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Let me get this straight (Age of Conan)

Posted by MacroPlanet Friday April 25 2008 at 12:17PM
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As it looks, many people around here are getting pissed off at Funcom about their move with the Beta.  People are going on how now they hate Funcom and Fileplanet and they think it was a bad move.  Now people are starting to say Doom about Age of Conan just because they feel 'cheated' out of an open beta.  Please, you got to be kidding me.  Don't diss Funcom, because they made a wise move.  Just think of all the great impressions they are getting right now; no one is having a problem downloading this client.  It's a huge client too.  Would you rather have a free open beta where the download server is horrid and no one can download the 14gb file?  You've got to be kidding yourself if you say yes.


This is MMO buisness, people.  If money can be made then money will be made.  If you don't like that the beta has gone through fileplanets subscription, then go cry somewhere else.  It's $5 (quit paying for that other MMO that you play) a month to do this, plus you get other great things from fileplanet like access to other betas, free games, and fast download rates.


If your going to diss Funcom on the way they handled beta, then you just need to either wait for release and not worry about it, or quit spending so much money that your worried about $5 a month.  I'm getting sick of hear all the whinning coming from everyone that they should have a fair shot into beta.  Well this is your chance.  This way it shows that it is a fair chance.  Instead of getting picked for you amazing/weak computer actually get a chance of skill in getting in beta.

So my advice to everyone that wants to cry about Funcoms handle on the open beta, just wait until release.  Would you rather have a clusterfuck with server loads and have people get irritated because they can't download the client?  This is a wise move by Funcom to have Fileplanet do this because everything right now is going so smooth.  This just shows that Funcom cares about their product and it shows the quality of the work they have put into this project.


And if you don't like what I'm saying in this and don't agree.  Feel free to express your opinion, I'll listen.  But it won't change anything.


For those of you that don't have a problem with Fileplanet, enjoy yourself.  and have FUN!


Let the blood spill.


And thank you Funcom for making this painless, I appreciate what you've done.

BadSpock writes:


Fri Apr 25 2008 12:20PM Report
BlackWatch writes:

I think their overall issue is this:

People are tired of feeling like they are essentially paying to BETA test many of the games that are currently in production. 

OR... maybe many of the folks complaining are the kids that don't have access to credit cards or methods of online payment.  (and maybe that's 'working as intended')

I'm sure there are other reasons that people would complain about this... yet those are the only 2 that I'm willing to try to play Devil's advocate for. 

Fri Apr 25 2008 12:30PM Report
murphys123 writes:

I am sure most people are just upset at the lack of cowbell in the AOC.

Fri Apr 25 2008 12:34PM Report
mxmissile writes:

OMG people, this is NOT a beta!  The game went gold a few days ago.  Read the news and stop calling it a beta.  There is no BETA testing involved here.

Fri Apr 25 2008 12:38PM Report
MacroPlanet writes:

If it is the kids complaining, then I'm glad it's working.  Maybe this is a good way to keep most of them out of a 17+ game.

Fri Apr 25 2008 12:38PM Report
MacroPlanet writes:

@ mxmissile


Quoted from Fileplanet "Join the Beta"

Fri Apr 25 2008 12:39PM Report
DapperBantam writes: By doing the beta through fileplanet they know for a fact that the people getting in to test are people that can afford online pay services, such as their game. It's really smart. Fri Apr 25 2008 12:52PM Report
Raston writes:

For me it isn't the cost, it is the site that is handling it.  I refuse to pay Failplanet a penny because I have no need for their services, nor do I like some of their business partners.  If that means I miss a beta, so be it, it won't be the end of the world for me to miss it.

But I will NOT pay that PoS site a single penny of my money, even if I had millions and could waste it on anything.

Fri Apr 25 2008 1:05PM Report
rmk70 writes:

AOC is doomed not because of their marketing choices, but because their game play is horrible.

100% linear questing + VERY slow combat (yes melee combos combat is VERY SLOW) + unbalanced classes + BORING as fuck game play = failure.

Fri Apr 25 2008 1:10PM Report
Hashbrick writes:

It's not the point of using fileplanet, it is the fact you need to be a subscriber to test their game.  Since when did we have to pay to test something, that's outrageous.  There is shit ton free transfer sites they could have used to package and dl the client from such as gamershell, torrent, etc.

