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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian


Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday November 26 2013 at 5:52AM
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Lord of the rings online

…is offline for me now. Internet line disconnected – first day without game I like. All my toons are resting:NaktiesKarys does no Hytbold dailies; DunedanMule does not store/sent stuff; and temporaly toon does not grind Turbine points.

I need some 1400 Turbine points for Helm’s deep. Then, I would continue epic line in Wildermore and be ready for epic battles. Just some patience to create TP grinders, use all available reputation items (that’s where all all the grind paid off!)…and wait for magic 4295 TPs.

Taking pause from Lotro…for some 1 week.

Rush, clones, silence

Posted by Lithuanian Monday November 25 2013 at 6:40AM
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Lord of the rings online

Weekend was a very busy one.

WoneM rode to the Shire and Ered-Luin, finishing almost every deed, except slugs, quick post and spoiled pies. Then – Ered Luin, same deed doing. Return to Bree, finishing sickle-fly slayer (advanced)…and all the deeds done, some 270 TPs earned from deeds alone + reputation from Bree, Mathom, Council of the North. Then – to bank, transfer money to NaktiesKarys and delete toon.

WoneN was born, though short-lived one. She did same basic deeds in the Bree land. One time some player asked if I had played Lotro before. I did not tell him I have been playing Lotro for one year…In Combe, I was lucky to cooperate with one player, we did some quests and slayer deeds together. After Bree – rode to do Shire and Ered Luin exploration only. I had little time to lose, so omited all this killing. This toon finishe reputation with some 3 factions. Then, WoneN got deleted.

NaktiesKarys was more active: did dailies in Rohan,  investing all the available Hytbold tokens into town reconstruction. Now Hytbold looks more better and I am determined to finish reconstruction. Yes, it will take time, but I have it. I was more than lucky to craft 2nd age Legendary weapon for a colleague-Champion. To do this, had to re-arrange traits so that I have racial trait (return to Thorins Hall) equipped and am bind to Hytbold. It will save me time and money. FInished beast slayer of the Eastemnet, receiving entire 5 Turbine points and closing to one class deed completion (use some skills 250 times).

Next week I suppose – will be week offline. I am moving to a new flat, transferring internet line there. Line would be there today and in an old flat – no internet :(

And so the weekend has ended. I had 2904 Turbine points, had all Hytbold tokens spent and felt very satisfied. I’m closing to Helm’s Deep expansion, all I need is just a little grind. The days have been very good in Lotro.

Helm’s Deep:first impressions

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday November 21 2013 at 9:20AM
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Lord of the rings online

Helms Deep was finally launched, took some 2 hours to update the game. First impressions:

Trait Trees: visually are very nice: cool icons, as you progress one tree, its colour fills the background. Description about what (in theory) tree traits does, like “tanking”, “dps”, “AoE”. Negative things: Green Bubble left for the end of red tree. Champion now has the lowest survivability, I am left with bracing attack only. Yes, I do have many cool AoE attacks (shing-shing!), but it does not add to chance of survival. However, all class/race skills are left intact so that there are more pain in setup. Also, on the left I had a set of icons for some traits I could not equip (just next to blue tree) – had one free, others to unlock. However, I could unlock only one after one, not, say, I want to unlock 5th slot, then 7th and then third. Dear Turbine, please, leave a maximum of 10 class skills and some 3 race skills, also – let me chose which one slot I want to unlock. Players are (take a look at forums) for…more simple gameplay!

Trait points, TPs: Got enough xp points to fill up yellow tree so it was no brainer. Then I was left with some points, invested in red tree to get power regaining. Got refunded with some 195 Turbine points. Had to purchase  others. Anyway, refund is nice – and naysayers were predicting “it isn’t Turbine’s way”. Maybe due to massive requests, store delayed in delivering me 2 purchased slots: but they finally were given, no need to contact support.

