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Author: Maisson

The Social Aspect of MMO's

Posted by Maisson Thursday March 28 2013 at 11:32AM
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I always read reviews on MMO's and there is always a section that gets a rating for the social aspect of the game. It does bother every time I read the review and then the comments that follow about how social or not social a game is.

I would like to address this issue and say that you cannot rate a game's social aspect in general. You can only rate the tools given to the players to be social. It is up to the players to be social. Every game has some social options whether or the players utilize them is be seen.

I always read comments on GW2 taking the social aspect away with the ability to help with no tagging or the dungeon finders will group people together and you don't have to advertise LFG (looking for group). He is a crazy idea to all those people complaining about the social aspect of games, walk up to another player and say "Hi". You have a 50% chance you will get a response. Strike up a conversation with someone in private chat or group chat and get to know people. All games give you the tools to do this, but it's up to the players to use them.

I see alot of arguments about game being solo friendly and not forcing players to group makes the game less social then before or then another game in comparison. Really??!! Even if a game forces you to group with others you or the others still need to initiate some form of dialog. Once Dialog has been initiated the game is now more social then it was 5 minutes ago.

Here are some tips to having a more social experience:

1) Say "Hi" to a some that is questing near you.

2) When grouped or forced to group ask how everyone one is doing. The ones that respond with more then one word are the ones you should socialize with.

3) Stop being shy, talk in general chat, talk with guildies, and talk with random people.

4) Asking questions in chat will usually get you flamed by morons, however you will have a few that will answer your questions which will start a dialog.

5) Try to have a goal of making 1 new friend or acquaintance every week or two and keep in touch with them. Try to communicate with them afterwards at least once a week to maintain the communication flow. If you don't want to then remove them from your friends list as they most likely will do the same.

6) Initiate chat with current players on your friends list.


If you ever see me in one of the many games I play, say Hi! unless I say "hi" first ;) writes:
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