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Bladewir's Bellowing Blog

I'm back! I usually blog about MMORPGs and my experiences with them here, as well as other topics at my other blog located at

Author: MMOPlaya

Why Does the MMORPG Scene Seem Stagnant? Why Is It Nothing Like Our First MMO?

Posted by MMOPlaya Wednesday February 17 2010 at 12:15AM
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In the midst of all these great Triple-A titles that have either already been released or are in the que for release this year, why does it seem so - "Meh"?, compared to say 4 years ago when MMORPG's were in their young adulthood?  Have we as long-term players sucked out the very marrow of our favorite pasttime and reached rock-bottom?  Is it the fault of stale and boring development or low interest Intellectual Properties?  I'd say for the most part, for us hard-core fans, that the honeymoon period is very much over.

Remember the feeling of wonderment that you felt when you finally picked up that large, thick box off the shelf at Best Buy called: "Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided" for $59.99, knowing nothing more about it than what was written on the box and wondering why the company was asking for a $12.99 a month subscription fee?  What?  I've never paid a monthy fee for a game?  This one must be special.... and boy was it.  And so was every other MMORPG that you tried since then, almost in a cyclical fashion, after the game stung you like a bee with gigactic game-altering changes and you fled off to find your next one, never to really find that same sweet spot again?

Me too.

In my MMORPG gaming days, I've seen a lot of games come and go - even designating a few as my ultimate, hands-down favorite - yet after playing it for a while, deciding that I'm bored and want something different.  Why is that?

You know it's kind of funny - believe it or not, the game I'm most looking forward to this year is "Lego Universe", and possibly "All Points Bulletin (APB)".  And that's it.  Of course, Star Wars TOR is on my list, but that's a bit far off in the future.  I'm a HUGE Star Trek fan, but have fought the urge to buy STO - because to me, it is a very boring game, and very unimmersive (yes, I've helped/played in the Closed Beta for several months and played in the Open Beta as well just prior to launch).  Everything else just seems like fodder to fill the gaps in between the larger games.

Do any of you feel like I do with the current MMORPG scene?  Let me know.

Bladewir's Blog Has Moved!

Posted by MMOPlaya Saturday May 3 2008 at 7:30PM
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I have made the decision to move my blog to due to the fact that I wanted to expand my writing to include other subjects including technology, current events AND gaming, both MMO and other PC and Xbox games and felt that leaving it here would take me off topic somewhat and didn't want to deviate from this site's format.

Please visit my new blog (which points to this one for the time being for reference) at:


Thank you to all for your readership as well as for providing me my very first blog!  See you soon!

- Bladewir

Why My Vanguard Guild Roxors (See Inside)

Posted by MMOPlaya Sunday January 27 2008 at 3:51PM
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I belong to a wonderful guild called Blood Sworn on the Sereden server in the game Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.  The guild leaders truely care about their members and take great strides making sure that everyone's needs are met - whether it is help with a quest, harvesting advice, crafting knowelege, or just having something built by a master craftsperson.  There are no power-trips and no in-fighting - everyone gets along.  It's truely amazing!  The leader of the guild has established a website with forums, has set up a Teamspeak server for the guild's use, has established a Rank and File system wherein Officers are charged with specific duties such as recruitment, procurement, crafting, harvesting, and guild activities. 

And just when that seems like enough - the guild goes even further - and has pulled off a very difficult, time-consuming and expensive venture - the guild, with all of it's resources, has pulled together and built our very own Guild Hall!  It is a large Thestran style Guild Hall, located on an island off the coast of Thestra that we now call home - and it is just enormous!  See picture above, the Hall is located in the background.  Remember, just like all structures in Vanguard, this is NOT an instanced building - it is physically sitting upon the earth in that spot, and is 100% explorable and can be decorated.  The gate moves up and the doors open!


AND, just to prove how devoted the guild is to it's members, I wanted to show off the boat that was made for me by our wonderful guild crafters!  It's called a Kojani Sloop, and in my case, it is blue. 


Christened as Teh Minow, she is a sail ship, with a mast and wheel that I get to pilot.  Not only can I walk around on deck but so can a friend or two, come along with me on for a ride.  My buddy Kilomato Fear is aboard the boat with me in these pictures, as well as next to me in the other shots.  Teh Minow is capable of sailing in water up to 250 feet, so she's perfect for shuttling about Telon's lake system or even taking a short jaunt into the vast, and dangerous oceans (mainly for island hopping).  Other boats available in the game (larger ones) are capable of sailing the high seas and traveling betwixt the 3 large contenants and islands that makes up the game world...remember, which is NOT instanced!

