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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

questing:lost in geography

Posted by Lithuanian Friday December 16 2011 at 3:45AM
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A strange day in Istaria, not like others. Explanation below.

Initially - some easy killing in New Brommel deadlands. Level 70 monsters, easy experience. Then got tired a bit. Took some quests in the imperial city of Tazoon.

First quest: local Senechal want some Carpenter to be enlisted in Istaria's army. Carpenter does not want, then I got to take some defense structures sketches from the Carpenter and bring back to Senechal. Reward: 100 xp (for one level  I need some 700.000 xp).

Second quest: same Tazoon. Officer told to speak to recruits. After speaking - quest over. Reward:200 xp.

Later helped Player S. Helped her to kill lvl.50 golem and hold off golem's guards' attacks. I thought Player S. would run into trouble with monster almost twice as strong as she. Well, Player S. managed to kill monster alone with little help from me. All I needed to do was to fight off guards of that monster.

Player S. asked me to help find one NPC. Fortunately, I have been there before and marked on a map. Situation went worse since Player S. hurried too early and found herself surrounded by monsters. I tried to improvize...result being she was killed by some Ogres. Resurrected her, then decided it would be better to recall. After recall - went safely to that NPC.

Then I realized I wanted a quest. Not to kill several half-lame lvl.90 spiders in New Brommel - but to quest.

I had one active quest. Task was simple: go to tomb of Crankenspank, kill Crankenspank and retrieve Symbol of Istara. Crankenspank was killed, but no symbol. Quest update:search sarcophagi and find symbol. There was one sarcophagus and there was no symbol. Killed some monsters - no symbol. Quest deleted.

Second quest:Island of Balitis. Balitis is a NPC werewolf that needs some help with local wild werewolves. First task seemed simple: scout N and S tip of the island, scout W and E side of the island. There were little problems with North and South...and then some troubles with geography began. East side turned to be in the center of the island. And West side was nowhere to be found. To make things worse, lvl.60 werewolves almost killed my character, I hardly escaped. I ran across the island, trying almost everything...and there was no W side. Quest deleted (despite very good Balitis ring as a reward).

I had no fun with the second quest and I when I read there were other quests of Balitis, I felt in panic: what if almost everything would be like that?

Statement: I do dislike any quest that has to trigger some "hot spot". Example: quest sounds "scout W side of island", while it should be read - "scout point  at 123456*123478, not 123457*123478".  I have noticed such "hotspot triggers" maybe 2 times and they were not that hard. No, I am not against hard fighting in order to gain reward, I don't mind running across the continent - it's just too hard to guess that one exact point on the whole island. Or is it my impatience to go slowly, step by step, spend some 2 days and finally find that one spot?

Two promising quests deleted. One quest behaves strange (demands to get 10 Wolf hide, but when IU get it - it doesn't count). Bright side: gained level 83 in Cleric school and scribed new attack spell

Overall, an interesting, though not too lucky day. writes:
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