Skills: This is the pain. For example, yellow tree does what it says: AoE damage. So – expect nothing more. Cool AoE attacks, sometimes up to 10 enemies around you – yes. Attacks that your on-level enemy can’t avoid – yes. Increasing damage attack does – yes. However, no survival options, if you get hit and Bracing attack is on cooldown, you get no chance to survive. Attack animation is nice and spectacular…but that does not compensate me being a spectacular kamikaze. To make things worse, Green Bubble requires 14 more levels with red line, i.e. if you take other tree, you won’t get Green Bubble. It’s just unfair..

Banks: Turbine introduced a really superb thing: coin bags. You can enter vault, purchase such bag, take it to shared vault so that your toons could sent money to each other. It is very good decision, now my TP-grinder could purhcase 25 gold worth bags and sent it to my main. Impressed with this, kudos Turbine!

Housing: we have one chest that functions like a vault. Not bad, though I was accustomed to 2 chests (one I used for crafting, others – for rest stuff). I wish they allowed to purchase additional chests through Lotro store for mithril coins.

Deeds: these were changed, especially class ones. Some changes I have to understand, hence will write only tomorrow.

Combat: not too many feedback. One player told he attacked lvl.86 Warband and got insta-killed. I am enjoying Hytbold dailies, since they give me good xp: kills gives, quest gives, even trophy quest gives. Few hours – some 100.000 xp. If I take any serious combat/deeds, I will grow up quickly. And then, I’ll be ready for Helms Deep.

Overall players look satisfied of Helms Deep, there are many players hunting in Rohan. I have to grind remaining 2500 Turbine points and then will purchase Helms Deep.

And so the day has ended, I had some 2044 (?) Turbine points, rebuilt almost all Wold district and ready for many many fights.

Preparing for inevitable

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday November 20 2013 at 6:19AM
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Lord of the rings online

Helms Deep is to be launched today, hence huge server downtime expected. I am so torn apart with mixed feelings. Simplyfying lots of traits is good. Making trees (“advance skill A to 5th level to get skill B”) is wrong. Making harvesting easier by removing tin is good; making universal ore is very wrong. Balancing classes is good, but making some of them just beneath the bottom (Champions) is very wrong.  Another point is – I would be forced to bombard kinnies with questions about setup. All I need is one and final setup for my Champion, no need to experiment, no need to meditate what skill A would do if skill Z is equipped.

Meanwhile NaktiesKarys done his dailies, earned tokens and even left 5 tokens for today. Wold district is being rebuilt, perhabs today I will finish local cottage.

WoneL went to Barrows and tried to finish all class deeds to earn valuable Turbine points. Unfortunately, earned only 5 TPs, all other deeds are to be finished today. By the way, WoneL was able to collect some reputation items. Then she went to Lone Lands to strike 2 targets with one shot: finish Warg slayer deed and finish Enmnity of the Wargs deed. Bot reward with valuable TPs.

Tsuhelm’s alt was not met. Posted tells many times, answer was the same “Player is offline”. A pity.

I am on my way to start quick mega-grind. Grind without thinking, grind to make at least 2500 Turbine points. I have some 500 TPs worth reputation items in my vault and could make about 150 TPs from basic deeds (basic killing in Bree land, exploration in Shire, basic killing in Ered Luin): 14 toons needed. That’s at least 2 weeks of work. But let’s be optimistic, if I let my alts (like Vytautaz) grind rep.items, all this could be made faster.

And so the day has ended, I had 2109 Turbine points, 5 Hytbold tokens. Last day in good Lotro was good.

Helms Deep:delayed

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday November 19 2013 at 6:40AM
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Lord of the rings online

It was “no-hurry” day. I went home late, knowing I had nowhere to hurry. Logged into Lotro, everything was going very quick…and here I am, in Hytbold, with all good old skills, no letters, no Hytbold.

Something went wrong, I asked in Kin chat what exactly was it. As it turned out – data outage in Turbine datacenter, then some repairs…and result – Helms Deep is to be launched at November 20. Hence Bounders’ bounty is still active as well as +100% xp boost. To tell truth, there are more active players and kinnies report seing more log ins: players are interested in HD.

