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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

crafting and panic

Posted by Lithuanian Friday December 30 2011 at 3:19AM
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It has been a dualistic day in Istaria.

Initially I was peacefully crafting mithrill. Golems were very good this time, no one attacked me; mithrill was plentyfull and I reached top ratio, making 1 mithril bar from 2 ore. Within one day, I advanced by two levels. Everything began growing fast. If earlier I was making some 400 bars from full load, now I am making >600 bars from same load. Silos are being filled faster and items are produced with the best ratio.  So far I do depend on jewellery and teched tools.

Later, one Dragon told he was going to visit deadly Bloodskulk camp. Bloodskulk alone is bad enough; group of them may mean big problem; group of Bloodskulks magicians may mean certain death. So, decided to craft instead of fighting. However, soon one player died and asked if someone with resurrection ability was nearby. I thought it was a call to arms. Abandoned everything, changed gear to combat one and rushed to help.

Initially everything was going good. There were three of us: Dragon, Human Druid and Human Cleric (me). We rushed through some spider defenses almost without problems. Approached village and were attacked by Bloodskulk hordes. Fight was hard, but we made it to the village. One Bloodskulk magician went alone, guarded only by some weaker skulks...and was killed. However, the fight was hard one. Bloodskulks attacked the weakier chain (me) and I had to heal other players, since single life is irrelevant - only victory of the group is. I managed to help our Dragon and other player to survive and they helped me to stay alive.

Then my group member went deeper into village. We were attacked from all sides, Bloodskulk magicians dispelling our buffs, Bloodskulk spearmen stabbing us into our backs, my healing spells re-activating too slow, our health running low. I saw I was dangerously low on health and decided to retreat.  Well, ran into more of Bloodskulks and got killed. Recalled, hoping that my group did reach its goal.

I felt a bit depressed. Almost useless in serious combat. Our chat told I was usefull etc, but once again I said it was weird I could not withstand duel with lvl.88 named Wolf. I should run from two lvl.92 automatons. And I could not outrun Bloodskulks (lvl.88-89).

I was told I need to multiclass further. Cleric/healer are supportive classes, not intended to be primarily ones. However, they contribute to Life skill (healing spells does more healing), therefore making great favor to Warrior.

I returned to crafting, enjoying fast advancement. While crafting, talked to Player S. Was very happy to hear she was already helping other Dragons with various tasks, from finding some golems to escorting hatchlings to one Dragon city. Yes, the circle turns: she was helped by players, now she helps others to advance.

Overall, the day was succesfull. I advanced more than I expected in crafting. I helped others, at least with healing. And I received many valuable advices on my own future. About fighting.  About crafting, how taking one school advances all other schools. How is it faster way to reach top level in crafting.

Next review on one year in Istaria would be  ats ome January 2nd 2012. Hope you will come, read and comment...

race to level 100

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday December 29 2011 at 1:44AM
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I am racing against time. This time goal is to reach crafting level 100 before New year.

It has been two days of crafting and occasional fighting. I have advanced by 2,25 level by these days with mithril mining: filling up full silo, then constructing/deconstructing weapons.  Yesterday was helped by Player S. and her friend. They helped me transport ore to one public silo. Thus, they saved me time and I was able to advance faster.

It takes me 14 runs to earn 1 million xp points and 4000 mithril bars sometimes is not enough for 1 level. However, with the help of Player S. I can save some time and thus advance faster. Within some 2 runs they brought ~2000 mithril ore to that silo. Only one time did they have problem when ran into lvl.99 Golem - luckily, escaped. Currently I am level 95 and have some 3 days to advance: almost 2 levels per day...

To rest from mithril recycling, I use to hunt Bhalkuk warriors. When killed, they always drop good things: trophy coins, technology components, tier 5 technologies and tier 5 hoard items. One day I managed to get some 0,5 million worth hoard and give it to Player S. Yesterday I hunted some ogres, got some components, few trophy coins...and some Dragon tier 5 technologies, like Primal Rage V.

Gave it all to one Dragon since he is going to begin serious crafting. At first, he did not believe I had these items (but I will never joke about that).

Later, had to retreat from Bhalkuk, since I ran into 3 monsters and was little chance to survive.

We also talked about Player A. He showed up again. Got some player who helped him. Still commaning. Still killing level 11 monsters with the other player's help (although he could try to hunt himself). To be frankly -I was not even thinking about helping Player A. And I told to chat I was feeling like a bad person: I have to help others...but what about Player A? If I help him, he would want to do everything with other people's help. If I refuse to help him, I will alienate him and he won't feel the fun that game offers. Either solution is bad.

However, most of the chat said Player A. should look for his own way to advance. If higher level monsters are hard to kill - try to hunt a bit lower level ones. If killing is hard - try to do quests that involves lesser killing, but still gives some xp. When I grew up - I had alike desperate moments, but still managed to grow somehow. Yes, I asked for help and am still asking for it...but not too much. I never commanded any players.

Today I would have to grow up again. Then we are planning Bhalkuk hunt with Player S. (since she needs to grow up). Yet another good day in Istaria.

Server to choose; questions to answer

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday December 28 2011 at 3:27AM
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Some questions and answers about Istaria.

Which server to choose?

