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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Server to choose; questions to answer

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday December 28 2011 at 3:27AM
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Some questions and answers about Istaria.

Which server to choose?

There are three servers:

Chaos  – for standard play. Looks like it is most populated, but some disorder (it's chaos after all) may happen;

Order – for roleplay. If you want to have your (virtual) family, with spouse, children, even grandparents, go/fly to romantic dates or simply develop your character that came from the mists of Mystic continent to avenge family honour - it's for you. Less populated than Chaos, but disorder is almost unlike to happen;

Blight – test server. All new updates are applied to Blight first. So, if you want to experience something new and help developers polish the game - feel free to join Blight. Unfortunately, little do I know about its population.

Also, you may want to check what Guilds operates in each server. This too may influence your choice.

Wrong server! How may I change it?

Just submit ticket to Istaria support. It's paid option (as far as I know), but at the same price you may ask for your toon's name change.

...but it lack PvP!

Yes, Istaria is Player versus Enviroment (PvE) only. I think it will remain in such way. Istaria's philosophy is that continent, once pretty and flourishing, was invaded by evil force. And now, all the races, from little Dryads to mighty Dragons, fight side by side with this evil. There is no need in civil war, since Blighted attacks have to be stopped.

Is it really free to play?

As long as you agree to have only one Human race character without a plot of land - yes. And there is no cash shop either: everyone is equal. I have played for almost 1 year - and paid 0 dollars 0 cents.

What about community? I heard it is small

On Order it is not too big, but on both servers you will find friendly adult players that would help you. There would always be someone who would explain how to get to some place, what armor to wear, how to level up quickly or even donate things. I have constructed some tools and weapons for others and did that for free; other players have done this for me too.


I tried to cover up some questions I found on forums there. Maybe there are other questions, not covered in my review of Istaria or forum: in such case, I'd like to hear them and answer.