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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Grumpy & wrong

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday November 14 2013 at 6:01AM
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Visited to update game, if I was paying customer, I’d enjoy Crystal Shaper school…but free players can be Human only. Met old friends from Universal Soldiers, but had forgotten many many things about this game. It does look old…but still has something.

Lord of the rings online

WoneL finished last quests and completed 30 quests in Ered Luin. Then went to kill spiders near Dourhand city. That was easy – it was time to move for some Wolf slaying. Hunting spot had some 3 players, I sent cold invites for everyone and we formed a temporaly group, so all we had to do was to follow each other. This went well, soon I had 60th wolf killed, deed completed.

Switched to NaktiesKarys. Crafting, calculating how much more crafting to do (4 days should be enough). Daily quests in Hytbold, killing orcs, goblin sappers and alike. 25 tokens, finishing last tasks Sutcroft district wanted to ask me for. Also, finished SMithy reconstruction. Now, I should concentrate to Wold district. Harwick town has always been kind for me, having all facilities and serving as major center, hence I should aid their district.

Kinnies invited to do Seat of the Great Goblin. We swept through the opposition, but were ultimately wiped out by Goblin’s pet troll. Its attacks were just too powerfull for us.

And then a period of grump. I performed badly in this instance, my attacks being weak, though spectacular. Kinnies told I had a wrong setup and some trait slots still locked. But I am having very hard times with Champion setup, using one old Kinship gave me seems not to work. I also failed to understand (second grump) about trait trees. Information about them is such clear that it would be easier for me to breed cow-astronaut than to understand trait trees.

I asked in Lotro forums about how Trait trees (TT) works. If I have some trait slots un-locked and some – locked, would  I earn more points in TT if I unlock? No answer, just “hey, take a look at this link”, but the link was written wery un-clear. Starting from the begining – “you earn 1 point from lvl.7 on each odd level”. Does it mean I would have 1 point at lvl.8, then 2 points at level 10…and finally 39 points at level 84? If so, why aren’t these enough to cap one tree? And why are some of the most usefull Champion skills – removed? Game may go very wrong way with this.

Also took a look at how many virtues and traits, legendary or not, I do have. I am lost in them, too many of them and this number should be decreased drastically. Maybe we need 10 virtues, but not more, each should be very clear. This was the second grump: I could not master traits/virtues at top-level. Too many, too unclear, too expensive to unlock and too unclear if this unlock won’t be TP-spending failure.

In short, I was alone in Rohan, having nothing to do, feeling lonely and bored. Daily quests done (no more dailies), all other deeds – left to level up after HD shows, there was no Kinship acitivity and felt very disappointed in my own toon. The only positive thing was my WoneL: she will grind every coin she could earn and when the time comes – she would pay for housing chest upgrade.

And so grumpy day ended, I had 1939 Turbine points, spent all Hytbold tokens (balance: zero tokens), feeling grumpy and lonely.