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Corruption in a game {Ultima Online stories}

Posted by MacroPlanet Friday May 16 2008 at 3:17PM
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It had already been about 1 year since I moved on from the official OSI shards from Ultima Online.  Mainly due to the fact that the game has changed so much.


I decieded to take my character and move him to another world.  I found a RP shard that was free, but dedicated itself to only a pre UO:R system.


I was in my guild, Dwellers of Darkness (DoD}, we were strictly an rp only guild and man did I have a blast.  We had many enemies against us.  I remember many battles that would lay outside of our castle walls.  People would horde outside and yell at us, intimidating us to come out and fight. 


One day I decided to take some action.  I told my guild master that I had a plan to go against one of our enemies.  I recently found out that they held 10 of the rarest steeds in our shard.  Each worth millions of gold.  So with a quick nod, I released myself from DoD, my guild.  I grabbed my steed and slowly worked my way to the enemy guilds castle, knocked on the door and told them I've quit DoD and have many secrets to tell them.


They accepted me in their ranks, which surprised me.  Their castle was amazing, loot and rares stacked everywhere.  But I had to keep my self focused.  They took me upstairs to the highest point and gave me some outfits that they wore, Across the floor were the steeds.  So I suited up and began to tell them some insides to our guild, all of which were lies.  They all had a battle coming up with another guild, but I do not recall who.  So then they left, as I told them I would meet them shortly. 


So I made my way to the steeds, all unlocked and just sitting in the castle.  I quickly swipped each one and placed them in my backpack.  I then quickly ran out of the building and released myself from the enemy guild.  Ran through the forest, nervous.  Anyone, any killer, any murderer could easily kill me and take the loot.  All the hard work.  All the planning.


I finally made it to the Trinsic bank and placed all the steeds in my bank.  Went to my old guild (DoD) and told them my mission was a success, they added me back to the ranks.


The next day when I logged on, I was in jail.  Someone from the other guild reported that someone hacked somehow and stole all their rare steeds.  No one mentioned my name though.  The only way the GM's found them was because the steeds were in my bank.  They said if they were in my backpack that they would have not been able to track them.


I was pissed.  I failed to see how I hacked anything.  Everything I did was through RPing and legit gameplay.  After a month of being in jail, the administrator then said that I was banned from the server, even after pleading my rights and saying that I did not hack anything.


So I quit.  I quit Freeshards, because favoritism is real.  I found out that the guild I stole from was a GM's favorite and would do anything to help them out.  Who knows, all the rare steeds could have been a gift from the GM to them.


But in the end, I felt good.  I succefully went into an enemy guild and stole their rarest prizes by just sticking to my character.  This is the freedom that UO had long ago.  It will be missed.  No other game will have this feature like UO did.


Thanks to this


It inspired me to write this blog.  I'm sure many great stories like this exist.  If your a UO player, do share you most valuable memories.

Player_420 writes:


Fri May 16 2008 3:25PM Report
Drukstylz writes:

I'm not sure, but that sounds like scamming to me.

Fri May 16 2008 3:32PM Report
SkullFighter writes:

Yeppers you have found the number one problem with player run shards.  Most of the so called elite guilds on them are nothing but friends of the gm.  Anyone who is not friends of the gm are sheep for them to play with.  It is for that reason that most if not all player run shards are the suck!!  

Fri May 16 2008 5:01PM Report
Melf_Himself writes:

I fail to see how it's RP to put a horse in your backpack, let alone TEN HORSES, but, it must have been quite fun nonetheless.

Fri May 16 2008 6:39PM Report
makepeace writes:

Imiss UO when It 1st came out.  If it was still that same way I know I would still be playing it everyday.  That game was way ahead of its time.  BEST PVP EVER.  Dang I miss it!

Fri May 16 2008 10:15PM Report
UncertaintyP writes:

Sat May 17 2008 3:18AM Report
grimfall writes:

I thought the 'I put 10 steeds in my backpack' was pretty good.  At least he should have role-played that he lead them out of the castle.

I often wonder about the UO crowd.  If they don't mind graphics that poor, why not take the final jump and play a MuD? 

Sat May 17 2008 5:27AM Report
rafaelrehn writes:

I want my Ipod back

Sat May 17 2008 5:37AM Report
Ascension08 writes:

Sounds pretty cool, I mean it makes the game sound attractive...of course except the being in jail bullcrap.

Sat May 17 2008 10:41AM Report
MacroPlanet writes:



I started to get excited.  I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could before they found me.  I broke RP at the time, but I was rich for a few hours.  lol

Sat May 17 2008 12:01PM Report
grimfall writes:

I wasn't talking about you , MaeEye I was talking about the game that let's you say 'Wow, look at this herd of horses... I am going to stuff them all into my backpack'.

Sat May 17 2008 1:40PM Report
daarco writes:


I wish i would have played UO in its prime time. The OPs story sounds as real MMO should be. I cant believe they blamed the OP when they did the mistake. 

If the enemy clan were that stupid..its thier own fault for letting someone in and steral the loot.

Almost as players dont think they have responsibilities. I really hate when they thik so.

Sat May 17 2008 2:04PM Report writes:
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