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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

unlimited monster fighting

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday December 15 2011 at 4:10AM
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A fighting day, and an interesting one.

Initially: New Brommel deadlands, same lvl.92-98 monsters with low health and not so many special attacks. I was fighting initially lvl.71-78 monsters. Easy to kill, some 3000 xp.

Then one Dragon told he was looking for some named monster on the Island of Fire. I thought it was going to be easy task. Well, it wasn't. Lvl.91-98 monsters live in this island, from easy Fire Opal golems to very social Fire Beetles. And the named monster was guarded by some 4 Giant Flame beetles. These beetle noticed me and attacked: it was hard to defend alone. Later, my Dragon arrived and we attacked named Flame beetle.

The battle was hard since some monster's guards intervened. I was hit hard (well, the are lvl.98, I am lvl.81 Cleric) and I was alive only due to healing spells. Had to retreat a few steps at one moment, but after all the named monster was slained. Another guards went to avenge, Dragon telling me to leave. "I am not leaving you there to die" - I answered and recalled home only after Dragon told me it was over.

I enjyed this fight. It was challenging, it was a real team work.

Later went with another Dragon to the city of Delgarath, to hunt lvl.80 Magots. There some problems began. In order to get magots, you have to attack a "Dung Pile". Then, some Magots appear and attack anything. if you kill one magot, more spawns...and so untill you escape or die. I was attacked by some 4 or 5 lvl.95 Magots - and alas, died. However, I managed to heal the Dragon several times so that at least he survived. After some time, we went to hunt down lvl.91 and lvl.98 Golems. Fight was hard -again- for me, easy for Dragon.

I returned to New Brommel for easy xp. went to my lvl. 70s mobs, then noticed one lvl.50 Dragon near me. Then we fought together. I healed Dragon as much, as I could (just because I could withstand more than he), he managed to heal me too, we both ran to hunt monsters. Later I decided to switch to lvl.91-99 monsters. They give good xp points, but are a bit dangerous if attack in group. And we were attacked by some 5-6 monsters. Health was dropping too fast, spells helped a bit, but too little in order to survive. We had to escape only to return after intensive healing and kill every monster in sight.

Result: I reached lvl.82 and could scribe some cool healing spells. Despite 1 death, the day was good one.