song out of my head. I picture David Allen putting this song on Alganon as you enter the game, so you realize that its just a tribute to a great game....


The Award for Best MMO goes too...

Posted by Malakhon Wednesday September 16 2009 at 10:35AM
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And the Award for Best MMO of 2009 Goes too..



"Yo, I am going to let you finish and all, but the best MMO is really Kanye West.."





Champions Online Bingo

Posted by Malakhon Saturday September 12 2009 at 8:39PM
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STEP ONE: Enter Tutorial Zone.


STEP THREE: As New Hero Emerges Mark on Bingo Card



Original article there

What power sets should they add to Champions Online?

Posted by Malakhon Monday September 7 2009 at 9:59AM
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Yes, I know they need to balance what they got.

Yes, I know they need to add more 'content'

Presumably, they ARE doing that.

However, if they were thinking of new power sets, what would you like to see?


Here are my initial suggestions;


1- Add Melee powers to Fire, Lightning and Ice. Yet insidiously, make them work a little differently than regular melee. Use one stat that blasters use, and one stat they do not generally focus on, like Dexterity. This way they may be tempted to hybrid, or you could make a Fire Tank.

I would say no way to Force getting their own melee set though, just to be arbitrary and because its too much like Ego Blades if it did.

2- Utility Set You cannot select this initially. However, once in the game you can start picking from the Utltiy Tree. This is the stuff that Batman would have in his utility belt. Powers that emulate some of the common inventions on a timer. They aren't AS good as Inventions. This would be for those people who don't want to craft, but want some of the benefits and are willing to be on a time.

3- Transformation You design your 'beast' in the costume creator and that becomes a costume slot. The "Beast" costume you create has a limited number of beastly costume peices. You can slot a "Beast Build" only with Beast powers. These include heightened senses, Claws, Bite, Flight, etc. You could sort of do this now with the existing power sets but you have to mix and match supernatural and/or claws and it just doesn't really flow. Giving you special 'beastly' powers would be cool and invoke the inner-furry of many players who seem to be playing wolves or butterflies or what have you already.

3- Titan Set Look, they got TWO types of Sword power sets, plus Vibro blade, plus all the Ego Blade set. That is a LOT Of sword weapons. Thats great and all, but how about "Titan Set". This is the kind of set Thor, Zeus, Hercules, Hera, Aphrodite may slot from. It would include hand-to-hand and various mezzes but look "Godly"

4- Minions Set Like Utility, you can't pick this one at start up. Instead, you can pick from this power set after you get your first two powers. You summon minions. The DIFFERENCE though is you get to create their costumes in their costume editor. You can even select "Clone my costume" as a default. This would be a perfect augment for someone who wants pets but is not interested in gadgeteering or sorcery. You have power like "Sidekick" first who will have some of your same powers and be 2 levels lower than you, then you can add "Gaurds!" as your second which allows you to have up to 3 gaurds (depending on how many points you put in it).

5- Tranquility We've got Darkness and "Sorcery" but thats not good enough. Give me a magic that shoots rainbows out of my eyes and summons leprachauns and unicorns. Harmony magic that invokes dreams, and poetry. In short, stuff that would make someone with a butterfly or druidic type character feel right at home in this game. Cutie-pie, sweety-snuggy-puss marmalade stuff. Don't like this one? well, I know a few girls who would, and that can't be bad.

6- RAWK! This one is my number one favorite which is why I list it last. You may hate my other ideas, but this one I think you will agree we need. Especially with Brutal Legend coming out soon. This one you pull out a Magical Guitar and fire rock notes, Powers like "Shredding" and "Melt Faces". Your character LOOKS cool while he becomes a Rock God. Val Hallen FTW!

Yes...Yes, you can have my account

Posted by Malakhon Monday September 7 2009 at 9:17AM
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Champions Online has made lifetime subscriptions available.  Barely a week out of the gate, and people already want to have your subscription. Often same people who seem to be decrying what a terrible game it is.


"Wahhhhh, it sucks...let me play".


  • I've flown around Millennia City in Rocket Boots.
  • I've saved mankind about a dozen times.
  • I've killed a heck of a lot of Ghosts and Qualar

I am still having a blast and I look forward to seeing where they go with this game. I have that feeling I did when WOW launched of something really special.

In the Immortal Words of Charlton Heston as he stares into a future that he doesn't like;

You'll get my account, you besotted Ape, when you pry it fromy cold dead fingers....


(Oh and, and "Champions Online is People....PEOPLE!")

How an Alt-Mania Anon (AMA) meeting would go...

Posted by Malakhon Sunday August 30 2009 at 3:39PM
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"I'm gonna' say it again, Like I do every week For those who don't know me
My Name is Malakhon and I have Alt-Mania."


(This is where you say "Hello Malakhon")


"My addiction started like any other. I didn't have to hurry into the head-start launch event. I could make any name I wanted. Super Patriot or USA would be there when I wanted to log in. So I made up a Spartan Warrior, I revelled in my ability to go with a variety of different choices for how he was going to look. I named him simply "Sparta" and then proceeded down the Single Sword path.

Then I ask myself "But is Dual Sword basically the same thing except you get MORE attacks?

And then I created a Qular after a few more bouts with the open ended game design that allows me to play anything I want (but makes Respecing more painful than a prostrate exam at Edward Scissorhand's house). My Qular was a gadgeteer who could dig his way out of trouble. He focused on his munition bots, but they are too stupid to draw aggro away from me and they will start firing at rocks and chairs and if I just them on aggressive, so they weren't enough.

So after my 30th character or so, in three days, I realized I had hit bottom. I had played every possible initial power set more than I was just hybriding for the sake of hybriding, any fix, any character concept, it didn't matter. I had to create another Alt.

I am here to open this meeting, people...who wants to tell their story next?"




Top Five Signs you are having CO Beta Withdrawals

Posted by Malakhon Thursday August 27 2009 at 5:36PM
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Signs you are having CO Beta Withdrawals


#5- You say announce outloud in a booming voice "GO FOR IT!! LAUNCH THE IRONCLAD DEFENSE SYSTEM!" to your friend who wll then say "But, I was just asking if I could have a beer?"


#4- You get on City of Heroes, just to broadcast "Who is going to Champions Online?" to which you'll either hear "I am, lol!", or an AION fanboi or COH Fanboi will tell you to STFU.


#3- You read this forum looking for some sort of non-biased look at this game, yet you've already decided the game is ready for launch.


#2- You are constantly doodling little character concepts.... "Let's see, I am going to make a Empath/Telepath who uses EGO for their damage stat and then its going to increase the severity of their critical, so I need a high dex, which will help me dodge, now let me think, do I want some Force powers in there? okay my guy is going to look like a giant shark dude, and I think I will name him "Shark Dude, man I hope I get more character slots"... because you know you have alt mania and won't be satisfied with just Shark Dude.


#1- You've started seeing the outside world in cel-shaded graphics or worse, you see that the world is NOT cel-shaded and you frown a little. "This is not what I remember the sky looking like? its supposed to be a solid blue, right?" as you try to remember what the outside world was supposed to look like having been hooked on the CO beta.