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World of Warcraft: A Severe case of Nostalgia

My old World of Warcraft experiences primarily on the server EU-Bloodscalp. Occasional stories from EU-Neptulon and EU-Deathwing. Stories from classic/vanilla, TBC & WotLK.

Author: Lorgarn

World of Warcraft: [Classic/Vanilla] – The Journey of Dethorin, Part #2 – Westfall

Posted by Lorgarn Monday June 29 2015 at 11:48AM
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In my last post I talked about my experience with killing the iconic and legendary Hogger, level 11 Elite Gnoll mass-murderer of epic proportions. Today I’m going to talk about my experience in going to another iconic zones in this game, Westfall. Just west of Elwynn Forest, infested with Defias Brotherhood bandit camps, Gnoll camps, sabotaged and very dangerous harvest watchers. A pretty dark, sorrowful and depressing zone in terms of its lore, which is actually quite interesting when it comes down to it. It was once a zone of rich agricultural importance populated by humans which fell to its dimise as it got captured for control by their own people. It marks in history as one of, if not the only, formerly Alliance controlled zone that didn’t get lost because of the Horde, Undead scourge or any raging demon clans. The humans of Westall got fed up with how things were going after the Second War and decided to take things into their own hands. With majority of the Alliance army being at distant lands fighting the Horde and the Undead scourge, little could be done in terms of retaking control of Westfall. In this state of despair Edwin VanCleef came in with the Defias Brotherhood and without much effort seized control of large parts of Westall. Now, mostly abandoned besides the occasional farmer in need, this is the part of the timeline where you the player comes in.



Before we take our first step in Westfall I want to quickly touch on my experience going back to Stormwind for the first time since over a decade ago. (At least in this fashion, I’ve been there more recently but not on a classic/vanilla server.) You get a quest to travel there as a messenger for delivery, I don’t remember the exact details but that’s besides the point. Now, as I approached the large gates of Stormwind I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad. You know when you have one of those moments where you think back on past events that mean much to you and how they’ll never be experienced again, at least not in the same fashion. I got struck by the feels of nostalgia, even though I was in fact a Horde player primarily, Stormwind still means a lot to me. As I entered through the open gates and took my first steps on the bridge leading over the moat that lies before the city, I got greeted by the ever so pompous and mighty intro to the classic theme of Stormwind. It took me slightly by surprise and I had to stop to just sit back in my chair and just take it all in for a moment or two before I continued onwards. I collected myself and started to run inside, only to be met by again, a very surprising number of players. Running about just as they were over ten years ago, collecting this, delivering that, buying gear and equipment from the Auction House. Which I immediately ran inside of to search through, mostly to see what kind of activity we were talking of here. At this point I wasn’t surprised anymore, judging by the amount of people on this server the Auction House would be filled with items. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I thought playing on a private server would be a very desolate and lonely experience. I imagined myself running around in a completely empty Stranglethorn Vale, or perhaps The Barrens, only having the mobs and the NPCs to keep me company. I’m glad I took the leap of trying this out, because I was dead wrong. This is pretty much as legit you’re going to get; because Blizzard doesn’t seem to keen on developing and hosting their own progression servers, at least not anytime soon.



Anyhow, enough of that nonsense, let’s go to Westfall, shall we?!

I had done every quest I’d gotten in Elwynn Forest, which isn’t really enough to take you to a high enough of a level for whats intended for Westall. I was level 11 and the quests in Westfall are for level 12 characters, at a minimum. You’ll meet many mobs that are up to level 14 and sometimes higher, which isn’t ideal for an level 11 decked in whites with a green pair of pants. Nonetheless, courageous as he is this stout paladin, Dethorin obviously marches onwards. You’ll remember the first few quests you accept in Westfall, ‘Westfall Stew’ and ‘Poor Old Blanchy’. You get these quests from a farmer-couple standing on the road beside their broken-down wagon, next to their overrun farm. Immediately, if you read the questlog that is, you’re introduced to the idea of this land being in chaos and its habitants in peril. Families having to leave their homes, their livelyhoods, because the armies of Stormwind have to much on their plate and can’t control the uprising of the Defias Brotherhood. You’ll see clues of this throughout the zone, ruins of homes, devastated families in desperate need for assistance. This overall depressing, yet beautiful storyline, is very much so empowered by the brilliant world-design. As you explore Westfall you’ll be continuously reminded of the fact that this zone used to be blooming with life, populated by both nature and humans. Its very apparent that something bad truly happened and your purpose there as a player is to thin out the herds of dangerous wildlife, bandits, gnolls and sabotaged mechanical workers. In an attempt to help the Alliance re-take control over Westfall and perhaps once again restore it to its former beauty.



Anyhow, as I was level 11, I couldn’t venture too far into Westfall or I’d risk getting killed. So I decided to hang around the first farm a little bit, farming(pun not intended) the creatures there in hopes of reaching level 12, which I did in not too long of a time. At this point I started venturing in deeper, collecting forgotten family heirlooms, beating foes with my mighty white quality two-handed hammer, you know, the usual. In this time I was again reminded of the patience required for playing this version of WoW, as always you can’t rush things and must have a plan of attack, otherwise it’ll go sour pretty quick. Fast-forward a few hours I had reached Sentinel Hill, the only Alliance-controlled outpost in this entire zone and the big quest-hub of Westall. This is where I met a fellow that I ended up grouping up and questing with for a few hours. Something I haven’t done in an MMO for ages it feels like. I’ll talk more about that in the next post, where we’ll wrap up our little Westfall adventure, at least for now.




Thanks again for reading this far, whomever you are. As always, you’re awesome. See you in the next post hopefully!