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Bladewir's Bellowing Blog

I'm back! I usually blog about MMORPGs and my experiences with them here, as well as other topics at my other blog located at

Author: MMOPlaya

Why Does the MMORPG Scene Seem Stagnant? Why Is It Nothing Like Our First MMO?

Posted by MMOPlaya Wednesday February 17 2010 at 12:15AM
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In the midst of all these great Triple-A titles that have either already been released or are in the que for release this year, why does it seem so - "Meh"?, compared to say 4 years ago when MMORPG's were in their young adulthood?  Have we as long-term players sucked out the very marrow of our favorite pasttime and reached rock-bottom?  Is it the fault of stale and boring development or low interest Intellectual Properties?  I'd say for the most part, for us hard-core fans, that the honeymoon period is very much over.

Remember the feeling of wonderment that you felt when you finally picked up that large, thick box off the shelf at Best Buy called: "Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided" for $59.99, knowing nothing more about it than what was written on the box and wondering why the company was asking for a $12.99 a month subscription fee?  What?  I've never paid a monthy fee for a game?  This one must be special.... and boy was it.  And so was every other MMORPG that you tried since then, almost in a cyclical fashion, after the game stung you like a bee with gigactic game-altering changes and you fled off to find your next one, never to really find that same sweet spot again?

Me too.

In my MMORPG gaming days, I've seen a lot of games come and go - even designating a few as my ultimate, hands-down favorite - yet after playing it for a while, deciding that I'm bored and want something different.  Why is that?

You know it's kind of funny - believe it or not, the game I'm most looking forward to this year is "Lego Universe", and possibly "All Points Bulletin (APB)".  And that's it.  Of course, Star Wars TOR is on my list, but that's a bit far off in the future.  I'm a HUGE Star Trek fan, but have fought the urge to buy STO - because to me, it is a very boring game, and very unimmersive (yes, I've helped/played in the Closed Beta for several months and played in the Open Beta as well just prior to launch).  Everything else just seems like fodder to fill the gaps in between the larger games.

Do any of you feel like I do with the current MMORPG scene?  Let me know.