I wanted to thank everyone in Blood Sworn for their help and time, and congratulate them on a job well done with the Guild Hall - not an easy feat by any means!  I look forward to our many journeys together! 

If you are interested in our guild, or even trying out Vanguard, come on by our website:

My Vanguard House

Posted by MMOPlaya Tuesday January 8 2008 at 1:40PM
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Well it took quite a lot of time, money and help from my guildies in Blood Sworn but there it is!  You are looking at Somanthia's first in-game house in the MMORPG Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.  I also own the plot of land underneath it, much like you do in the real world, as well as pay a weekly upkeep much like a mortgage.


My house sits atop a small hill, overlooking the beautiful ocean, in an area called The Baraba Coast on the continent of Qalia.  All these photos were taken during the evening hours in the world of Telon.  As you can see I have quite a few neighbors in the area, including a guild hall which can be seen in the backdrop of  the third picture above.


Just like in the real world, you must build your house after finding and purchasing a plot of land.  Construction can be done in stages and can be completed by multiple people over a given course of time.  You must either be a crafter yourself, know a crafter, or hire a crafter or two to build most of the components needed for the construction.  Of course components are made from resources that are found, mined and processed throughout the large world of Telon.


My house is one of the less expensive therefore less featured homes available but it most certainly suits my needs.  Above are 2 interior shots of my new home, including some basic furniture, including tables, chairs, a bed, floor rug, a study area and food storage.  Notice the lamps providing light inside.  Houses and even guild halls in Vanguard are 100% non-instanced and are sitting before everyone in the game to see, much like SWG's housing.

Owning a little portion of Telon is a nice feeling, and affords a great sense of accomplishment.  It has taken me (as I'm more of an explorer) a year's time to finally get to this stage, acquiring money, making friends, and joining an awesome guild in order to get there.  Now all that's left is to buy myself a sail-ship and a flying mount - wonder how long that will take!

Thanks for reading!

What Will 2008 Hold For The MMORPG Market & What I'd Like To See...

Posted by MMOPlaya Sunday December 30 2007 at 9:45PM
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I hope that 2008 pans out better for us, the die-hard fans of the MMO genre.  We did see some failures this year, and perhaps got a glimpse into the future on a couple of titles that may or may not even see the light of day (I'm pointing directly at you, Perpetual).  But when the chips are down, one can only look up right?

Here's to hoping that 2008 becomes the measuring stick by which all future games will be judged.  Let's see some real ingenuity and ground-breaking gameplay.  Let's really get our proverbial socks knocked off.  Let's see what we can do about reducing the redundant grind, or at least the way it is presented.  Let's have immersive interfaces with NPC's like you see on Mass Effect - full spoken dialouge with lips moving.  Speaking of NPC's, I want to see an entire city come to life, where the NPC's run quests just like us, and gab about on their cell phones or wonder about running errands.  I am SOO tired of seeing NPC's just stand there 24/7 doing sod all.  I want to be able to hunt down an NPC / quest-giver / quest-turner-iner going about his normal business through the day AND NOT find him in the exact same spot I left him 4 weeks ago!

Let's nail down the whole Real Money Trade (RMT) issues that plague every game in existance.  Seriously devs - we are either against them or with them...please pick a side and move with it.  Let's quit waffling about and give it the serious treatment it deserves.  Either take a crap or get off the pot.

Let's work on improving the Looking For Group (LFG) and Looking For More (LFM) tools.  Seriously, this is another plague that is effecting the games.  The biggest blame I'd say lays with the players themselves, NOT using ANY of the tools provided them.

Mounts should NOT be high level exclusive items!  They should be attainable by anyone with an account at an early stage.  There is a true vanguard of a game out there that has finally gotten this one right.  Let's see other games follow suit, and not require an 800+ FICO credit score and 1,000 seasons worth of experience to have the privelege to buy or ride.

Make User Interfaces (UIs) less complicated and ugly and more useful and scaleable.  Allow a ton of customization.  Remember not everyone plays the exact same way, and believe it or not, everyone's brain works different than their neighbor!