With your reasoning of just throwing money away it should be alright for paying for a parking spot at work, yep you have to pay to go to work, sounds fair right?  Exactly it's bullshit just like the handling of the beta was.  It caused an uproar and after this happened when I went to my GameStop in my area there were loads of people screaming that they want to cancel their pre-order.

It was a bad move and they will pay for it.


Fri Apr 25 2008 1:26PM Report
Hashbrick writes:

Oh ya...

You know what this blog needs?  A little cow bell!!!!


Fri Apr 25 2008 1:26PM Report
MrBum21 writes:

a lot of games have done this, i know WoW did it


and yes the game has gone gold, but testing is still being done.  almost every MMO has a day 1 patch to fix problems fond AFTER it went gold.

Fri Apr 25 2008 1:30PM Report
Nekky_Fate writes:

If people already preordered I highly doubt they would be running back to cancel their preorder if they did not get in this beta. They already decided to buy the game without testing so why would that change?

Fri Apr 25 2008 1:30PM Report
MacroPlanet writes:

@ rmk70:  100% Linear Quest: More than 90% of any RPG/MMO out there has linear quest.  Very few games out there have quests that give you decisions.  Plus, have you played every single quest in AoC to back this up?  Doubtful.


Very Slow combat: Opinion based.  If I want FPS pace games, I'll play FPS games.  Fury was fast a fast paced game.....what's your point?


unbalanced classes:  Opinion based.  It's how you play a class that defines this.  If a class is that unbalanced, then it will be every other game on the market.


Boring gameplay:  Again, have you played AoC to tell me this?  Opinion based.  Some people think WoW is fun, I agree.  Some people think Halo is amazing fun, I strongly disagree.  Some people love anime, I hate them.  Your response to my blog = failure.

Fri Apr 25 2008 1:31PM Report
MacroPlanet writes:

@HashBrick: How is this a bad move?  It advertises that they care about their product.  I highly doubt people streamed into Gamestop to cancel their pre-order because of a pay beta test.  And if they did, good.  Cause I sure as hell don't want to play with people like that.

Fri Apr 25 2008 1:33PM Report
Psiho246 writes:

I agree with the blogger.

Fri Apr 25 2008 1:33PM Report
Hashbrick writes:

@tankage - after the damn beta mess, read man read!

Fri Apr 25 2008 1:34PM Report
Giddian writes:

Well put MaeEye, awsome post.

As for AoC being Doomed, You don't have a Clue. Fanbase alone will keep it alive, even if its bad. Look at SWG. As long as there are fans, The game will be Fine.

I hear very few bad reviews, and a ton of great reviews.  I personaly will judge for myself what I like or dislike. Doomed???? I think not.

Fri Apr 25 2008 1:36PM Report
Nekky_Fate writes:

How does someone know people are streaming into the Gamestops to cancel preorders? Are they and their friends camping out at the front doors asking everyone what they are in for?

Fri Apr 25 2008 1:36PM Report
Hashbrick writes:

@MaeEye - It isn't a highly doubt, it is it happened, there were loads of people canceling their pre-order myself being one of them.

Did you not read all of my comment?  I told you why it is a bad move.  I'll add it again since you missed it.

With your reasoning of just throwing money away it should be alright for paying for a parking spot at work, yep you have to pay to go to work, sounds fair right?

How is it advertising care at all?  Torrents would stream to PCs once seeded faster then any premium bullshit membership from fileplanet.  This isn't care...THIS IS CHAOS!



Fri Apr 25 2008 1:40PM Report
gatheris writes:

so, boiled down what you are stating is that funcoms servers can't handle 50k downloading their client

doesn't bode well for 200k (or more maybe) actually playing the game or trying to get the patch on any of those patch days does it?



Fri Apr 25 2008 1:42PM Report
Hashbrick writes:

@tankage - are you mentally challenged by chance?  It's called being there when it happened.  I clearly noted "When I went to my local GameStop".  And I said screaming, not streaming.  god damn it what is so hard about reading.

Fri Apr 25 2008 1:44PM Report
soulwynd writes:

One word that makes your blog useless. Torrent.

