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Reminisce of a virtual world. Sosaria.

Posted by MacroPlanet Saturday August 29 2009 at 9:55AM
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I remember that day like it was yesterday.


Ten years ago.  It was a beautiful day out.  The sun was shining, a slight breeze was flowing drifting the cool summer morning air, no humidity, and the sound of birds echoed through the woods.  Then there was me, sitting inside on my computer playing my game.  It was so worth it.


I logged onto my character like any normal day. 


'I feel like an adventure, exploring,' I thought to myself.  


I went to the local bank located in Minoc, my hometown, and geared up with some of the usual stuff.  Pickaxe, a sword, some chain mail armor, and some poison to apply to my sword.  I had a pretty good friend that could make some of the deadliest poison in all of Britannia.  He knew I was new to the world so he hooked me up with a few bottles of this stuff.  He always told me


"What ever you do, do not drink this stuff."


So I didn't.  Not like it was temping anyways, it was green and just looked dangerous.  So I just kept it in my backpack. 


I got all of my stuff ready and zipped up in my backpack.  I was then ready to go.  Today I felt like traveling by foot, you know to take in the view and everything.  Going by horseback would take no time at all to just explore.  I headed off, east towards the river that divided the city of Minoc and Mt. Kendell.


As I walked over the bridge I could hear the sound of miners picking away at the rocky bottom of Mt. Kendell.  The miners were always hard at work in this location.  Everyone knew it too, which wasn't always a good thing.  Life as a miner was rather tough in these old times.  Most of the murderers would love to come to this mine and just destroy every living being that was picking away.  Hell, just walking into the mine could make the miners uneasy.  I peaked inside just to see what was going on.  The usual, some shirtless men with their pack Llama picking away at the ground.  It was pretty dark in there, but the summer sun peaked in at this early morning, which is why it probably was so active that day.  I could feel their eyes drift towards me.  Probably a sign that I should just head on my way, or start picking at the earth just like they are.  They were getting uneasy, you could sense it.  


'It's probably wise to leave them alone,' I said to myself.


Outside of the mines were several tents set up with mining gear laying around.  Ore in multiple piles laying all around the tents.  I suppose these are the areas that have a rich vein, so they set up tents to mine during even the worst of all weather.  It was always breezy on this side of the mountain, which was very close to the river front.


Speaking of which, as I looked to the sky I could tell in the far distant to the south a few darken clouds were gathering.  These rain clouds were far from the shore though, nothing to worry about.  It's not like I would melt anyways.  So as I left the mining camp, you could hear the clinking of the pickaxes dim in the distant.  I scaled the mountain side of Kendell as I headed north towards the great field north of Minoc.  The river, to my left, was calm.  It looked so peaceful, but I knew better than to jump in.  The river was very close to the ocean, who knew what creatures dwell in these bodies of water.  Plus it was a very far jump too.  There would be no way for me to make it back out unless I drifted all the way to the city of Vesper.


I kept my pace as I headed around the mountain side.  Breeze in my face, warm summer sun illuminating the water on my right.  I was looking down at my feet as I was walking.  Watching as each step brushed away the thick grass with each step.  As I glanced up towards the forest ahead of me I had to blink my eyes a few time to believe what was ahead of me.  Surely my eyes were deceiving me, so I looked back down, rubbed my eyes then looked back up at the forest.  Of course this couldn't be accurate, it didn't make sense.  I sped up my walking to reach the forest a bit faster.  


When I reached a safe distance from the forest I stopped in my tracks.  Slowly took by backpack off of my shoulders and I starred at the forest with my jaw wide open.  I did not want to take my eyes off of this sight, for if I did I was afraid it would disappear.


"Unbelievable," I said out loud to myself.


I dropped my backpack and just stood and starred at what I saw.


A forest of trees all the shade of dried blood.  Except this was not blood and it was not splattered on the trees.  Each and every tree had a red tint to it, from truck to the tip of every branch.  Not one spot of the trees showed its true colors.

  I ventured into the forest a bit more and could not believe what I was seeing.  What was I seeing?  What exactly is this.  I touched a few of the trees, rubbed my fingers on them.  Nothing out of the ordinary, beside the colors.


I spent several minutes just looking around, trying to find any excuse to why this has happened. 


'Did someone really come through and paint the trees,' I thought to myself.  'Surely not, but what?'


After gathering my stuff together and trying to stay calm, I left the forest and headed back into town.  When I finally got to the local Minoc bank, I told quite a few people sitting around about what I just saw.  Most people just went on their merry way without even taking notice.  One chap on a horse back raced up there to check out exactly what I was talking about, but I never saw him again after that.

I went on with my day like any other normal day.  Going around gathering resources for my house, preparing for the winter season to hit.


The next day everything was back to normal.  The forest was just like anything other 'ol forest in this blasted land.


I never did figure out what happened that day.  Was it something as simple as the gods' playing a joke on us?  A decade later I never experienced such a thing in my life.  Never will I forget that summer day.


One of many stories and experiences from Britannia, the world of Ultima Online.