There are three servers:

Chaos  – for standard play. Looks like it is most populated, but some disorder (it's chaos after all) may happen;

Order – for roleplay. If you want to have your (virtual) family, with spouse, children, even grandparents, go/fly to romantic dates or simply develop your character that came from the mists of Mystic continent to avenge family honour - it's for you. Less populated than Chaos, but disorder is almost unlike to happen;

Blight – test server. All new updates are applied to Blight first. So, if you want to experience something new and help developers polish the game - feel free to join Blight. Unfortunately, little do I know about its population.

Also, you may want to check what Guilds operates in each server. This too may influence your choice.

Wrong server! How may I change it?

Just submit ticket to Istaria support. It's paid option (as far as I know), but at the same price you may ask for your toon's name change.

...but it lack PvP!

Yes, Istaria is Player versus Enviroment (PvE) only. I think it will remain in such way. Istaria's philosophy is that continent, once pretty and flourishing, was invaded by evil force. And now, all the races, from little Dryads to mighty Dragons, fight side by side with this evil. There is no need in civil war, since Blighted attacks have to be stopped.

Is it really free to play?

As long as you agree to have only one Human race character without a plot of land - yes. And there is no cash shop either: everyone is equal. I have played for almost 1 year - and paid 0 dollars 0 cents.

What about community? I heard it is small

On Order it is not too big, but on both servers you will find friendly adult players that would help you. There would always be someone who would explain how to get to some place, what armor to wear, how to level up quickly or even donate things. I have constructed some tools and weapons for others and did that for free; other players have done this for me too.


I tried to cover up some questions I found on forums there. Maybe there are other questions, not covered in my review of Istaria or forum: in such case, I'd like to hear them and answer.

Christmas in Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday December 27 2011 at 1:48AM
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First of all - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! May your favourite MMORPG prosper, and your quests be interesting and as less grinding as possible.

I spent almost all Christmas (3 days) in Istaria. Different impressions though.

First - crafting. SInce it was Christmas, I did not want to hunt anything, just peacefully craft. So, I went to Mithril's Anvil and began running to mine, then to blacksmith structure and back to mine. Counted that it takes me 14 run to earn 1 million xp points, i.e. to advance by 1 level. Had to kill 2 golems, but it was their fault since they attacked me.

Sunday was hunting day. Initially I went to hunt for lvl.80 crystals. Thought to obtain them from lvl.92-96 Twisted Automaton. First fight ended in running - monster called for help and I could not fight versus entire self-healing group. Then I returned, tried to lure single Automaton and finish it. No hope this time - he again was helped by other Automaton and I was almost killed. Had to teleport immediately.

I went into some kind of despair. All of my multiclassing seemed to be ruined. Soon, Player S. asked for some help: they were fighting in New Brommel deadlands and needed some healing help. Rushed to them, only to find difficult situation. They were in the middle of the battlefield, surrounded by horde of lvl.92-99 monsters. My heals helped somehow, but when I resurrected a Dragon - well, the Dragon was immediately re-killed. Soon, I was surrounded and killed too. Player S. promised revenge on mosters for that.

It was time to peacefully harvest mithrill again. I advanced by some 2 levels and now am lvl.93 Weaponsmith. Only 7 levels to long-awaited level 100!

Then, one friendly Drgaon was hunting for deadly Bloodskulks and I decided to risk and help him. And yes, one very friendly and helpfull Dragon was fighting there, so I was almost obliged to fight side by side with them.

The fight was hard, I was attacked by deadly enemies several times, but managed to escape somehow and heal our Dragons. But our Dragons went too far, I was surrounded, stunned and easily killed.

I thought it was dead end. Crafting was going too slow, and I could not think about fighting. Fortunately, death points soon were faded and I decided just to take a walk.

This walk was succesfull: I found Bhalkuk Warriors. Level 92-94 Storm ogres, doing Enegry and Nature damage. Picked them one by one and killed them one by one. Trophies were good: xp points and trophy coins for me, Tier 5 technologies for the Guild and hoard components for Player S. Yes, the ogres were a bit hard enemy, especially with stun, but they were defeated. Only one time I had to run from them: when 3 ogres attacked me at once. Otherwise - it was a superb time. I gave 2 technologies to one friendly Dragon (he told he needed it), others were given to the Guild. I gained trophies that would help me to advance quickly. And, thanks to Ogres, I advanced to lvl.89 in Cleric school.

I also felt  -despite some despair - that with the Guild, I was not alone. I was offered help all the time, like "If you need some help with killing enemy -ask me". Was fortunate enough to help my Player S. with her hunt.

I also witnessed some Rites of Passage: Player S. finally became Adult dragon, ascending in a heavy monster-infested place. Two of the Dragons I knew became powerfull Ancient ones. It was fantastic show...

Overall: I am satisfied since I found easier way to level up crafting and I found monsters I could hunt easily for trophies + technologies. SO - Christmas in istaria were just good. I believe I would be lvl.100 Weaponsmith before New Year.

visit to monsters' meeting

Posted by Lithuanian Friday December 23 2011 at 1:46AM
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It was supposed to be a peacefull crafting day: going to mine, gathering some metal, bringing full load of it to the smelter, making bars, then making/deconstructing items...and alike. Reached crafting level 84. Then remembered I was lvl.86 Cleric - it's high time to turn some trophies, left from previous huntings, to experience and silver coins.

