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World of Warcraft: A Severe case of Nostalgia

My old World of Warcraft experiences primarily on the server EU-Bloodscalp. Occasional stories from EU-Neptulon and EU-Deathwing. Stories from classic/vanilla, TBC & WotLK.

Author: Lorgarn

World of Warcraft [Classic/Vanilla] – The Journey of Dethorin, Part #3 – Westfall

Posted by Lorgarn Friday July 3 2015 at 3:45PM
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So, it is time to wrap up our little adventure in Westfall and start to move towards Redridge Mountains, the first ‘contested’ zone we’ll come across. What this means, if you’re playing on a PvP-server like we are, that PvP is automatically turned on. Zones such as Elwynn Forest or Westfall are “controlled” by the Alliance. There Alliance players are protected from PvP, unless they decide to attack a Horde player or simply activating PvP by executing the command /pvp in chat. Now, back to Westfall, as I mentioned in my previous post I had reached Sentinel Hill. So that’s where we start today!

Sentinel Hill is the outpost of People’s Militia located in the middle of Westfall, its “The” questhub in the zone. Lorewise it’s the “last stand” of the people of Westfall, trying desperately to withstand the onslaught from the Defias Brotherhood that is harassing them and the land. This is where you’ll get some of the higher-level quests in Westfall, leading you around the zone. Also, eventually leading you down to confront the leader of the Defias Brotherhood, Edwin VanCleef in his lair, Deadmines. Which is an old goldmine, representing the largest and most expansive production-center for goldmining in human lands. Its an extensive network of tunnels that spirals under large parts of Westfall, down into the northern parts of Stranglethorn Vale and even up as far as into Stormwind via secret tunnels. It was abandoned during the First War and got quickly overrun by new inhabitants as soon as the humans left it to be. In our timeline where the players arrive at Westfall the Deadmines is the go-to stronghold and place of operations of the Defias Brotherhood, as far as we know, anyhow. Somewhere around level 18 and above the Alliance player is encouraged to find a group and venture down in the mines in an attempt to root out the brotherhood. However, we’re not there yet, at this point in my leveling career I’m only level 14. I suspect that I’ll talk more about Deadmines and the actual experience of venturing down there as a five-man group in vanilla/classic more in a future post.



After my first visit in Sentinel Hill I was out and about, hunting down members of the Defias for their bandanas and the regular kill-quest. There are no real “hotspots” where they hang out besides a cave, which when I ran there was completely filled with other players. Catching a mob there is at this point highly unlikely, so I started running between a couple of the smaller camps of Defias, which they have spread around the middle parts of Westfall. It was there where I got invited by this Human Rogue, Vxxy, who obviously had these quests too. Something I hadn’t done in an MMORPG for the longest time, actually joining forces with a random player and just playing, having fun together. We didn’t talk that much besides the formal “Hello”, we both knew why we grouped; increased efficiency in both dps and the likelyhood of finding and tagging mobs to kill. However, as time goes on, more often than not you sort of start to feel eachother out a little bit. A few questions here, a few answers there, a few quests completed. All of a sudden, you sort of have had some time to talk and feel at least somewhat closer and connected to this player. Its actually more than just a random “player” running around, there is actually someone behind the controls of the character. A couple of hours later, I found myself in Moonbrook, southern parts of Westfall which house the entrance to Deadmines. Another small little town controlled by the Defias, as a mean to access their main-base in the tunnels below. There we have a few quests to kill more, higher level Defias, and we’re still grouped me and Vxxy. At this point we invited a few more people to speed up the process, we killed Defias left and right, it was actually pretty fun and almost a bit hectic. We even died at one point, with each of us taking on just a tad bit to many mobs on ourselves.



Its interesting because in a lot of MMO’s these days, its so common to see tools and features that helps in removing “tedious” from your game. Things that used to encourage people reaching out for assistance, creating these small little stories of adventure and fun, maybe even creating bonds and becoming friends in the process. I’ve leveled many characters in another MMO called Guild Wars 2 (GW2). Obviously very different from WoW classic/vanilla and even retail, in pretty much every way possible. That is besides the point though, during my time in GW2 I didn’t group with random people even once. I only grouped on ocassions with my friends, because there isn’t any point in grouping with another player. In GW2 there is no tagging, as long as you attack a mob you’ll get credit for its kill. Which sounds fine and dandy, actually, it sounds amazing and it works fantastic! But… you pretty much never have to interract with another player, if you don’t want to. You’re at a difficult quest? Just wait for another player to start killing it, jump in to kill it and both go your merry way. You’re at a event or a boss? Wait for a small gathering of players to form, complete the event or kill the boss, watch everyone go their merry way without saying a word to eachother. Players are lazy, we’re not going to go out of our way attempting to contact some random player who might not even speak english or even be interested to reply, especially if we don’t need to. This means that player-interraction, even interraction that seems  at the surface very pointless, most likely wont happen. Those few ocassions that when you find that one player and you two just click immediately; they even more is likely never to happen. Its unfortunate when a genre that used to have player-interraction as a primary focus has completely gone the other direction in very many cases. Since the genre is so populated, millions and millions of players are playing MMO’s these days, developers have started to cater to the masses. As they should, they’re a business afterall and they obviously want to cater to their largest demographic. Which plays sporadically, which doesn’t want many setbacks or challenges, they want quick to access and to complete content. Which is what WoW today has become, take a great game and franchise, strip away most of everything that made it more of a RPG and an amazing game in general.



This is where Dethorin’s journey in Westfall is coming to an end, at least for now. As I said earlier, we’re most likely returning to adventure through Deadmines as soon as I’ve gotten a little higher in level. Westfall is an amazing zone with difficult and very, very time-consuming quests, which can be a real pain to complete. The emotional reward and feeling of accomplishment is there, as prominent as ever before. At this point I’m at just about as many hours played as I’ve got levels on my character. Which makes me remember the first time I played from 1 to 60, when WoW first released back in 2004. I now remember why it took me several of months to reach 60, and for a more casual friend of mine, over a year of casual play to reach 60. I remember it made the journey truly mean something, even though it was at times painful. I was so proud as I turned in my last quest, only to hear the sound of leveling and seeing my characters level say: 60. Anyhow, I’m off on a tangent again, I digress. In the next post, as I mentioned earlier in this post, we will be adventuring through Redridge Mountains. Another iconic zone with I’m sure holds many memories for people, especially myself. Join me in going there next, thank you so much for reading this far.

As always, YOU are awesome. See you in the next post. writes:
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