I was satisfied with this, did my 5 dailies in Hytbold and hurray – finally Kindred with the last 2 factions in Rohan. Once again, contributed to the Wold district. Finished house of Wold, then did all they asked about Mead Hall.

I talked to kinnies about Champion. Those who have knowledge about HD – agree about this class being ruined. In Lotro champion forum only 2 over-elitists disagree. Everybody else is talking frankly that Champion would not be good for anything. And of course, over-confident elitists allowed themselves noobish behaviour telling me they “forgive me, young one” and alike. It’s just for argumented disagreement with them. They gave no facts, no data – nothing, except few “me iz kool u are not” phrases.

And so the day has ended. I had 2104 Turbine points (2345 TP left to Helms Deep), spent all Hytbold tokens for Wold district. The day has been good in Lotro.

Helm's Deep at the gates

Posted by Lithuanian Monday November 18 2013 at 7:57AM
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Lord of the rings online

Helm’s Deep expansion is to be applied today, so – all this day will be about updating. I’m waiting for it, though am scared. Champion class forum is full of negative reviews. Players -every single tester – are telling red line is absolutely of no good and only yellow is worth something. Blue (“tanking”) is being judged as “so-so”. As testers say, Champion would never be a DPS class. All that is left – spectacular, yet not so practical AoE attacks. Yes, these look good, especially when there is horde of low lvl enemies around you…but dear developers, have you ever played a Champion? Since you had not – let me tell it was considered a DPS class and one that got no invites in any group. Now, looks like Champion is just ruined. It was already the lowest-ranking class: no quality ranged attacks (like hunter), no pet use (lore-master), no magic use (warden), no healing (minstrel), no heavy tanking (guardian, captain), no stealth (burglar). Just heavy armour and spectacular AoE attacks. By the way, developers promise to remove Green Bubble thus making poor Champion survival skills even worse. But I don’t wish to move back to Istaria (sorry, Chronicles of the Gifted!). The fact is, my other alts probably won’t be champions any more. Any DPS class would fit.

Some questions got answered, especially about housing. They are telling old chests would be respected and only mithril coins upgrades would be available.

NaktiesKarys rushed to craft Weaponsmith Guild emblems and now have about 89.000 rep. points worth of them. Some metal ingots reserves are depleted due to extensive crafting, but at least there I should succeed:making new reputation with the Guild within few minutes. I also tried to rebuild Wold district of Hytbold, doing dailies and sometimes blaming developers for impossible daily quests. Example: solo quest to catch some frogs. There are Trolls everywhere and they respawn quickly. Frogs are very rare and guarded dy some 2-3 trolls nearby. If I fight troll, I can’t pick a frog and when I approach to frog, it disappears…instead troll spawns nearby. It is clearly a quest for 6-12 players: every player but one secures area fighting off every troll, while one player collects frogs. Despite of this, I am nearly done with Entwash Vale reputation, only one quest remains to Kindred.

Vytautaz went to Annuminas, finished some class deeds (rumours are, deeds like “strike NN times with ABC attack” will be removed), received TPs, looted some Warden of Annuminas reputation items, then farmed Barrows for rep.items again.

WoneL was very active doing every deed she could. Visited barrows, finished “kill 150/300 spiders” deed, killed some wighs, then got 2 more deeds…when finally she got into 2 great groups. That was just great. We were running, killing everything, I quickly finished few deeds (enmnity of the dead II and III, as well as deeds to kill barrow spirits). Got lots of bounder tokens – they allowed to switch to NaktiesKarys and purchase the last Symbol of Celebrimbor for last 1000 tokens. Reputation items also were flowing. I had one player who asked me if I needed all reputation items, I told – not all. He needed Cordolan trinkets, I was able to give him ~100 of them…and then thought to tell that should he need any help, he may ask my main…when I noticed it was lvl.85 player. Besides, in one group I was fighting had to hand with person from my former Kinship.