Result: I am level 88 Cleric, on my way to level 89. Awaiting magic level 91: then I would be able to wear top-level armor and use my top-level weapon.

And then, amidst peacefull harvesting, one Dragon told he is going to kill Blighted Anchor.

Well, Blighted Anchor is lvl.100 monster with lots of health, powerfull attacks...and it deploys other monsters. The fight with this abomination is always hard and weaker players are often stunned and killed too soon. I proposed to join, lvl.100 Dragon agreed...

And then the fun began. We were travelling to Delgarath - an outpost besieged by deadly lvl.90-100 creatures. Very soon, just outside the walls, we were attacked by some undead and Automatrons (robots, gnomish invention, that chose the wrong side...). Fight was not easy one. I thought that since I am multiclassed, lvl.90 undead should pose no thread to me.

I was wrong. They hit often and hard, only Dragon's interference and some of my spells saved me. Later, we ran into a horde of some big almost lvl.100 ugly monsters. They attacked us, then their colleagues-undead and Automatons - joined.

We tried to fight back, some monsters slained by Dragon's fire, and Dragon being healed by me...but the fight was unequal. I was dead soon, Dragon too. Should we have brought some Xmas presents to monsters?

I thought it was enough for me and went to rest. Dragon, already having 6 death points, decided to continue his journey to the Blight Anchor and slain it. An example of how player should act.

Later, Player S. appeared. We spoke about her quest to Draak to kill that lvl.100 Shadow Dragon and Enslavers. I told that she has to wait; that before we move we should discuss the strategyt: who does what, who protects whom and the priority of healing (i.e. what group members should be healed by healer in first place), even which way we go. Looks like Player S. enjoyed the fact I was going to help her.

I was happy to hear she was busy: helping lvl.16 character to level up (character fights, Player S. heals). Things are going in almost perfect way, this lvl.16 player won't feel lost and lonely.  That's how Player S. would realise she is strong Dragon. She would realise she is needed for others...and when that lvl.16 player grows up, he/she would help other.

Since it is Christmas, I am not planning any fighting, involving killing for this time - if I would allow something, it would be only peacefull crafting (though too little chance to reach crafting lvl.100 before New Year).

There are more thoughts about Istaria and my own future there - but these would be for next topic. Merry Christmas everyone!

Group fighting:lessons and mistakes

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday December 22 2011 at 2:01AM
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Group fighting was always something fascinating for me: tanks, forming first line of defense against monsters; medium-levelled players, forming second line of defense; lower levelled players, forming support (buffs / heals) line. Group leader, commanding what to do, where to seek safety - and great xp rewards.

Yesterday had a chance to learn how is it in real. Player S. asked for a help to kill lvl.100 Shadow Dragon. But not before she kills Enslavers of Will, Mind and Soul. We take a dangerous route to deadlands, avoiding deadly Bloodskulks, protecting lvl.40 Player S....and finally we were close to our destination: Draak deadlands.

Route to the deadlands was not too safe for Player S. - lvl.50 Shadow Hatchlings and some lvl.60 Ghost Dragons were around, but our strong Dragons managed to kill opposition en route. First enslaver was easy to find and possible to kill. Of course, we had to fight our way to him, but we did it. I managed to protect Player S. agains several Shadow Hatchlings. I resurrected Player S. 1 or 2 times.

Then we had to locate Enslaver number 2 - and the first problems began. One Dragon left. Another had to go away from keyboard. There were three of us left - and soon we ran into a meeting of Hatchlings and one enslaver.

I fought as much as I could. Healed everyone whomever I could reach - but there were just too many of them. I died. Soon another Dragon died. And then Player S. was dead.

Thus I learned what does it mean to be a wild group. We did not discuss strategy. We did not use aerial scouting and did not make it clear which route is the safiest one. Result: failed fight. Well, next time, if I am to organize a group, everything will be different. We will have scouts, we will have Player S. to be in the middle when running and in the safety when fighting and I would be assigned priority healing targets. Next time we will win. Failure is not an option.

After this fight - I was asked by one lvl.43 Dragon to help him in New Brommel deadlands, against lvl.90s zombies and spiders.

This was an epic fight. We were surrounded by groups of monsters, some 5 or 6, health allways runing low, spells seemingly taken forever to recharge. I healed 'my' Dragon, then myself, and if Dragon was not in direct fight, he healed me.

Sometimes situation was very grim, my health runing almost to an end and I had to run to safety. But I healed myself and returned to battlefield. Same with my Dragon - he did not die when we fought together.

Of course, I felt not good to run, but one thing I can say for me: I was more usefull alive than dead.

So, we fought. Dragon advanced by two levels within some 2 hours of fight. I advanced by some 1,75 level. We really made a great team and I enjoyed it. I felt my Cleric was usefull, since with all 7 healing spells I was able to restore my own health quickly as well as support Dragon.

In short - lessons were learned and it was a good day of hard fighting.

Mithril's Anvil

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday December 21 2011 at 1:34AM
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Mithril's Anvil: a place of interest both to fighters and crafters. It is a settlement, has its own landing pad and is easily reached from Bristugo. 

Resources: mithril ore, platinium ore, some harvestable plants.

