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Ultima Galaxies: The Fall of Two

Posted by MacroPlanet Sunday October 21 2007 at 3:11PM
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Having never played Star War Galaxies, I can still relate to how the veteran player base feels towards SOE and their now 'dead' game.  As some of you know, I used to play Ultima Online way back in the day.  UO had a very similar 'death' that SWG had.  Two games that were both very different from the rest of the genre were quickly beginning to become the rest.  No more Ultima lore or Star Wars lore, it was more about the money and how many players we can get to our game.  Which in the end, failed in both cases.  You will see pretty much everywhere veteran UO and SWG players mourn over their game that they once lived in.  It is not rare to see "Why don't they just make it like it used to be."  Of course the developers always have some smart ass comment like "We just can't."  or "that is impossible." or "we are doing better now (yeah freaking right)."  But this is not my concern at this moment or why I'm writing this.  As a vet UO player I would so love for myold UO to be back.  I would give up any game in the world to have that feeling that I used to have in old day UO.  And I'm sure any vet SWG player would feel the same towards their game.  It's almost like a sickness though, to me.  I begin to relate every MMO, hell every RPG to what UO used to be and what I could do.  Shortly I end up not enjoying myself in the game because I begin to think how UO used to do this and that.  I hate it to be honest.  And I'm sure most of you can relate.  Mourning over our game is getting old.  The developers will never take action and as far as we know, we will never get our game back.  THis is where I think we need to draw the line.  I've realized that many of us are not enjoying ourself in the MMO world anymore.  "WoW is fun, but too candy cane.  CoH is great, but it's mostly instance.  EVE is awesome and has alot of depth, but where is my avatar.  I want my house, I want my vendor."  It gets tiring.  I know its easier said than done, but it's time for us VETS of the UO and SWG world to move on.  We need to accept what is there and begin to find the other game that gives us that feeling.  Sure I don't get the same feeling in WoW that I do in UO, but it's another feeling I get. . when I finally get that gear I've been pvping for.  It's a great feeling in EVE to finaly get into a good corp that can hold their own.  We are becoming so in depth with wanting that same feeling back with our old game that we become so closed minded and will not accept anything else.  Who knows, maybe we will find something better than what we had back in the day.  THe only way to know is trial and error.  Hell, maybe going back to UO or SWG is the best thing to do.  At least seeing certain areas will give your mind a rush.  This blog is mainly to help others out there like me.  People that Miss pre-R UO and people that miss the pre-CU and NGE SWG.  It's just time for us to move on.  Never to forget what we had, but to look ahead to what we could have.  I know I enjoy WoW and CoH, but I'm still looking for the game that makes me log on just because I feel like decorating my house or going treasure hunting.  ANd with that I'm out.  I hope you all find this blog a way to think ahead and help.  Atleast some of you hopefully can relate.

Player_420 writes:

I relate to you 100% man....theres always UO gateway...pre UO:R servers :P

Sun Oct 21 2007 5:03PM Report
pirate3335 writes:

Amen to that brother....I feel the same way, and play old school free UO shards to fill the void.  My last hope is Darkfall, besides that , there is not a single MMO that interests me. 

The thing about open ended games with random encounters between real people is that, it's always new.  Instances reduce these random encounters, leveling never satisfies me and gets old, and controlled pvp is usually boring unless its done very well.

What I loved about UO the most was that every person you met could be friend or foe....and you were always at risk.  That fear kept me playing.  No game ever made me scared like UO.

Quick story that I once posted before about my first pvp experience in UO.  I was brand new and hunting East of Britian.  I was killing weaker creatures for a long time and had earned about 1-2k gold.  I thought I was rich.  All of a sudden a red (pker) appeared on my screen.  My heart dropped to my ass, and began racing.  I ran all the way to Britian and hid inside a building thinking that this red pk would come find me inside brit.  The single thought that I escaped death was a victory in itself.  Later over the years I became a pker and have had my share of pking and being pked, but to this day my heart still races when I find a good item and a pk appears, or when I am hunting a blue player character, and I know he/she is freaking out that they see me on their screen.

I am not knocking WoW, but I just couldnt get excited with it.  It did have random pvp, but it seemed few were really in to it with all the battlegrounds and stuff.  In a game like WoW you wouldnt be able to have full loot either because of the amount of time it takes to get equipment....item based games I tend to stay away from as well.  I even remember dying in WoW to get to a location that I needed to get to quicker, cause death holds basically no penalty. 