Now I know that games due out to release in 2008 have been in the works for several years already, but I'm talking about game companies out there that are contemplating a new game, and that might begin work in 2008.  Allow way more input by us, the avid MMO players - you don't necessarily have to agree with it all but for god's sake, consider it as very good advice from the very group of people who will be out there BUYING your game when it gets released.  Also, lets cut the elitist beta tester requirements.  For goodness sake, there are tons more alienated video gamers out there that you could tap into, all with various tastes, backgrounds and hardware.  Let them test it too!  Remember, word of mouth especially in this day and age of the Internet (thanks Al Gore!) is golden!

I hope that 2008 delivers some innovation and helps to break the mundane that is today's MMO grind.  I hope we can take immersion to a new level and match it with breath-taking graphics.  Here's to you, the developers, publishers and money people behind our favorite past-time!

Happy New Year! 

So Where's The Sci-Fi MMO's Already?

Posted by MMOPlaya Friday December 21 2007 at 11:19PM
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I often wonder why we are bombarded with elves, fairies and minataurs in the MMO market, instead of laser beams, space ships, and robots?  If you take a look at the MMORPG games currently on offer, you'll see that "fantasy" hands down is the most prolific of the bunch, with "science fiction" at the bottom of the offerings.

Personally, I think I'm ready for a new sci-fi MMO.  If you read my blog regularly, you'll note that I am a long time veteran of SWG, and I think that the two primary reasons why I stuck it out in the game so long are: 1) It's Star Wars, I mean, c'mon! 2) It's laser beams, space ships, and robots!  But it is no longer fun.  I'll leave SWG alone now (please read my prior SWG-related blog entries for more on this), and not belabor the point.  All who have played SWG for a long time know what I'm talking about. 

I have played EvE Online for 3 months and just could not get into it.  Don't get me wrong.  It's a HUGE game with a lot of detail - but it's a bit TOO complicated for my liking.  I'm also of the ilk that I like to have a physical avatar to run around the game world EvE I am a bodiless pod.  Also, I'm not a shrewd business man with a finger on the pulse of a fake stock market, and don't really have the patience to work at it.  So personally the game is not for me.

Face of Mankind was a hell of a lot of fun.  It's futuristic, but a believeable futuristic, that had laser beams, but not space ships or robots.  The idea of the game was fantastic.  You take up citizenship in a living breathing world - and you have a job - and a house.  You could play a futuristic police officer who could actually aprehend other players and arrest them and put them in jail if they broke the law.  You could also be in the military, taking the defensive approach to the world.  Or you could just be a crafter for one of the many corporations.  Great game, but alas it has been pulled from the shelves.  Although I hear the devs are gonna try somehow in the future to bring it back.  Look for it again.

Neocron 2 was Sci-Fi but egad it was boring.  And the graphics were pretty dated.  I understand that a lot of corruption on the inside (the devs and CS) has basically ruined the game and there is hardly a population anymore.  I personally did not care for it, plus it was just plain expensive.

I late phase beta-tested Tabula Rasa and although it is sci-fi, I don't really care for FPS type games, as I'm not really that good at them.   I think Lord British did a great job on the game, especially while trying to create a FPS-MMO type game, but it lacked the RP elements and exloration type activities (aside from discovering logos) that I look for in an MMO.  So it just didn't fly with me personally.

So that leaves me with only limited options in the future - and even that looks bleak.  Star Trek Online may or may not even exist.  I hope that it actually comes to fruition but it sounds like Perpetual may have dropped the ball on this wonderful IP...only time will really tell on this one.

Stargate Worlds is another potential contender which seems to be heavy on both the science and the fiction.  I personally am not a huge fan of the Stargate franchise but I have to admit that I'll probably give the game a try when it gets released, as it tickles my sci-fi fancy.

So in conclusion, it seems that the sci-fi genre is not very popular with the MMO devs, and I'm trying to understand why not?  It has just as many potential elements as fantasy themed games, but it would appear that more people can relate to elves and bows and arrows more than they can to Klingons and phasers.  Why do you think there is such slim pickings?

Thanks for reading my blog.  If you enjoyed what you read here, please visit my MMORPG web portal / forum here.