Monsters: Platinium golems (some lvl.74), Mithril golems (lvl.91-95), Mithril Boulder golems (some lvl.98-99), 1 named Mihtril golem (lvl.104).

There are some player-owned plots, having journeyman or even Expert level crafting structures, Guild house to attune to and even vault storage so you can put anything you like into your vault. However, most of the storage silos are non-public use. So far I have heared only about two public silos.

Resources are a bit far from the neariest structure and are guarded. Lower level crafters should procede with care and have their maximum speed when leaving. The only safe place to hide from attacking Golem is a mine full of Platinium.

It is -as far as I know - the only place in Istaria that has mithril ores and some structures nearby. Other locations, such as Island of Fire, leaves you on your own.

This place is good for fighters to gain some xp and loot some trophies. Higher level fighters may enjoy killing Mithril golem and then harvesting mithril from it. This sometimes leads Golems to be called "walking nodes".


Yesterday I took a journey to the Mithril's Anvil. Was not willing to fight, just to harvest. Trip was very standard: mine as much mithril as I can, make bars fro ore, then store them and repeat step 1. When I was low on mithril - mined some Platinium and then made some tools, deconstructed tools...and repeated it untill I had no more Platinium bars left. Result: advanced by one level, today I think I will advance by yet another.

Crafting advancement is going slower than expected. Eearlier some 1000 bars of mithrill  meant about 78000 xp. Even if this number did not decrease, I would need some 10.000 bards to advance by one level...and the higher my level, the more xp I need to the other and the less xp I gain from mithril bars. But I will make it.

Overall: a good crafting day, at least I am having some rest from fighting.

Mind Lasher, mercy and crying

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday December 20 2011 at 1:54AM
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I was just levelling up. Standing in the field, killing Marble golems for experience and trophys and waiting for magic level 85. In the chat, people talked about yesterdays's event (Gnomekindle) and that the final party was great.

Player S. asked me to help her find one monster: Esh the Mind Lasher. A small lvl.50 undead Dragon with some 30.000 health points. As this is Dragon's rite of passage monster -I had no knowledge where to find it. Normally I would scout, but it would be dangerous for Player S., she is still level 40. So, had to ask one Dragon to scout area from the air.

Soon, monster was found, we went to it, killing all opposition and finally...finally Mind Lasher. We attacked it immediately, killed it and waited for Player's S response what to do next. While she was thinking, Mind Lasher spawned and had to be killed. And one more time he spawned just to be killed. Everyone began to ask Player S. to have a mercy for Mind Lasher...

Quest was over. Player S. is left with difficult task with killing lvl.100 Dragon with some 50.000 health - a difficult task. I may try to help her, since I helped with many of her rite of passage quests. We made a journey to help someone: gather 23 Silver golem components. Hunt was easy and fun.

And then Player A. appeared.

 Asked for help to kill 15 jungle crawler soldiers. It was reasonable since spiders are a bit dangerous if fought as equals and they do like to attack in groups. I went, I saw, I killed everything, healed Player A and everything was going good.

Well, not untill he left group and commanded me "Nakties, don't help, heal". Result: he died 3 or 4 times. I reminded him of that and it was his first time to say "Sorry for commanding". Later he said - "Nakties, u will help me with lvl.20 to 40". That was too much, someone told Player A. he needed to grow up on his own. It's not to mention that he could not wait untill I finish helping Player S.

I have noticed other people saying they do not like Player A. and they are not going to help him. Well, my position (thanks to is that when he really needs help, I will help him, but not with everything.  He need to know limits and he needs to know word "please".

Later he decided to make an event and start askingg/commanding almost everyone. Result was almost 100% negative. Then he switched to asking me if I could be his brother. My answer was - "No. I do not like brothers/sisters/dads/ moms... in the game". Then he turned to unhappy smileys again.

I switched back to my marble golems and achieved level 85 in Cleric school. Later, went to mine Mithrill and almost achieved level 83 in Weaponsmith school. Well, levelling up weaponsmith would be a bit slower - but I will make it.

I am happy to help Player S. She is impatient as are almost all Dragons. But she rushes to battlefield first, first striking the enemy and then thinking if that was right. She remembered how big spiders attacked her and yesterday she had her first revenge on them. Yes, she needs to be helped with some difficult tasks, but I am happy to help her with almost every Rite of Passage quest.

Of course, I would demand a payment for that. And the payment would be - she would have to promise she would help other players like she was helped by me. That she would have enough patience and time both to explain everything and fight with everything.

So - the day was good one. Looking forward for today's quests and growing up.

great event in Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Monday December 19 2011 at 1:36AM
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Gnomekindle. A traditional winter event in Istaria, on Order shard only.

As a place for gathering, Universal Soldiers clan constructed a Christmas plot in Bristugo: people could ski there on ice, sit near a fireplace or even prepare a hot soup nearby. Shy ones could re-dress in a nearby tent should there be any need.

Event was advertised on Istaria forum: everyone is invited, just come in your niciest costume and have fun. Also, some fighters were required to clear the pats.

December 18, at 9 pm some 20-30 Istarians, headed by our famous Dragons – LunaLove, Flameus – gathered and one by one teleported to the Island of Fire.  Dragons roamed the sky, bipeds sometimes ran in circles, awaiting last members of the group, some were just sitting near a bonfire (don't know what about Dragons, but bipeds may catch cold on snow with heavy armor).

