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Magic of a game. Ultima Online

Posted by MacroPlanet Sunday September 23 2007 at 10:55PM
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Letting go of a game that brought a whole new look into gaming has a very special place inside of you.  Most UO vets would agree with me on this too.  That's why it was not easy to let go of this game.  It was always a magical world, UO was actually felt like a world.  Like a place you could get lost in.  It was not about always going out and killing monsters or people.  Many people found their niche going mining all day, even some hired on bodyguards to protect them from any evil doers.  Adventurers were commonly found.  Picking up their shovel and grabbing a handful of treasure maps that they found earlier on.  They would usually gather a large amount of friends to help them down the beasts that wait and lurk upon the shadows of the hidden treasure.  Nothing felt better than accomplishing this procedure, many times you would find vanquish weapons and armor that you had a choice to do with.  Some adventurers would take their found items to their homes that were lost in the woods somewhere, or maybe a home near britain filled with merchants.  The sword would now be in view for all to see.  Many people had a residence in UO, being able to do anything their mind desires.  UO brought a broad view of fun to the table.  Bored on a rainy day?  Britannians would often just decorate their homes, sit and just admire the beauty of a 2d world.  What ever you found to do in UO, will always be remembered as the time you played one of the first and best MMORPG to date.  We sit here and we go through our memories and wish we could go back to that day so we can experience the game as its best.  Screenshot still capture the experience we had.  The huge epic battles between guilds, the newly found monsters, the first item you ever crafted with your craftsman, the very first house you built, the first time you set sail to the sea to find adventure.  I loved my house that I had been living in for years, i loved all of my items I had in it and I loved my character.  However, I did not love what the game has become over the decade.  That day was so hard, but I was able to do it.  I did not watch my house fall the last night of my subscription.  But I could only imagine what it looked like.  There were probably no one camping outside of my house to gather all the items that fell to the ground.  Instead, they just sat.  They sat in a dieing world and eventually decayed into the digital soil.  That day was my coat on a rake.  It was time for me to move on.  I will always remember UO for what it was.  My first MMO and my first love for MMOs.  UO was magic in my eye and always will be.  All my old friends that eventually vanished, will always be remembered.


Thanks for reading this.

todayisblue writes:

that was probably the most depressing post i've ever read on a gaming forum. part of me wants to call you a loser and a faggot. but the other part understands. i wanted to play UO some years ago but my parents wouldn't lend me the credit card. it looked like so much fun... i remember imagining doing all those imaginary things you talked described. then i tried it years later and it sucked. (probably only because it was dead by then) well you're a loser and a faggot... but you managed to move me. it was definitely worth posting here.

Mon Sep 24 2007 5:42AM Report
LostMK writes:

meme noob

Mon Sep 24 2007 5:49AM Report
Hrica writes:

MaeEye, I am  with you.  I played on the chessy server for years and as my friends moved on to other games and UO changed, I found myself having to let go of my account. It was painful. And I know alot of people who went through the same agony letting there houses go. Most people who experienced this emotion was mature people who had played the game a long time and was with it from the start. No WoW fan boy could understand, they just can't.

 I really wish UO2 or Oddesey would have seen the light of day. from what I hear KR is junk. EA has the cash and credit, I do not see why they would not make a sequel to UO, and not a glorified patch like KR.

Mon Sep 24 2007 8:37AM Report
MacroPlanet writes:

Todayisblue - I'm glad it moved you in a sense.  But I wouldn't really say that it is depressing.  I miss my game, but my memory is still strong.


Hrica - I agree with you 100%.  I feel like EA has put the game on the backburner and has almost just forgot about it.  Now and then thinking "well maybe we need to change something real quick to show we are involved and try to get as much cash as possible."  UO2 and Oddesey would have both been really great UO game in their own ways.  KR, is nothing but a patch.  The graphics are not game breaking and it just shows that UO is only a thought to EA at times.  I will agree with you that no one will understand this post unless you've actually played UO yourself.  That is fine, but easily can people relate this to their game.  And one day, WoW players will make posts like this when WoW is only but a memory.  Same with every game.

Mon Sep 24 2007 8:53AM Report
Dameonk writes:

I felt the exact same way when I finally canceled my account for UO.  It was like I was erasing a part of my life.  I have never had that feeling about a game again.

UO managed to go above and beyond what is expected from today's MMO market.  Paul Barnett of WAR has been quoted as saying that they are creating a hobby, not a game.  It might have done them good to look at the only MMO game that has actually accomplished this.  Too bad they didn't & too bad no other developers are either.

Tue Sep 25 2007 11:51PM Report
sage707a writes:

I completely agree with you MaeEye. All the games that come out now just can't even compare to the vastness of old UO. I play Wow for about 1 or 2 months and really wanted to get into it because i had so many many friends playing it; but, it just felted like a really dumb'ed down UO which lacked in every possible field in comparison-- especially PVP. Playing on the ''Pvp'' servers of Wow  was not even close.

I respect people that have fun with Wow, i wish i could have fun with it-- then id have something to play.

Anyways. You might try NWN2, online. Some of the servers support 70+ people at the same time, and the gameplay is somewhat similar-- though the pvp is basically equivolent to Wow :(

The best part though is finding a server and meeting a bunch of really fun people, and then hoping they log in when your on so you can adventure or hang out with them.

The worst part though; is that they are admin'ed by people and not a company; which, is a recipe for 'injustice' in the form of playing favorite with certain individuals and not others etc....

Anyways! i wish u best luck on your look for the perfect game which can stand beside UO-- i'm right there  lookin for it too!


Tue Jan 08 2008 10:33AM Report
EndDream writes:

this post makes me want to cry... i feel the exact same way as you.. it was the best game ever made...

god i hope darkfall happens...

Fri May 16 2008 6:26PM Report
Master1987 writes:

UO=greatest mmorpg ever

Sat May 17 2008 3:35AM Report writes:
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