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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Group fighting:lessons and mistakes

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday December 22 2011 at 1:01AM
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Group fighting was always something fascinating for me: tanks, forming first line of defense against monsters; medium-levelled players, forming second line of defense; lower levelled players, forming support (buffs / heals) line. Group leader, commanding what to do, where to seek safety - and great xp rewards.

Yesterday had a chance to learn how is it in real. Player S. asked for a help to kill lvl.100 Shadow Dragon. But not before she kills Enslavers of Will, Mind and Soul. We take a dangerous route to deadlands, avoiding deadly Bloodskulks, protecting lvl.40 Player S....and finally we were close to our destination: Draak deadlands.

Route to the deadlands was not too safe for Player S. - lvl.50 Shadow Hatchlings and some lvl.60 Ghost Dragons were around, but our strong Dragons managed to kill opposition en route. First enslaver was easy to find and possible to kill. Of course, we had to fight our way to him, but we did it. I managed to protect Player S. agains several Shadow Hatchlings. I resurrected Player S. 1 or 2 times.

Then we had to locate Enslaver number 2 - and the first problems began. One Dragon left. Another had to go away from keyboard. There were three of us left - and soon we ran into a meeting of Hatchlings and one enslaver.

I fought as much as I could. Healed everyone whomever I could reach - but there were just too many of them. I died. Soon another Dragon died. And then Player S. was dead.

Thus I learned what does it mean to be a wild group. We did not discuss strategy. We did not use aerial scouting and did not make it clear which route is the safiest one. Result: failed fight. Well, next time, if I am to organize a group, everything will be different. We will have scouts, we will have Player S. to be in the middle when running and in the safety when fighting and I would be assigned priority healing targets. Next time we will win. Failure is not an option.

After this fight - I was asked by one lvl.43 Dragon to help him in New Brommel deadlands, against lvl.90s zombies and spiders.

This was an epic fight. We were surrounded by groups of monsters, some 5 or 6, health allways runing low, spells seemingly taken forever to recharge. I healed 'my' Dragon, then myself, and if Dragon was not in direct fight, he healed me.

Sometimes situation was very grim, my health runing almost to an end and I had to run to safety. But I healed myself and returned to battlefield. Same with my Dragon - he did not die when we fought together.

Of course, I felt not good to run, but one thing I can say for me: I was more usefull alive than dead.

So, we fought. Dragon advanced by two levels within some 2 hours of fight. I advanced by some 1,75 level. We really made a great team and I enjoyed it. I felt my Cleric was usefull, since with all 7 healing spells I was able to restore my own health quickly as well as support Dragon.

In short - lessons were learned and it was a good day of hard fighting.