Finally - command to move. Everyone runs/flies to the Island of Fire. Most strong Dragons clear the path of the golems, fire beetles and alike. The group went quickly through the heated surface of the island, making it to the Ice Wastelands.

We went through the bridge, made purely of ice and fortresses, made from ice too. We saw magic beautifull lakes, where one could ski or just enjoy the view. Then we jumped down and made it to the land of the lakes. No one knows, how old were they, but sure they were old enough as some of them contained remnants of the giants. We made it to the ancient tower with mystical enchanted chests. Later, Dragons gathered nice bllloming snow flowers.

Then - run once again. The road was safe all the time, since our fighters took care of any monster. Finally - the last tower...and anouncement, that one of our Dragons is about to ascend to the Ancients. Everyone teleported to Bristugo and we started to wait.

There was a great twilight, everyone felt he/she could see nothing but great white light , no once could even move. Then, a great splash of energy appeared, colouring everything in dark orange. We waitied...untill new, the most powerfull Dragon emerged from this feerie of light. An Ancient dragon, the most powerfull of all. Then there were traditional congratulations, fireworks. Everyone felt happy.

So, the day was great. People dressed the best they could. I arrived with zombie costume, some players even confused me with monsters. The group ranged from lvl.8 to lvl.100 and everyone was nice and helpfull to others. I am very happy I could participate in this player-made event.

questing:lost in geography

Posted by Lithuanian Friday December 16 2011 at 3:45AM
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A strange day in Istaria, not like others. Explanation below.

Initially - some easy killing in New Brommel deadlands. Level 70 monsters, easy experience. Then got tired a bit. Took some quests in the imperial city of Tazoon.

First quest: local Senechal want some Carpenter to be enlisted in Istaria's army. Carpenter does not want, then I got to take some defense structures sketches from the Carpenter and bring back to Senechal. Reward: 100 xp (for one level  I need some 700.000 xp).

Second quest: same Tazoon. Officer told to speak to recruits. After speaking - quest over. Reward:200 xp.

Later helped Player S. Helped her to kill lvl.50 golem and hold off golem's guards' attacks. I thought Player S. would run into trouble with monster almost twice as strong as she. Well, Player S. managed to kill monster alone with little help from me. All I needed to do was to fight off guards of that monster.

Player S. asked me to help find one NPC. Fortunately, I have been there before and marked on a map. Situation went worse since Player S. hurried too early and found herself surrounded by monsters. I tried to improvize...result being she was killed by some Ogres. Resurrected her, then decided it would be better to recall. After recall - went safely to that NPC.

Then I realized I wanted a quest. Not to kill several half-lame lvl.90 spiders in New Brommel - but to quest.

I had one active quest. Task was simple: go to tomb of Crankenspank, kill Crankenspank and retrieve Symbol of Istara. Crankenspank was killed, but no symbol. Quest update:search sarcophagi and find symbol. There was one sarcophagus and there was no symbol. Killed some monsters - no symbol. Quest deleted.

Second quest:Island of Balitis. Balitis is a NPC werewolf that needs some help with local wild werewolves. First task seemed simple: scout N and S tip of the island, scout W and E side of the island. There were little problems with North and South...and then some troubles with geography began. East side turned to be in the center of the island. And West side was nowhere to be found. To make things worse, lvl.60 werewolves almost killed my character, I hardly escaped. I ran across the island, trying almost everything...and there was no W side. Quest deleted (despite very good Balitis ring as a reward).

I had no fun with the second quest and I when I read there were other quests of Balitis, I felt in panic: what if almost everything would be like that?

Statement: I do dislike any quest that has to trigger some "hot spot". Example: quest sounds "scout W side of island", while it should be read - "scout point  at 123456*123478, not 123457*123478".  I have noticed such "hotspot triggers" maybe 2 times and they were not that hard. No, I am not against hard fighting in order to gain reward, I don't mind running across the continent - it's just too hard to guess that one exact point on the whole island. Or is it my impatience to go slowly, step by step, spend some 2 days and finally find that one spot?

Two promising quests deleted. One quest behaves strange (demands to get 10 Wolf hide, but when IU get it - it doesn't count). Bright side: gained level 83 in Cleric school and scribed new attack spell

Overall, an interesting, though not too lucky day.

unlimited monster fighting

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday December 15 2011 at 4:10AM
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A fighting day, and an interesting one.

Initially: New Brommel deadlands, same lvl.92-98 monsters with low health and not so many special attacks. I was fighting initially lvl.71-78 monsters. Easy to kill, some 3000 xp.

Then one Dragon told he was looking for some named monster on the Island of Fire. I thought it was going to be easy task. Well, it wasn't. Lvl.91-98 monsters live in this island, from easy Fire Opal golems to very social Fire Beetles. And the named monster was guarded by some 4 Giant Flame beetles. These beetle noticed me and attacked: it was hard to defend alone. Later, my Dragon arrived and we attacked named Flame beetle.

The battle was hard since some monster's guards intervened. I was hit hard (well, the are lvl.98, I am lvl.81 Cleric) and I was alive only due to healing spells. Had to retreat a few steps at one moment, but after all the named monster was slained. Another guards went to avenge, Dragon telling me to leave. "I am not leaving you there to die" - I answered and recalled home only after Dragon told me it was over.

