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Jaded like Guild Wars: Factions

The ranting and rambling of a guy who has grown up on the MMORPG genre for 8 years, and still plays in spite of the general garbage on the market.

Author: Lord_Vayde

WTB Community Elements!

Posted by Lord_Vayde Saturday October 6 2007 at 1:15PM
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So I'm sitting here in FFXI (yes, I caved and resubbed) looking for a
party that I haven't found in four days now (I never said it was a
cakewalk...) and in my endless hours with nothing to do but watch
T.V., run in place, and do push-ups (Well, at least all the time spent
not playing gives me a reason to not be sitting on my ass all day),
I've been thinking about classic EQ1. In part because FFXI resembles
it so much, and in part because EQ2's sexy lure gets to me with each
passing moment of non-partied boredom. Coincidentally we're having
this exact same discussion in my linkshell chat right now.


Whas on my mind right now is the community elements in EverQuest that
simply have not existed in any game beyond it. Elements that, while
sometimes inconvenient or imbalancing, I believe added an important
dimension to the game and making it much more of an online experience
than simply partying with 4 or 5 other random people to accomplish

The first of these would be the auction house system. Or the bazaar.
Or player vendors. Whatever your game calls it, I don't think there's
a single game in the genre right now that does not offer this feature
in some way, shape, or form.


Was it really so painful to pass through East Commonlands, hit up the
tunnel, socialize with the market and bargain in real time? When was
the last time you looked at the name of the seller in WoW's auction
house and sent them a tell asking if they'd trade for such and such
item or if there were any other deals that could be worked out?

Yes, it was a pain in the ass to be in EC hawking your wares when you
could be going out and having fun, but it was also an enjoyable
experience -a t least for me. It made me feel like the world actually
had people who interacted, and a living, breathing market. Hell, you
even had the typical bazaar "thieves" that would come by looking for
anyone who was foolish enough to make a trade without checking their
bag space. That, and putting a piece of platinum on the ground
followed by the use of "Minor Illusion" was simply amazing.

The other prominent feature now lost to the sands of time would be
buffing. Yes, we still have buffs - but for what? If I, as a warlock,
can cast a shield every 30 minutes that ups my spell damage, and can
only cast it on myself...why do I even need the spell? Why not make it
a permanent state on my character? It seems pretty useless to have
durations on a lot of self-casting buffs. The buffs that we can cast
on other people in this day and age are also very limited, mostly
within our own parties - buffs that usually don't carry over after
leaving the party.

Yes, buffs were imbalanced in some regards. A mage with clarity 6 vs.
one with Breeze was obviously going to have a huge advantage, but it
wasn't like the other mage couldn't simply find a friendly enchanter,
ask nicely, and get his own c6 - I don't even remember a single
instance where I was forced to pay for my buffs, though I would always
donate. So yes, these buffs made some encounters easier - though most
were simply quality of life issues. SoW for a long journey? Clarity
for reduced downtime? The more ridiculous buffs like damage shields
and health regens always had a short duration, as should be
appropriate...but why remove the former? It promotes player
interaction, provides quality of life, and can also be an economic
trade in and of itself.

Anyway, those were the two big ones on my mind. Feel free to add more
or dispute these in your comments!

~Vayde out.