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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Mithril's Anvil

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday December 21 2011 at 12:34AM
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Mithril's Anvil: a place of interest both to fighters and crafters. It is a settlement, has its own landing pad and is easily reached from Bristugo. 

Resources: mithril ore, platinium ore, some harvestable plants.

Monsters: Platinium golems (some lvl.74), Mithril golems (lvl.91-95), Mithril Boulder golems (some lvl.98-99), 1 named Mihtril golem (lvl.104).

There are some player-owned plots, having journeyman or even Expert level crafting structures, Guild house to attune to and even vault storage so you can put anything you like into your vault. However, most of the storage silos are non-public use. So far I have heared only about two public silos.

Resources are a bit far from the neariest structure and are guarded. Lower level crafters should procede with care and have their maximum speed when leaving. The only safe place to hide from attacking Golem is a mine full of Platinium.

It is -as far as I know - the only place in Istaria that has mithril ores and some structures nearby. Other locations, such as Island of Fire, leaves you on your own.

This place is good for fighters to gain some xp and loot some trophies. Higher level fighters may enjoy killing Mithril golem and then harvesting mithril from it. This sometimes leads Golems to be called "walking nodes".


Yesterday I took a journey to the Mithril's Anvil. Was not willing to fight, just to harvest. Trip was very standard: mine as much mithril as I can, make bars fro ore, then store them and repeat step 1. When I was low on mithril - mined some Platinium and then made some tools, deconstructed tools...and repeated it untill I had no more Platinium bars left. Result: advanced by one level, today I think I will advance by yet another.

Crafting advancement is going slower than expected. Eearlier some 1000 bars of mithrill  meant about 78000 xp. Even if this number did not decrease, I would need some 10.000 bards to advance by one level...and the higher my level, the more xp I need to the other and the less xp I gain from mithril bars. But I will make it.

Overall: a good crafting day, at least I am having some rest from fighting.