I enjyed this fight. It was challenging, it was a real team work.

Later went with another Dragon to the city of Delgarath, to hunt lvl.80 Magots. There some problems began. In order to get magots, you have to attack a "Dung Pile". Then, some Magots appear and attack anything. if you kill one magot, more spawns...and so untill you escape or die. I was attacked by some 4 or 5 lvl.95 Magots - and alas, died. However, I managed to heal the Dragon several times so that at least he survived. After some time, we went to hunt down lvl.91 and lvl.98 Golems. Fight was hard -again- for me, easy for Dragon.

I returned to New Brommel for easy xp. went to my lvl. 70s mobs, then noticed one lvl.50 Dragon near me. Then we fought together. I healed Dragon as much, as I could (just because I could withstand more than he), he managed to heal me too, we both ran to hunt monsters. Later I decided to switch to lvl.91-99 monsters. They give good xp points, but are a bit dangerous if attack in group. And we were attacked by some 5-6 monsters. Health was dropping too fast, spells helped a bit, but too little in order to survive. We had to escape only to return after intensive healing and kill every monster in sight.

Result: I reached lvl.82 and could scribe some cool healing spells. Despite 1 death, the day was good one.

Wrong monster's quest

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday December 13 2011 at 5:50AM
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A resort of New Brommel is a good place to rest indeed. No monsters roaming forests or roads. No resources, almost no structures. A perfect place for someone just to walk plains or climb mountains and even to refresh in the sea.

Yesterday had to help one friendly Dragon. He took a quest that I once turned down and had to kill level 103 Kwellen Berserker. Tha monster has 16.000 hp, dodges most of attacks and still hits hard. We went in group and then the fun began. Dragon fought as hardly as he could. Our mage casted curses every time he could and our Gnomian heavy fighter hit Kwellen. I tried to hit, mostly focusing on healing. Got several vurses from monster, using all of 6 healing spells, sometimes watching that Dragon's health is dangerously low...but no one died. Monster was slained, everyone rejoiced. Untill Dragon told it was a wrong monster. Newertherless, the fight was excellent.

Later went to New Brommel's deadlands to help Player S. and her friends. We went directly to the lvl.71-76 monsters, being surrounded my hordes of them, being strucked by monster's curses. And yet we survived, sometimes with 1 or 100 health - but we did it. Teamwork was almost perfect, everyone gained so desirable experience and fun. I felt very good, being able to heal lots of hp to anyone in my group. Also invited one lvl.15 Dragon to join us. Looks like he enjoyed the fighting too.

Also took one quest: Trick or treat. Dressed in a special mask, I have to ask NPCs in all towns for trick or treat and some of NPCs would give me candy ("dead mouse" - wait a second, what kind of candy is that?). When I finish with all the NPCs, I will receive some reward.

Did I also mention that for those candies you may obtain a cool-looking  Undead costume? A pretty way to freighten someone, especially in the dark Night...

Overall - a good hunting and helping day in Istaria.

Carnage in resort

Posted by Lithuanian Monday December 12 2011 at 1:37AM
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Weekend on Istaria - full of fight, new experience about game and fun.

Tried to level my Cleric on trophies. Managed to get some 130 trophies for lvl.76-81, mostly from Platinium golems and Lava golems.  I thought it should be enough for five levels.

I was wrong. These were enough for 2,5 levels and rest I should fight myself. If at lvl. 73 I could fight some Sand Scarabs (lvl.79) and gain much xp - this time I had to think about something better. Trophies were not an option (it would take more time to get some 250 trophies than to hunt monsters for that xp).

Fortunatelly for me, heared about some area in New Brommel. The N.Brommel is an abandoned town, no resources, little structures, just plain grass and trees...and some festival ground. And a deadlands with agressive Spiders and Zombies from lvl.5 to lvl.96. I was lucky to meet one Dragon, we went to these deadlands, hunted monsters and gained xp. When I came alone there, I was getting some 10.000 xp per kill. It was really huge and monsters were weak.

Dark fields of New Brommel deadlands were the fields of carnage. I slayed everything. Well, sometimes I was attacked by some 6-7 monsters at a time. And as I was lvl.77 Cleric, few times had to run - but newer was I killed.

Later I went to do some cool quest and did not take part in anything. Then, Player S. contacted me ("Nak, could you come? Our hatchlings are dying"). Hurried back to this battlefield only to find a mess. There were three Dragons killed by monsters and a big company zombies/spiders. Only then did I felt true power of healing character: i resurrected them one by one, I healed them and either provided fire support or healed everyone in the battle. When some big Dragons arrived, we ran into lvl.90s monsters and I saw how lvl.100 Dragon killed them with two hits without getting hurt. Of course, we had one lower level Dragon killed several times and each time I resurrected him.

Being 'healing machine' was fun to me. I was usefull, I could cover up my friends or just heal them non-stop (just because of some 5-7 healing spells). And I grew: now I'm lvl.79 Cleric. I will grow and will become better healer with each level.

Weekend was wonderfull. Well, as always in Istaria.

