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Moving on from AoC, but will day.

Posted by MacroPlanet Tuesday June 24 2008 at 9:12PM
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I'm sure people are getting sick of hearing about people complain about Age of Conan; but honestly we were ripped.  So yesterday my girlfriend and I finally decided to cancel our subscription to AoC before the next pay period.

We decided (I know I know) to go back to World of Warcraft.  I mean, I just missed the art style that WoW had and the balance nature of the game.  We have only played it a year before moving on and I think it was too early.  Do understand though that WoW was not my first MMO, since I started in 1999.


So we are back in WoW now, getting ready to start anew and level some characters together.  It's alot more fun when you have someone else to play WoW with really, especially a girl.


Anyways, AoC basically was full of unpromised 'features.'  I'm sure one day i will return to AoC, when I know for a fact that everything has been implamented.  Hell I might give it a try on my 360 when it comes out.


So here we are, going back to the future again.  Too bad I can't get her into UO ;)

Equilibrium_JW writes:

Good luck. We moved on to Vanguard, ironically, which was also released too early, but is now a great game and has thousands coming to it because of AOC. Maybe it will be a good game one day.


Tue Jun 24 2008 9:23PM Report
Ascension08 writes:

Yeah alot of people feel the way you do, but AoC won't die, and I certainly hope it doesn't. We need more than one top dog in the MMO market especially, since everyone has different tastes and we're quite the picky bunch!

Tue Jun 24 2008 9:39PM Report
Lizante writes:

Oh Age of Conan has the potential.  FunCom didn't quite learn for their mistakes with Anarchy Online (arguably the worst MMO game release disaster of all time) but Age of Conan's release wasn't quite as bad as AO.   So I expect Age of Conan to escape the Closed Beta bubble-wrap in 3-6 months.  Y'all come back now, hear? ;)

Wed Jun 25 2008 12:01AM Report
shakaama writes:

i'm kicking myself for not canceling in the first 30 days actually.  but yeah i'll be canceling soon withint these first months since i got the 3 month deal.  in the mean time i'm testing all the classes to about 30 to give it a real go.


i'll see you in wow one of these days.  hmmm vanguard?

Wed Jun 25 2008 3:15AM Report
AlienShirt writes:

It is quite sad too for a game that had so much potential but was released too early so it didn't have to face off versus WotLK and WAR.

Wed Jun 25 2008 6:13AM Report
thedrakon writes:

I cancelled, but, it's much more cuz I don't have the time to play, and I don't want to put much time into it. And .. I don't have the 15 $ free on my CC to resub anyway

Wed Jun 25 2008 8:36AM Report
Giddian writes:

I don't see the Need for People posting "The Reason I Quit" blogs.

And then you have chaosngn Pimping that Dead Horse Vangaurd. LOL

I'm Sorry your Leaving

Wed Jun 25 2008 9:07AM Report
Hugolin writes:

i left aoc too...

nice graphics, nice gameplay...but...dunno...quests kinda suck...armors in low lvls dont motivate u to keep lvling...and...well...

cya in wow........................NOT

Wed Jun 25 2008 10:07AM Report
Jupsto writes:

good ridance.


Wed Jun 25 2008 2:09PM Report
daltanious writes:

In short, to not repeat myself from other threads ... I cancelled subscription same day I installed it. Mainly because of terrible fps in high settings. Then purchased new graphics card ... and never being sorry for single € spent for this.

AoC has many issues, many things are bad by design (I can not imagine to have to wait to level 20 and 40(!!!) in WoW to be able to gather or learn some crafting.

But overall ... I enjoy a lot playing AoC. I never play however PvP, I never raid, … but for now while waiting Lich King AoC is my only replacement. If I will continue to play it later time will show.

Overall WoW is still the king. At least for me. Can't wait to get hands on Lich King.

But now when I return to it from time to time, two things really bother me a loooot in WoW: I have discovered, that I have spent in past maybe 20% to 30% of gameplay just to eat and drink!!! In AoC there is no downtime due to this. Everything recovers so fast, that it is real fantasy. And next thing: travel speed. I guess in WoW I have spent another 20% to 30% just to travel just **painfully*** slow. Even mount in WoW I think can not compare to plain running in AoC. In AoC travel is very fast, not to mention super speeding up from time to time with shift, ... Ok, there are no travel points that would connect different areas and this is big minus ... but overall in AoC I’m actually playing game, not eating and drinking! Hope somebody fix this in WoW before Funcom has time to fix its AoC. :-)

Thu Jun 26 2008 3:13AM Report writes:
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