The MMORPG Shining Star of 2007

Posted by MMOPlaya Sunday December 16 2007 at 12:19AM
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Well friends, it's hard to believe that another year is about to close.  As far as MMORPG's go, it was a fairly stale and bland year.  We've seen premier titles launch, and we've even seen a few close up shop.  I guess you could say we've run the entire gamut in 2007.  However, in my humble opinion there was one particular title that shined through as the diamond in the rough in 2007:


We begin our journey with a rocky and tumoltuous start.  A man by the name of Brad McQuaid, co-founder of a small company called Sigil,  promised the MMO community that his new game, that had been in the works for several years now was going to take the industry by storm with it's innovative and free-form (sandbox) play features.  The man had the vision AND the experience behind him to pull it off, and he was an excellent salesman and public relations guy.  However, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, probably due to it's epic and grandioise nature was simply not ready to be released in it's current state.  And he and his company were broke.

So what do you do when you are broke?  If you have faith in your product, you try to get more money by any means possible.  If you don't want to see your vision vaporize you do what you can to save it.  So he releases the game to the world on January 20th, 2007 to what could be called a "playable, but unfinished state."

However, before passing final judgement on this title in it's initially released state, and nit-picking at the smaller complaints, lets take a look back at what actually IS included in the original vision of the game, most of which is now currently in-game or on the list to be added sometime in the future: 

  • A massive, unique, beautiful, non-instanced, 3-D game world sprawling across 3 separate land masses, with large oceans of water between them.  And there is room to grow.  The devs created the world with expansions in mind, so that they could add land/content above and below the current land masses, as well as in the oceans.
  • Dynamic weather
  • Personal ships
  • Personal mounts
  • Personal flying mounts
  • Player built and owned Housing and real estate (non-instanced)
  • A crafting system that is 2nd to none in innovation and creativity
  • Player controlled harvesting of resourses
  • An actual stake in in-game politics, known as Diplomacy
  • A full featured guild system, along with player built guild halls
  • 18 professions and 9 races
  • 1 character could take up and fully explore not only their chosen profession, but be a crafter, harvestor and diplomat in addition.  No need to roll new characters to pursue any of these avenues.
  • Brotherhoods (aka Fellowships in early game) so you and your friends could level together regardless of your actual time played
  • Caravans due to the enormous size of the game world, it allows roleplayers the ability to travel the length of the quest even while not logged into the game (i.e. your party stays constant and uninturrupted)

Most of the above items are very unique to this game and are firsts in the genre.  I did not elaborate too much on the breadth and scope of each of the above but you get the general idea.  The mere fact that the game world is non-instanced means it's special.  I challenge anyone to compare item by item, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and any of the existing MMO's out there right now.  I don't mean games that are up and coming, but MMO's that are currently released.  I'd say you would have a hard time doing so.

So hype was up at it's release and it seemed destined for success based on initial sales and subscriptions.  MMO players were happy to see a hard-core, sandbox, open game like Vanguard come to market.  One that reminded them of McQuaid's first release, Everquest.  It brought back that feeling of wonder that the original EQ did back in it's heyday.

Then the game's ultimate problems with peformance and lag finally settled in, along with the many player's discovering that many quests were broken, content was not finished, and even some of the promised game features weren't in-game at release.  I can't hide the fact that it was a disaster - everyone knew it.  Including Sigil and ultimately McQuaid.  Initial subscriber numbers were in, and it was decided that it just wasn't enough to keep the game afloat under the Sigil banner.  The complaints started raining down hard, and every Tom, Dick and Harry in the gaming community began posting how bad the game was and how Sigil basically should be ashamed of itself and should not have released such an unfinished product.  It also became apparent that the game really needed a heavily spec'ed out computer to run it comfortably.  It became a nightmare, and Vanguard's very young reputation became tarnished almost overnight.

This is where Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) steps in.  Due to the already established relationship between Sigil / SOE and their management teams (i.e. SOE was the publisher for Vanguard and provided back-end support for the game for Sigil) it was an easy marriage.  SOE agreed to buy the IP from Sigil, saving it from almost impending doom and gloom.  Now, I know there are a LOT of people out there who dislike SOE for various reasons ( I'm not one of them), but to those who really like Vanguard, they are the one's to save it's arse.  The game was financially rescued, however at a cost of some of the key people who developed the game.  Essentially everyone at Sigil was fired and most were re-hired by SOE to continue on it's legacy.