Warrior vc Cleric

Posted by Lithuanian Friday December 9 2011 at 1:34AM
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It was a good day for me. Logging in - and yes, my almighty level 100 Warrior. No more trophies to hunt for Warrior's advance and quests may be taken only if I wish to - they won't give much xp.

Helped Player B other character. - she is taking her Rite of Passage so needs some help. First, we came to Guardian golems. Fight was normal, she found what she needed, then we fought some Crystallized Golem (icy snowman if you can imagine that). First part was over, then - to visit some NPCs in my native town of Bristugo and Dragon town of Dralk.

Then came to help Player S. She was stuck in the dangerous lands of Dralk, needing to visit Tower of Wizardry. She tried to go solo and was killed. Level 91 Dragon rushed to help, but went into some trouble. Then I came. We found a relatively easy path, fighting some golems on our way, but Player S. remained safe and alive. Then came the hardest moment: a path full of Fire pygmies and Ogres. We tried our best to protect Player S, but alas, she was hit too hard and died.

I went to one town, switched to Cleric and travelled back. Resurrected Player S., then she was killed again, resurrected and healed again...and covered by her colleague we made it to the Tower of Wizardry.

Then I was free. Took some quests, exchanged some trophies for experience points. Tried to craft, but there was some problems with metal, so decided to postpone it.

Cleric versus Warrior comparison is interesting enough.

Warrior: heavy hits, only 2 healing spells. Weapons are almost unlimited.

Cleric: light hits, some 5 healing spells, some magic offensive spells. Using only crush weapons.

Of course, I felt weakier with cleric, but I could compensate it with healing.

Went out of trophies. I thought some 80-100 would be enough, but it wasn't. Well time to hunt for more as a Warrior.

I am feeling lucky: I can help other players. I can collect as much trophies as it is needed to advance my Cleric. And maybe soon I may organize my own hunts to help other players grow.

A good day in Istaria.

top level:begining, not the end

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday December 8 2011 at 12:48AM
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Yesterday, at the hot sand of the crab island, my dream came true: finally reached level 100 in Warrior school. Theoretically I can advance to level 101, but it takes so many xp points I doubt it's doable.

I feel strong to take out almost any enemies up to level 99 (except 4 or 5 especially nasty ones). Now I know I have all the time to help other players should they need some support against that evil monster.

Yesterday hunted for trophies: looks like trophy drop has been lowered, which is not good. On the other hand, some monsters (Dire Wolves, Sapling Yew treants) seems to have very good drop. What I need is some 100 trophies for each 5 levels.

Helped few players yesterday. Nothing serious, just killing some spiders (they could not hurt me) and helping one mighty player with Guardian golems to collect golem chips. It's good to help others: I remember when I first came to Istaria knowing nothing and trying to solo. Everyone helped me with advice or guidance or fire support - and some just donated armor ("how much coins do u need?" - "Have fun."). It is natural I have to make the world as hospitable to others as it always was to me. So if you walk/fly in Istaria and need some help - you may call me (Order shard only).

If everything goes ok, I may reach another level 100, this time in Cleric school. Only 29 levels to go, and with hundreds of trophies it won't be hard (a pity my question to comment about power-levelling was left unanswered).

As for me - fun in Istaria is just begining.

power-levelling: pro and contra

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday December 7 2011 at 2:09AM
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I had a little discussion in Istaria about power-levelling. First: I have to explain what is power-levelling in this game. It's very simple: you collect thousands of trophies, then switch to desirable school, exchange all trophies into experience points and you are allmighty lvl.100.

It is how my Cleric was levelled initially: as a Warrior, I gathered trophies, then switched to Cleric. Gathered few levels in this way. Now, as I have little xp left to level 100 - I started to do the same, just for Cleric. Need some 30 levels for my Cleric.

In the chat, one player asked:" Why are u doing this? It's not fun".  And he was right. Standing all the day to trophy hunter, exchanging - it is a bit boring. On the other side, it is fast.

Why am I doing this? I just want toi be powerfull. Now I still have monsters of lower levels that I have to be afraid (lvl.89 named Wolf, lvl.103 named Tree and lvl.90s undead). I just want to own everything that is beneath level 100 on the battlefield. I remember how our leader killed that wolf even without armor, with some fancy costume.

Power-levelling means losing fun too. No fight, just exchange and exchange, no looking for quests, just stand and exchange.

The only thing I have to say in my own defense is that when I start next combat class (and it would definetly be Healer), I will be less dependant on quests. It is only then that I, armed with the best armor and capable of constructing the best weapons, may start to advance more slowly. Have more crafting, since crafting is usefull. Help more players (since I would be able to kill any monster without trouble).

The question for readers: what do you think about power-levelling? Would you in my place power-level or just let it go naturally? More fun - or faster growing? What's your opinion?

Fighting (the world?)

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday December 6 2011 at 1:32AM
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The Island of satyrs. Home to the Sand Crabs - and the relics of the exiled Satyr people. While the Satyrs were given place to live in Feladan - isle was lost. And so, Satyr leader in exile asked me to get some Satyr relics: 20 medium, 10 large, 2 massive. Easy to ask...I spent almost a week hunting dow Sand crabs, gaining much xp - and only yesterday I completed this quest. Reward: 100 silver coins and 1 emblem "Satyr friend". That's all from the quest. I was expecting not money, but xp...

