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Six Months of Lies, Deception, and Betrayal. (The best time I ever had in a game.)

Posted by Lustmord Friday May 16 2008 at 12:34AM
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In the early days of UO, I was a scoundrel. I drifted around the world, meeting people, joining groups, and backstabbing anyone with a backpack full of gold who was foolish enough to trust me.

One day, I came upon a woman named Jeannie outside Moonglow. We began talking and she invited me to join a guild called Blazing Inferno. The guild stone was located in a small tower on the southern region of Fire Island. We traveled there, and upon reaching our destination I met the Guild Leader, Sir Robin, for the first time.

He warned that before I enter the guild, he must first test my skills...


My Halberd clashed against his Axe.

He lagged.

My Sword Fighting was GM.

He died.

I won.


After that, he accepted me into the guild and gave me the title "Security Officer".

From then on, all new recruits had to face me before being accepted into the guild, and Nobody ever beat me. But I started noticing and arrogant authority about Sir Robin, how he would order me to fight- especially when Jeannie was around.

Then  I started noticing a certain closeness between Sir Robin and Jeannie. They spent a lot of time together, just sitting and talking on the the roof of his small tower.

Being the unsavory type that I was, and considering the irony of the title given to me by Sir Robin, I began to plot against him. Cautiously, I began spreading lies and propaganda amongst our members, talking about Sir Robin behind his back, challenging him to duels and besting him in front of the guild every chance I got.

I schemed for 6 months to topple the guild from within, publicly assassinate Sir Robin and take his head, form Clan Lustmord from the ashes of Blazing Inferno (pun intended), and mount his head on our front door.

And then there was Jeannie- She was the real prize!

Taking her from him was the ultimate betrayal. So I began talking to her in private, and gingerly planting passive aggressive comments about Sir Robin. I tried to exploit any weakness of character he showed, but I was careful not to come on too strong, due to their seemingly close relationship and the high risk that I would be exposed.

I kept all my real life friends updated on my progress, and they even wanted to watch my final showdown with Sir Robin. ( I was like 17 at the time).

Finally, the time came. I scheduled a guild event, and everyone was there; the guild, my RL friends behind me, and  most importantly- Jeannie!

I called him out in front of everyone.. I even had macro's for my speech. I don't remember the whole thing, but I remember it ending with the line:

"When you are suffering, know that I have betrayed you."

I'll never forget the feeling of reaching my goal. After 6 months of deceit, planning a bloody coup against my guild leader, Sir Robin. Always worried about being exposed and being removed from the guild, and perhaps hunted by them. Finally, the fruits of my labor!

My Halberd clashed against his Axe.

I lagged.

He recently GM'd Lumber Jacking.

I died.

He won.


In front of everyone.... 6 Months of planning and I dropped the ball in the final hour.
No second chances. I failed.

Regardless, Blazing Inferno crumbled, and Clan Lustmord was born. We settled our guild house on a small treasure island west of Skara Brae. It was a bitter-sweet victory, but a victory nonetheless.

Jeannie even followed me, and we became close friends over the next several years. We spent a lot of time together, just sitting and talking on the roof of her small tower.


But I will never forget the fight I lost, at that critical moment.




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