Since SOE's involvement, the game has improved 300%.  I challenge anyone who actually plays the game (I'm not talking about someone who has played the game for 2 weeks and cancelled...I mean people like me who have played since launch) to say it hasn't improved.  First of all, performance has impressively gotten better and frame rates have improved. 

The new team is working very hard at fixing bugs and broken quests as well as creating new content in the form of not only dungeon type raids, but overland raids.  They have merged the servers to a manageable amount and therefore the populations of each server has increased.  Finding groups is a lot easier and they have given the players new tools to help with this.  In addition, there has been ongoing work on a trial island type scenario that will be released as a "free trial" to the game.  They are playing it smart by fully optimizing the trial island to run smoothly and then use it as a base to re-texture the entire game world so that it's performance is increased overall. 

Subscriber numbers appear to be going up and word of mouth on forums like these are spreading the newly found joy and love that the devs are giving us.  People who left the game in disgust have come back to give it another go and are liking it.  I say without hesitation that after almost a full year, the game is much, much better.  I highly suggest that anyone interested in a game of this scope and size give it a try.  Coming in the next few months will be the "Free-Trial Island".  Be on the lookout for that.  Keep reading the forums for people who are again enjoying this fascinating and ground-breaking game.  It can only get better from here.

It is therefore, in this experienced MMO player's opinion, that Vanguard: Saga of Heroes deserves the MMORPG Shining Star Award of 2007 for it's innovation, and it's ressurrection from near death, into a shiny diamond found in the rough world of MMOs.


Thanks for reading.  If you like what you read here, I would love for you to come by my website and participate in the discussions there.  Thanks!

Still Waiting for that PRE-NGE/CU SWG Replacement?

Posted by MMOPlaya Sunday December 9 2007 at 7:14PM
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I know I am.

There was such a warm fuzzy feeling to be had when playing the pre-NGE AND pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies, thats it's really hard to put into words.  It was just there.  Everyone playing the game at that time knew it and felt it.  We knew we had something very special and unique sitting on our hard drives.  It was the kind of game that made it comfortable sitting in front of your PC for hours on end, losing yourself in the Star Wars universe, and losing track of the time.

The community was very strong and supportive, and when you joined a guild or created a guild you knew that you were part of something special.  People genuinly wanted to help and would take the time to do so.  It didn't matter if you were Rebel or Imperial, you could always find someone in chat who would help.

The other element that is missing in finding our replacement for the old SWG is another true sandbox type game, where it didn't matter that you followed ANY given path or did a single mission.  It didn't matter if you just wanted to explore the surface of Tatooine on foot, or just craft some Maroj Melon and sell it.  The choice was entirely up to you.  Housing, mounts, vehicles, pets, cities both player run and not, politics, in-game player hosted events and rolelpay - many, many professions (classes), the ability to multi-class - the list goes on and on...these are what I miss and look for in my search for the ultimate SWG replacement.

Some current games offer some of the above, but NONE of them have it all.  SWG was unique and fantastic at the same time.  I fear that there may never be a replacement for the old SWG, and that old Lovin' Feeling may fade forever.  However, I've not given up on the genre at all.  I still plug away at the many games that are offered and currently subscribe to several and enjoy them individually for what they have to offer.  I hope that devs of current and future games, who know what I'm talking about in this blog post take into consideration that "lost feeling" of the old SWG and construct something unique again.


If you enjoy my ramblings, please visit my new MMORPG forum located here.  Thanks for reading!

Meet Bladewir

Posted by MMOPlaya Friday December 7 2007 at 12:15AM
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Bladewir is a silly and loud Dwarf with a very long red beard, who resides on a little hard drive on a little server, for which his creator pays a monthly fee to keep him fed while he's at work.   Bladewir likes trouble.  And ale.  He also has a 5 gold piece a day "eating disorder".  Oh sure, he has to put on his dwarven trousers one leg at a time like the lot of us, but he's not an ordinary run-of-the-mill small guy.

You see, Bladewir is really an actor.  He gets Scale pay (aka minimum wage) for acting like an avatar that is controlled by some dolt with a keyboard and mouse.  He gets to go on wild adventures (more like misadventures) taking him across many a dangerous land, fighting the good fight while looking for that "Sword of a Thousand Truths".  And the dolt with the keyboard can be such an ass sometimes.

