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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Carnage in resort

Posted by Lithuanian Monday December 12 2011 at 12:37AM
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Weekend on Istaria - full of fight, new experience about game and fun.

Tried to level my Cleric on trophies. Managed to get some 130 trophies for lvl.76-81, mostly from Platinium golems and Lava golems.  I thought it should be enough for five levels.

I was wrong. These were enough for 2,5 levels and rest I should fight myself. If at lvl. 73 I could fight some Sand Scarabs (lvl.79) and gain much xp - this time I had to think about something better. Trophies were not an option (it would take more time to get some 250 trophies than to hunt monsters for that xp).

Fortunatelly for me, heared about some area in New Brommel. The N.Brommel is an abandoned town, no resources, little structures, just plain grass and trees...and some festival ground. And a deadlands with agressive Spiders and Zombies from lvl.5 to lvl.96. I was lucky to meet one Dragon, we went to these deadlands, hunted monsters and gained xp. When I came alone there, I was getting some 10.000 xp per kill. It was really huge and monsters were weak.

Dark fields of New Brommel deadlands were the fields of carnage. I slayed everything. Well, sometimes I was attacked by some 6-7 monsters at a time. And as I was lvl.77 Cleric, few times had to run - but newer was I killed.

Later I went to do some cool quest and did not take part in anything. Then, Player S. contacted me ("Nak, could you come? Our hatchlings are dying"). Hurried back to this battlefield only to find a mess. There were three Dragons killed by monsters and a big company zombies/spiders. Only then did I felt true power of healing character: i resurrected them one by one, I healed them and either provided fire support or healed everyone in the battle. When some big Dragons arrived, we ran into lvl.90s monsters and I saw how lvl.100 Dragon killed them with two hits without getting hurt. Of course, we had one lower level Dragon killed several times and each time I resurrected him.

Being 'healing machine' was fun to me. I was usefull, I could cover up my friends or just heal them non-stop (just because of some 5-7 healing spells). And I grew: now I'm lvl.79 Cleric. I will grow and will become better healer with each level.

Weekend was wonderfull. Well, as always in Istaria. writes:
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