Fri Apr 25 2008 1:46PM Report
Nekky_Fate writes:

LOL I am so sure there was a mass of people screaming about canceling their preorder over this. I think it was more like you and your one friend crying because you didn't get in beta and inflating the number from 2 to THERE WAS A LINE OUT THE DOOR!!

Fri Apr 25 2008 1:49PM Report
Giddian writes:

I just talked to friends I have in 2 Game Stops in my area. Not a single person has cancelled their preorder with them.

With that I don't think there are people lined up to cancel. That is funny though.

Fri Apr 25 2008 1:54PM Report
Hashbrick writes:

ugh ffs tankage, you are not reading, comprehending, anything I'm saying.  It's after the handling of the beta, it's not I didn't get in beta I choose not to after this poorly designed packaging and marketing.  I'm not paying fileplanet $5 to test a game, Funcom sound be paying me.  Yes there was a line out the door there were 20+ people pissed off as all hell, some already having access to beta and others pissed off about their move with fileplanet.  If you're not worried about paying $5 to test the game they should charge you same morons $50/month to play the game.  Why not it seems to be a working strategy.  When momma/daddy can't pay your MMO subscriptions anymore you will see things in a different light.

Fri Apr 25 2008 1:55PM Report
JB47394 writes:

According to Funcom, Age of Conan went gold on April 22, 2008:

So I guess they've sent the bits off to the manufacturing sites to start cranking out the DVDs for the stores.

Also, for those interested in such things, FilePlanet ownership eventually leads back to News Corporation and Rupert Murdoch.  That alone is enough to turn me off to anything related to the site.

Fri Apr 25 2008 1:57PM Report
Hashbrick writes:

@Giddian - yes your area Giddian but where do you live in a population of a couple thousand?  It's going to be different depending on the population of the city and how coward the area around that GameStop residential is.

Fri Apr 25 2008 1:58PM Report
Ascension08 writes:

Unless they're scared no one will play and therefore want to get as much money as they can now while the hype is still astronomical, I agree with the OP. Don't like the idea of paying for a "beta test" but this is the real world. Money rules.

Fri Apr 25 2008 1:59PM Report
thedrakon writes:

You forgot something.

Funcom is not the first to do this.

Blizzard and SoE done this with WoW and EQ2 .. Both of them was Fileplanet subscription needed to get key, or at least first batch of keys.

Anyway .. that's Open beta ... that's only marketing from now, Everyone say a game is bad if it's not totally ready in open beta. I think open beta shouldn't exist anymore.

Fri Apr 25 2008 2:00PM Report
Giddian writes:

I live in the Detroit Area. Very populated.

Fri Apr 25 2008 2:01PM Report
Nekky_Fate writes:

We'll I'd say Dallas is fairly populated and I just called the Gamestop I always go to. Funny that no one has come storming in yet to cancel and no line out the door either. Also sorry to disappoint you but my parents have never paid for my MMO's and I always have 2 or 3 active subscriptions to different games going at the same time.

Fri Apr 25 2008 2:11PM Report
Hashbrick writes:

Detroit also has shit tons more than just 2 GameStops I would figure as well.  Here in Green Bay we have 3, the most populated one in the mall the one I always go to.   I would like to get a global statistic  from all gamestop/amazon pre-orders but not going to happen all I can do is get one from my area.  Makes me wonder how much it dropped but I have a feeling it is worse than an MMO pre-ordered in sales.

Fri Apr 25 2008 2:13PM Report
Drasken writes:

you all Do relize that ever mmo that has ever been made and yes i am speaking of muds as well had a very big number of ppl saying it is going to be DOOMed   and as fare as i can tell only a very few handfull of this games acutly went poof  look back at all the games i use to play in the mmo world only a few are poof and gone for life  it seems  and the majority are still there in some fourm or fastion  so if ppl with idiot thoghts keep posting a game is going to be doomed over and over and over agine  half of us are sick and tried of hearing about what you think will happen with the game    


its symple   dont like the game becuse of x or x or what ever reasion THEN DONT PLAY symple easy stop complaing about it move on with your life and let the ones that want to make there own judgment about the game do so in pease


Fri Apr 25 2008 2:14PM Report
Giddian writes:

Well. Say what you will. I don't beleave for 5 seconds that 20+ people lined up out the door to cancle their preorder because the beta keys at Fileplanet. That is just stupid.