BUT, Bladewir can take on many other incarnations.  "Blade" as his ex-wife prefers to call him, can be a pirate sailing the high seas, a space-aged bounty hunter hot on the trail of a wanted warlord, a hobbit eating pie, or a soldier in a war to save the universe. 

You see, Bladewir is the personification of what I CAN'T be, which is why I like being Bladewir - err, umm I mean controlling Bladewir.  Yeah thats what I meant.  He can do many things that I simply cannot, and he works on the cheap.  Besides, where else are you able to be a swashbuckling pirate with your own ship for $14.99 a month?

This is why I play MMORPGs.  This is why I play videogames.  I may not be very good at it, but they are a great diversion and stress reliever.  Read Bladewir's Blog to follow the random drivel that spews forth during our adventures together.  Thanks for reading! 

And if you are interested, I have started up a website devoted to the MMORPG.  Please feel free to visit!

"Mass Effect" Would Make A Great MMORPG Candidate

Posted by MMOPlaya Saturday December 1 2007 at 8:12PM
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NOTE: The following blog entry may contain plot *Spoilers* for the Xbox 360 game "Mass Effect".  

First, let me state that I have completed "Mass Effect" as a level 40 Vanguard, in 31 hours.  Second, I'd like to congratulate BioWare and Microsoft for pulling off one of the best damn Role Playing Games I have ever had the pleasure of playing.  The foundation of the game and what makes it great is the compelling story - and what a gripping and involved story it is!   The game is truely amazing in all aspects of game play, including achieving what appears to me anyway, as the defining programming platform / game system (i.e. next generation) of the already established RPG genre.

That being said, I'd like to offer up my opinion as to why "Mass Effect" would make a great candidate for a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.  Let's upgrade the game from an RPG to an MMO-RPG.  I'm not interested in seeing multiplayer maps or Xbox Live multiplayer functionality for this game.  It just does not fit in.  I'm talking about making the IP into a full-blown MMORPG.

Here are some keypoints:

  1. A fresh, newly-established, unique, well-documented, science-fiction based, epic story line that has the potential for longevity in an on-going massive online game. 
  2. Not a single gnome, elf or sword anywhere to be found.  Pure Sci-Fi.
  3. Humans ARE NOT the all-knowing, all-owning, controlling race in this universe.  The story opens up our eyes to the fact that we may not be alone in the universe.  In fact, humans are a second or third class type citizen in this universe.
  4. Many warring factions and races that could all easily be made into the game as the basis for new characters.  Almost unlimited potential here.
  5. Believeable weapon and transportation technology.  There is a scientific explaination for the tech and travel systems in this universe - we are not blind as to it's background and use.  No real "uber" powers or abilities causing great imbalances.
  6. A mapped-out but not fully explored universe / solar system - just waiting to be discovered and inhabited.

Imagine starting your training as a simple C-Sec Private.  Living your life on the Citidel.  Your first assignment is watching over the Keepers, or enforcing the gaming regulations at the local casino.  Or running the family business as a Volus loanshark.  The roleplaying is endless just on the Citidel alone.

In the background, the shape of the known universe is changing and is soon to be in danger of extinction because of rogue Spectre Agents, such as Saren.  Then we begin to uncover the knowelege of the Geth and the existance of the Reapers.  So much of a foundation to build on here.

I think that the pinnacle of the story / plot would be the pursuit and ensuing war between the known races and the remaining reapers after we have as a group destroyed the Soveriegn and broken the extermination cycle.  I also think that knowing our direct enemy (all of the universe's enemy actually) may be an AI of some sort, not even a real biological being, but possibly a mech species developed by yet another race that seeks to harvest the known universe for resources and slaves every 50,000 years.

I think that many elements of the "Mass Effect" story can easily be translated into an MMORPG game for any gamer to enjoy.  Especially being able to "live" in this amazing universe that has been created and unfolded before us. 

For those unaware, the current "Mass Effect" game in stores now, is the first in a trilogy of planned games, created by BioWare.  We have only just began.  And don't forget that there is already a novel written with the possiblity of more written novels in the future.  

I'm curious as to what other players of "Mass Effect" and MMORPG's in general think of bringing the "Mass Effect" world into a living, breathing MMO?  What are your thoughts?