But the sad fact is that most gamers don't want the challenge that UO presents.  You can have major set backs in UO and many people cant cope with it.  We are a minority in gaming, and minorities like us mean less money for them.  Hopefully Darkfall will rekindle this kind of game play.



Sun Oct 21 2007 5:10PM Report
enzyme writes:

Have you ever tried Lineage 2?

I remember the anxiety that game used to give me whenever a RED player ran past me, or if I was hunting alone and a random player decided to "chat".

Sun Oct 21 2007 11:48PM Report
danieltpc writes:

I unfortunately have never played UO and played SWG only under the new engine, but I must say I completely understand you all, for I feel this way about Pen N Paper D&D.


I used to play AD&D 2nd Ed. and I got totally frustrated when TSR broke, was bought by WoC and then was born D&D 3rd, which is not a bad PnP system at all, but it focus on the merchandise part of RPG. Unlike 2nd ed where you would buy ONE box with a set of the world on which you like to play and it would suit you well, they created, besides the class supplements which I lost count, loads and loads of books for people to buy, which are interesting indeed, but decided to work on quantity over quality, for they abruptly simplified the game system so they could reach younger public (focusing on the fact kids can be annoying when they want something) and released 3 thousand different books talking about one world, which seems like a fairy tale (no offense FR lovers, I also play on FR, but it's the most dumb D&D world), and then simply killed Krameikos and Dark Sun, nearly forgot about Dragonlance (one of the best worlds in my opinion) and Ravenloft, not to mention Greyhawk and Planescape.


Most of these worlds focused on a mature public without being necessary an horror-based RPG, for the whole point was not what armor you were wearing nor what sword you were wielding, the point was how fast and well you would thing to get out of a hard situation without relying on you stuff or dice rolls. Now because they wanted to sell more they decided to put down the fans throats a world which is not bad on it's essence but it's too pretty for some tastes. And by pretty I don't mean the green hills and cute pixies, I mean it's a world where everything is simple enough for you to play on it without much RP, based mostly on a Hack 'n' Slash, and magic stuff and so forth, a world where you don't have to do much for what you carry with you does most of it. Which leaves vet players no choice but to accept it or adapt stuff on their own (vet DM's, I must say I love you all for still doing this) or simply live on with the novels (at least for Dragonlance fans). What frustrates me more is the fact that you will hardly find new players which can ACTUALLY role-play, most beginers focus on equipment, treasure, money and that counts for starter DM's aswell. Money has been killing the “Role Play” of “Role Paying Games”. I say that for most of my characters are usually weaker and useless under some DM's for I focus on role-play but if my equipment is not expensive enough there is no way I can get through a magic lock for the only way of entering that is rolling over 40 on the dice and THERE IS NO OTHER WAY IN (no sentrys would ever open that door, nothing is ever gona come in or out, unless this thing is me with epic equipment, but IF i get through the door, THEN some one will show up for me to KILL, because unless I enter the room there is no need for anyone to come that way. Am I dumb or else?), you don't need to think, actually you don't have to, you just have be rich and lucky


Best thing near to a more “mature” (following that line of thoughts) world that focus basically all of it's "engine" on Role Play is Rokugan which is not an D&D Original, it's based on Legend of the Five Rings. It's a world ruled by role-playing based rules and codes, on which you CAN end a combat rolling your dice only once AND without necessarily killing everything moving that crosses your path. It's low magic (nothing against magic, but I rather do things on my own, I don't want my stuff to play on my behalf), combat rules are the same but pretty much useless if you're good enough on other stuff, it's based on moral, ethics, logic and other few good stuff you won't necessarily find ANYWHERE ELSE nowadays


So, even though I can't say a word about the games you mentioned, I can at least tell I understand totally your feelings and support you on your journey to find something to replace the empty space your beloved games used to have. I've found Rokugan Campaing for my P'n'P RPG and I shall try to use this on my favor, introducing all new players I found on a true RP before sending them to FR where you can play Diablo Hack 'n' Slash way without even thinking on what you're doing. On my point of view players that rely on stuff they have are pretty much uselles unless they like to tear character sheets and start over with new ones on every campaing.


I wish you all old scholl MMO players best of luck on your journey, for I still have a hard one ahead of me as well.

Mon Oct 22 2007 9:00PM Report writes:
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