Overall quest was good in terms of xp. One Dragon spent one day, gathered all but 2 Relics. I hope he would enjoy reward too.

Helped one Player's B character to craft. It was something worth to be seen: 3 players helping one. We gathered slate, the we stored it and the Dragon that was helped - crafted. She advanced by some 3 levels within 2 hours and it was good to see her advancing so fast.

Later helped Player S. She needed some 10.000 experience, so I went to one island, got 20 trophies from Forest Oastics and gave everything to her. Voila, she reached combat level 30.

I am level 99 now, on my way to magic end-level 100. I'm so happy I am finally strong enough to help most lower level players around with almost any monster.

Istaria:more fun

Posted by Lithuanian Monday December 5 2011 at 1:49AM
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I had a wonderfull weekend in Istaria:Chronicles of the Gifted. Especially when witnessed their new content.

New quest line: a family living in the forest and their needs: bring some candies to them, clear the wood of evil trees or locate a hoard and finally avenge killed brother of one boy. Candies quest was interesting: visit NPC in one town, he redirects to NPC in another town and then back to family. I greatly enjoyed this line of quests.

Tried new crafting and it does go 10 times better than before. Before updates you could get "side" materials if getting minerals/metals. Example: you harvest Bronze - and you get Iron as a "side product". Now it is gone, so no need to instantly check and delete. Also, when dual metal bar system (Steel equals Iron + Nickel; now - Steel equals Steel) was abolished, I am growing up faster than before. The only problem is - mithrill is very far away from storage silos and Blacksmith structures.

I am still on one quest: have to find some amulets from Sand Crabs and these crabs are sometimes very greedy.  Another quest behaved strangely (I got one item and the quest did not count it. Weird).

Reached level 99 - so it is only one level before I reach the top in the Warrior school! I think today I will finish it and will prepare to grow up my lvl.71 Cleric

Was helped few times when I really did need it. First time it was lvl.89 Wolf with some 6700 health and each hit was some 400 hp, so that I may be killed within 6 hits. After few tries I have up and called for help. Immediately our leader and one powerfull Dragon came, covered me up, helped me to kill Wolf and finish the quest. Second time I was escorted to one evil island...and had to kill some evil Machine with 670.000 hp. I hit her at some 200-300 hp before one Dragon joined and Machine was done quickly.

Helped one player to advance a bit: I killed wolves, he healed me/supported me with fire. I hope he got at least some xp to grow up.

Weekend in Istaria was very good. I really enjoyed everything: new names, new quests.If everything goes ok, I would be lvl.100 Warrior and lvl.100 Cleric before New Year.


Posted by Lithuanian Friday December 2 2011 at 12:49AM
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So it was finally updated. Logged in - all the bugs were gone as if they never existed. No complaints in the forums (as far as I saw).

Went to test new crafting system:yes, it works, my Miner grows ways faster. I had to take 2 cobalt bars and 2 nickel bars: now I have take 2 cobalt bars. Of course, 61.000 xp is not enough when you have to get some 700.000 xp for one level only and at 90s it would me millions of xp.

Got a new, shiny armor from our leader and now I am once again stronger. Discussed via Skype about my would-be multiclassing: I need armor usable for all classes.

Took one looong line of quests. Of course, they are intended for some lvl.30, not 96, but if there is biped quest, I want to take it. Initially it was very fun, I had to kill and report to Clerics tower, untill I had to kill some necromancer. Ok, went to kill it, but was given instructions to kill 6 Risen Adepts and when killed them - got text "Return to the [NPC] to report your failure to find Necromancer". Oh my, how should I report my failure? NPC was generous enough to send to one Dragon that was toio hard to find and Dragon gives mw new line of quests. Rewards for each quest are good: some 10-15.000 xp and about 10 (from 7 to 15) silver coins.

Also tried to hunt for components, but this time was killed. Had no chance to help others, because there was no one who needed my help.

Today will try to kill Ravenous Bloodsnouts and Mithrill golems. These are the enemies I should hunt and hunt without mercy and staying alive.

The day was good - I am looking forward for today. So many things to test, so little time to do so.

Istaria:long update...

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday December 1 2011 at 1:56AM
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A long long waiting.

All the yesterday forums of Istaria were full of questions and reporting of bugs. Initially I was absolutely calm, since I was at work and these lags did nothing to me. When returned home - lags continued. All characters appeared without clothes (in fact - with boots and underwear only) and weapons. Some NPC were almost nude too and if NPC is nude- he/she was without hair too. I tried to run to one location and was warmly greated by some Wolves. Attacked and killed - but it did act strangely, like I had a weapon and had no weapon. Wolves were killed, some item swere looted and these items are still with me.

And yes, it was able to see some sexy vision. A medium-sized, absolutely nude, observable fdrom all the points player wanted...




head of NPC. Floating head of NPC.

For some players, inventory waa replaced with empty spaces or "???" marks. Teleporting seemed to not work. At tools and weapons all requirements (like "at least 800 Mining") were replaced with word "null".  Other players reported that resources disappeared.

Later Chaos shard was restarted. Soon Order (my shard...) was restarted.

Result: yesterday went to chat with some players, and had no fight or crafting. Today game works and hopefully today I will advance in crafting....