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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

visit to monsters' meeting

Posted by Lithuanian Friday December 23 2011 at 12:46AM
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It was supposed to be a peacefull crafting day: going to mine, gathering some metal, bringing full load of it to the smelter, making bars, then making/deconstructing items...and alike. Reached crafting level 84. Then remembered I was lvl.86 Cleric - it's high time to turn some trophies, left from previous huntings, to experience and silver coins.

Result: I am level 88 Cleric, on my way to level 89. Awaiting magic level 91: then I would be able to wear top-level armor and use my top-level weapon.

And then, amidst peacefull harvesting, one Dragon told he is going to kill Blighted Anchor.

Well, Blighted Anchor is lvl.100 monster with lots of health, powerfull attacks...and it deploys other monsters. The fight with this abomination is always hard and weaker players are often stunned and killed too soon. I proposed to join, lvl.100 Dragon agreed...

And then the fun began. We were travelling to Delgarath - an outpost besieged by deadly lvl.90-100 creatures. Very soon, just outside the walls, we were attacked by some undead and Automatrons (robots, gnomish invention, that chose the wrong side...). Fight was not easy one. I thought that since I am multiclassed, lvl.90 undead should pose no thread to me.

I was wrong. They hit often and hard, only Dragon's interference and some of my spells saved me. Later, we ran into a horde of some big almost lvl.100 ugly monsters. They attacked us, then their colleagues-undead and Automatons - joined.

We tried to fight back, some monsters slained by Dragon's fire, and Dragon being healed by me...but the fight was unequal. I was dead soon, Dragon too. Should we have brought some Xmas presents to monsters?

I thought it was enough for me and went to rest. Dragon, already having 6 death points, decided to continue his journey to the Blight Anchor and slain it. An example of how player should act.

Later, Player S. appeared. We spoke about her quest to Draak to kill that lvl.100 Shadow Dragon and Enslavers. I told that she has to wait; that before we move we should discuss the strategyt: who does what, who protects whom and the priority of healing (i.e. what group members should be healed by healer in first place), even which way we go. Looks like Player S. enjoyed the fact I was going to help her.

I was happy to hear she was busy: helping lvl.16 character to level up (character fights, Player S. heals). Things are going in almost perfect way, this lvl.16 player won't feel lost and lonely.  That's how Player S. would realise she is strong Dragon. She would realise she is needed for others...and when that lvl.16 player grows up, he/she would help other.

Since it is Christmas, I am not planning any fighting, involving killing for this time - if I would allow something, it would be only peacefull crafting (though too little chance to reach crafting lvl.100 before New Year).

There are more thoughts about Istaria and my own future there - but these would be for next topic. Merry Christmas everyone!