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Let me get this straight (Age of Conan)

Posted by MacroPlanet Friday April 25 2008 at 12:17PM
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As it looks, many people around here are getting pissed off at Funcom about their move with the Beta.  People are going on how now they hate Funcom and Fileplanet and they think it was a bad move.  Now people are starting to say Doom about Age of Conan just because they feel 'cheated' out of an open beta.  Please, you got to be kidding me.  Don't diss Funcom, because they made a wise move.  Just think of all the great impressions they are getting right now; no one is having a problem downloading this client.  It's a huge client too.  Would you rather have a free open beta where the download server is horrid and no one can download the 14gb file?  You've got to be kidding yourself if you say yes.


This is MMO buisness, people.  If money can be made then money will be made.  If you don't like that the beta has gone through fileplanets subscription, then go cry somewhere else.  It's $5 (quit paying for that other MMO that you play) a month to do this, plus you get other great things from fileplanet like access to other betas, free games, and fast download rates.


If your going to diss Funcom on the way they handled beta, then you just need to either wait for release and not worry about it, or quit spending so much money that your worried about $5 a month.  I'm getting sick of hear all the whinning coming from everyone that they should have a fair shot into beta.  Well this is your chance.  This way it shows that it is a fair chance.  Instead of getting picked for you amazing/weak computer actually get a chance of skill in getting in beta.

So my advice to everyone that wants to cry about Funcoms handle on the open beta, just wait until release.  Would you rather have a clusterfuck with server loads and have people get irritated because they can't download the client?  This is a wise move by Funcom to have Fileplanet do this because everything right now is going so smooth.  This just shows that Funcom cares about their product and it shows the quality of the work they have put into this project.


And if you don't like what I'm saying in this and don't agree.  Feel free to express your opinion, I'll listen.  But it won't change anything.


For those of you that don't have a problem with Fileplanet, enjoy yourself.  and have FUN!


Let the blood spill.


And thank you Funcom for making this painless, I appreciate what you've done.