SO many games do the same exact thing and there has never been an issue.

When is World of Warcraft going to fail? They did it.

Fri Apr 25 2008 2:17PM Report
Douhk writes:

What someone has already mentioned, just regurgitating it....

...FC is advertising to the people they have been marketing to the most; hardcore gaming adults that are willing to pay monthly fees. People who have a subscription to fileplanet are the type of people they have been going for in the first place. They want people to try out their beta that have experiences with other betas and can give them actual feedback. That is what they are aiming for when sending out their beta; feedback. That is why it is free to those members, because they are offering something back to the community. If it was for entertainment, they wouldn't release a beta in the first place and let their actual game do the job or charge for it, which in a sense, they are doing for the people who just want to play for the fun of it who aren't subscribed to fileplanet. People who are more likely to give feedback are rewarded as the people who don't want to give feedback are required to join.

I am not a member of fileplanet simply because I do not like how the people who run the site do things. Even if it's a very small monthly fee they offer very little, other than their magazine, which isn't too horrible, but nothing I couldn't find for free on the web. Also, although I agree with your argument original blogger, it is for the wrong reasons...

torrent. Solves the problem with downloading.

Fri Apr 25 2008 2:19PM Report
Nekky_Fate writes:

Yes, they all left school/work early to run down to Gamestop so they could cancel... lol

Fri Apr 25 2008 2:20PM Report
Hashbrick writes:

You are forgetting one key aspect.  This game isn't WoW material, the only players will be the dedicated ones that beefed up or bought a new rig.  WoW can run on almost anything, therefore a wider audience plays.  Believe what you want, I'm just clearly showing evidence and hear say to the situation you can take it for what it is worth.  If you think I have something to gain by making shit up be my guest and believe that.  I'm not one to push people on one side or the other, I'm clearly stating the beta was a mistake that will be paid for.

Fri Apr 25 2008 2:22PM Report
Giddian writes:

If AoC fails, it wont be because of beta keys on Fileplanet.

as for it not being WoW material. Only time can tell that. I was in their Alpha and Beta Testing, Even after the release, they had issues. Major lag issues, looting issues, and so on. ALL games will have issues. It's how they deal with the issues that does it. and if someone is going to cancle their preorder because of beta keys? they are idiots.

Fri Apr 25 2008 2:30PM Report
Hashbrick writes:

Or extremely smart, if you have a company who isn't afraid to nickel and dime you, you can clearly see the future.  For some it is just needs a simple mistake to cancel a game they were looking forward too. 

GTA 4 would be a good example, because they are adding hot-wiring cars in the game a lot of people are turned off because of just that reason.  Too realistic no one wants to spend time hot-wiring a car when in the past games you hit a button, steal the car and go.

Anyway for those of you who arn't turned off for paying to TEST a game, I should create a restaurant that charges you to sit in the dinning room.  Seems like a good concept, after all it will only be a few bucks more.

Fri Apr 25 2008 2:37PM Report
Giddian writes:

News Flash.... there are resttaurants that do that, and are popular.

as for GTA 4. HUGE Release comming

Fri Apr 25 2008 2:42PM Report
Hashbrick writes:

GTA 4 will be big just not as big as the other releases.

I'm not talking about rich styled restaurants here, I'm talking about a economic solution maybe just make it a standard for every place since no one cares about a couple bucks.  Dunno about you but I'd rather keep that couple bucks and spend it on a couple double cheeseburgers then paying to sit my ass down.

Fri Apr 25 2008 2:49PM Report
AlienShirt writes:

Just because AoC is a MMORPG doesn't mean it shouldn't be "finished" before it goes gold.

AoC is not ready for primetime nor will it be come the 20th of May.

Fri Apr 25 2008 2:50PM Report
Giddian writes:

AoC, Good or Bad. I will make up my own Mind. We are talking Beta Key Givaway through Fileplanet.

