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Author: Maisson

The MMO Spark?

Posted by Maisson Friday March 29 2013 at 2:23PM
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Where did the MMO spark go? I remember seven years ago having that spark. You know that spark, the one that drove you to play the same MMO for years and not be bored. The spark that drove you to research, plan, and theorycraft. That spark that would make you defend the game if someone talks bad about it or sparks a conversation that can last a while if some one mentions it in a positive way. So where did the spark go? Seems I have lost my spark and I have looked everywhere for it even looked where I first found that spark, but alas, no luck.

I found my spark playing none other then World of Warcraft when it first launched. Now I have played other MMO's but nothing captured my attention all that much except WoW. I remember starting my Hunter out on launch day and dealing with queue's and crashes but after a few days and the stability started to happen I started to play. At first it seemed like any other MMO I played such as Galaxies, but after I hit level 10 something changed for me with the game I remember I had a dream about it and I was not the only one, few of my friends also had dreams after level 10. I swear there had to be some kind of subliminal messaging in the game and all the way up to Cataclysm when they redid Azeroth is when I started to loose interest. I think they accidently removed the subliminal messages from the game when they launched Cataclysm.

That spark was something else. I remember playing until 2am and say I need to log off, but I only have 2 bars to level. Well lets keep going and then "ding" new level and it's 4am, time for bed but I really should train so I don't forget and while I am here in Ironforge I should stop by the AH and look what's available for my new level and now I hear birds chirping and it's getting lighter outside. Wow I really need to get to bed. and then it's rinse and repeat in a similar fashion every night just changing the excuse why I need to stay on longer then I should have.

I remember when my account was hacked 3 times and that spark put me in a bad mood for a few days until my account was restored. Always happened when I was working too. At least my brother was home during the day and would contact me asking if I am playing right now and of course I would respond with "no, I am at work. Why?". "I see you character playing and responds to my questions with bad engrish." (yes engrish is what he referred to) Well lets see, now to save my account I told my brother to log into it and change the password and kick the hacker off. By the third time all I would get is a text from my brother with "you at work" and I would say "yeah" and he would respond with "WoW hacked, all set now, call me later for password".

Now I play all kinds of MMO's and when I play some of them at first it almost feels like I will get that spark back, but after a month or two I start to wonder off to play something els or take a break from gaming for a week or two. I sometime will sit in front of a login screen debating if I should play or not and giving myself reasons as to why I should or shouldn't play. Then there are times where I would mouse over the short cuts to different games, but never click on them.

I would love to know what that spark was. Maybe it was the thrill of discovery or the fact an epic which was rare at the time could drop from the next mob, which I need to kill before that person over there does. Maybe it was the drop that would yield me a large amount of gold or that rare pet I could auction off. Maybe it was the sense of accomplishment from leveling or raid completion or boss defeat. I am just not sure and and cannot put my finger on what that spark was or how it worked. One day maybe I will find it again, I just hope it's less powerful after all I am getting older and cannot stay up until 5am anymore.

Did you have that spark? Did you know what it was or why you had it? Have you found that spark again? writes:
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