I believe GTA4 Will be Bigger than the Rest, As For the Restaurants. Some Charge to Keep the Rif Raff out instead of takeing up space for a cup of Coffie. Kind of like what FunCom is Doing. Keeping out the rif raf and keep the people who REALY want to play

Fri Apr 25 2008 3:08PM Report
zergwatch writes:

@Op:  Nice cry  about all the crying.

Fri Apr 25 2008 3:22PM Report
Dormassaa writes:

The fact that Funcom did this thru file planet was probably the smartest thing they could have done. The fact that file planet can make an extra buck by attracting people to subscribe is brilliant from a profit standpoint.

Of course many will complain and cry bout the fact that it’s not open to everyone. Same way many will complain and cry about the fact that the game isn't "perfect" 100% bug free, 100% balanced, 100% stable. No MMO comes out 100%. MMO's grow and get better over time, what matters at this point is only one factor, IS it fun? And will all the bugs and nuisances overlap that fun.


Cheers to the poster


Fri Apr 25 2008 3:45PM Report
MacroPlanet writes:

The main reason I posted this was because I was tired of hearing of all the whinning going on just because of a beta.  There are many reasons this is a good idea.  FIrst off, this is a 'M' rated game.  Kids can't have credit cards.  If they get it from there parents, that's another thing, but techniqually they aren't suppose to be in this game.  


The game has gone gold.  If you want to think of this as a pay beta, that's fine.  But MMO's always change.  Not one game has been the same since it's release.  Basically I look at this as a pay to play early feature.  Sure they call it a beta, but the game is done and in production.  Hell there will probably be a patch when we install it day one, like any other game on the market, even console games. 


I said Stream because you made it seem like people were streaming in to get their money back.  I find dissing other people's abilities over the internet is pretty weak. 


I knew what I was getting into when creating this blog.  I'm tired of hearing people complain about what Funcom and Fileplanet has done.  If you disagree with it, then make a blog along with the other 5 different ones running around. 


Funcom has already tried the Torrent thing through gamespot, it was a nightmare.  Couldn't even download the game.  I know mine at one time was marked @ a one year to be done.  Plus the client gamespot had was shot, didn't even work.  Now, I think having this go through fileplanet is brilliant, no problems what so ever. 


That's fine if you don't want to pay money to fileplanet to download the client, then don't.  It's your money after all.  People buy things all the time I would disagree on.  Why do people upgrade their computer every time something new comes out?  Me?  I still got a pentium 4, 2 gigs ram and a 7600GT graphic card.  Doesn't bother me and I still look forward to playing games, even if the graphics don't look that great.  Because in the end it's the gameplay that is the core.  I play Call of Duty 4 on medium setting and do just fine as people that play it with high settings.


My point is that people will spend money on things they like.  Whether it's a 24 case of beer every night of the weekend, or putting parts on a car, or even upgrading a computer. 


$5 for a 'beta' access to the game early does not bother me.  It beats the crappy torrent system and it's great for having a game full of people that WANT to play the game, and the kids out too.





Fri Apr 25 2008 4:10PM Report
TatsuOyama writes:

I think that using Fileplanet was a wise choice. They had to have checked the FP Founders club age demographics and found it to be the age group they want to cater to. (Majority of FP Founders are in their mid-late 20's probably due to the credit card thing...) They probably also like, as the OP stated, the faster DL servers that FP offers them and there is undoubtedly some sort of deal going on there for updates and future patches...there just has to be. A FunCom FP relationship just makes sense from a business stand point. They likely know that they ticked off some people and I bet they were banking on the more serious, read bug report/anal, crowd to be more likely to pay up and offer feedback (since they paid for the right to...right) than those that are just there to play the game for free. Which is what many beta testers do these days.

I was talking with a developer friend of mine last month about betas (since his game is entering the final stages of alpha and beta is right around the corner) and he dropped a number in my lap that astounded me. He said that a good 60+% of testers never offer any bug/technical/error based feedback. That is a lot. That makes me wonder if people are using this paid technology setup as it might offer more constructive and vocal feedback demographics. (This is speculative.)

In any event limiting the beta is a good idea and this aids in choking off a larger beta player demographic as well. Maybe they don't want 1.000.000 testers to barrage their, probably few...or only, beta servers. Maybe this is pure stress test and they want control that no other environment can offer them. We don't know. Whatever their reasoning for this move, I just hope that it hasn't alienated too many of the people that were actually going to pay for this game. Somehow I doubt that is the case.

Fri Apr 25 2008 4:10PM Report
Duredhel writes:

everyone who says, too many people downloading this game at the same time brings the download server to his knees, is just plain STUPID (and the whole article included).

Ever heard of torrent?!

You are the stupidest guy Ive ever seen. Even writiing this article, well knowing what reactions it would cause, is the best proof for your foolishness

Fri Apr 25 2008 5:20PM Report
hellshock writes:

the only thing i always notice is that the naggers and naysayers always end up buying the game and do the same thing's a personality thing.

that is their mmo..they complain and get some sorta satisfaction out of it.

check people making negative posts about conan..check their older posts..negative..bout anything and everything.

Fri Apr 25 2008 5:30PM Report

I agrea with OP as well,  Funcom has made this game to make money, simple as that, everything they do comes down to that so either there making money off this or there saving money. So either way u look at it theve made a good buisness decision..they know some people wont like it, but they also know that most of us won't see a problem with it.

Fri Apr 25 2008 6:12PM Report
waverat81 writes:

@ Hashbrick

Your analogy about paying for a parking space at work and paying to go to work is somewhat weak.

Everyone pays to go to work.  You buy gas for your vehicle, or pay a bus fare, or buy/rent a vehicle to get you to work.  You have to pay for the clothes you wear to work.  Nothing in life is free and you have to pay for everything somewhere down the line.

Fri Apr 25 2008 6:28PM Report
JB47394 writes:

waverat81: "Nothing in life is free and you have to pay for everything somewhere down the line."

That'll be three dollars, please.

Fri Apr 25 2008 6:55PM Report
Icerize writes:


Fri Apr 25 2008 9:20PM Report
Icerize writes:


Fri Apr 25 2008 9:20PM Report
Arawon writes:

I have a fileplanet account..just not a paying one. I got an email notifying me of beta keys.When I learned I would have to pay to download.I cancelled my beta request. Problem solved. And Funcom lost an inexpensive way to sell me on their game.Now they will have to sell harder and pay more.

Fri Apr 25 2008 9:24PM Report
Hashbrick writes:

@Arawon - finally someone who has sense!

Fri Apr 25 2008 9:51PM Report
zergwatch writes:

going gold just means they have burned the master copy of the game media for manufacturing purposes.  Going gold now just means more stuff to download..  and who knows, with the reported costs associated with downloads this week, maybe they will charge for that too.. maybe only Fp subs can patch first, but randomly chosen.

Fri Apr 25 2008 10:16PM Report
Hashbrick writes:

zerg you should do a piece on this get down and dirty and figure out what the hell they were thinking.  The best thing about it all is the people who are paying to get in beta can't even dl the client because servers are full and correct me if I'm wrong but the fp services are designed to dl with no wait time.  So these goons paying for the service to get in beta are not even getting the service.  It's quite comical, how much these people are getting double whammyed and not noticing it.

Fri Apr 25 2008 10:31PM Report
grimfall writes:

As it looks, many people around here are getting pissed off at Funcom about their move with the Beta.  People are going on how now they hate Funcom and Fileplanet and they think it was a bad move.  Now people are starting to say Doom about Age of Conan just because they feel 'cheated' out of an open beta. 

I am going to start opening all my blogs with strawmen. It certainly makes offering a contrasting viewpoint much easier/

Sat Apr 26 2008 12:38AM Report
os008 writes:

Hehe, i said 'nearly' the same thing on another forum. Good post. People should stop whining really, the only thing that should make them angry is release, anything before that is irrelevant.

Sat Apr 26 2008 1:13AM Report
Drasken writes:

see i got my beta key for free so i am no need to worry 

Sat Apr 26 2008 1:41AM Report
Jakeadunk writes:


Sat Apr 26 2008 9:48AM Report
Giddian writes:

Hey Hashbrick, Did you happen to Check out the Release of GTA 4.

I don't think you could have been more wrong. It's a Smash

Tue Apr 29 2008 8:12AM Report writes:
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