And so weekend has ended. I had 2084 Turbine points (still lacking 2415 TPs!), spent all Hytbold tokens I had. The last days of non-ruined Lotro were almost perfect.

Unexpected journey(s)

Posted by Lithuanian Friday November 15 2013 at 5:53AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys fought in Rohan, doing daily quests. Unfortunately, Eaworth dailies mostly were impossible (beacon, dressage and alike), so could do only 2 of them. The rest were from Norcrofts. When all dailies were done, started to rebuild Wold district in the Hytbold. After all, Harwick has always be the center town, always friendly for me. Now, it’s up to me to show some gratitute towards local people. I will rebuild everything I could doing all dailies I could. So far have no idea about crafting instance, but one day I may try. I have also made some crafting in Snowbourne (vault and forge there), making last preparations for Helm’s Deep.

DunedanMule supported me with some Dwarf steel (since I run low on it). Elf steel is a problem, I use it extensively, it’s expensive (20 gold for 50 ingots) in Auction and I cannot craft it since I can’t leave Rohan.

Gave 2 sturdy steel keys to one kinnie. A pity, he did not read I was giving them for free and sent me money. I did not ask for this, did not want this and explained him I do not charge friends. All I asked were these elf-steel ingots, but since he got none, I sent for free. I hope he will remember for the future:I don’t charge friends. If I can give, I give, if I can’t, I do not give.

WoneL continued her journey, going to barrows. Wanted to advance my combat deeds in Taradan barrow, but there were lots of people playing. I ran away, got an invite, rejected it, got 2 more invites, rejected and even did not want to talk. There was a little sense in a group: I needed to make attacks, not just grind xp and loot. Being a bit angry, went to kill undead and barghests, reached level 22 and managed to finish some deeds. That’s something…unexpected for me, WOneL had to be deleted soon, but let her adventure and grind TPs untill HD. Then, WoneL would be needed for her money only.

Turbine still makes puzzles about HD updates. This time – about housing. They announced players could purchase space up to 60 slots for gold coins (60 slots – some 125 gold) and later – only for lots of Mithril coins. But wait…I already have a big house and 60 slots in 2 chests! Would I need to re-purchase (something I keep WoneL alive for)? Or it would be granted, like “finders-keepers”? What would happen, if I do not upgrade, to stuff I am keeping in chests? No clear answers.

And so the day has ended, I had 1964 Turbine points, spent all 25 Hytbold tokens. Day has been good in Lotro.

Grumpy & wrong

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday November 14 2013 at 6:01AM
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Visited to update game, if I was paying customer, I’d enjoy Crystal Shaper school…but free players can be Human only. Met old friends from Universal Soldiers, but had forgotten many many things about this game. It does look old…but still has something.

Lord of the rings online

WoneL finished last quests and completed 30 quests in Ered Luin. Then went to kill spiders near Dourhand city. That was easy – it was time to move for some Wolf slaying. Hunting spot had some 3 players, I sent cold invites for everyone and we formed a temporaly group, so all we had to do was to follow each other. This went well, soon I had 60th wolf killed, deed completed.

Switched to NaktiesKarys. Crafting, calculating how much more crafting to do (4 days should be enough). Daily quests in Hytbold, killing orcs, goblin sappers and alike. 25 tokens, finishing last tasks Sutcroft district wanted to ask me for. Also, finished SMithy reconstruction. Now, I should concentrate to Wold district. Harwick town has always been kind for me, having all facilities and serving as major center, hence I should aid their district.

Kinnies invited to do Seat of the Great Goblin. We swept through the opposition, but were ultimately wiped out by Goblin’s pet troll. Its attacks were just too powerfull for us.

And then a period of grump. I performed badly in this instance, my attacks being weak, though spectacular. Kinnies told I had a wrong setup and some trait slots still locked. But I am having very hard times with Champion setup, using one old Kinship gave me seems not to work. I also failed to understand (second grump) about trait trees. Information about them is such clear that it would be easier for me to breed cow-astronaut than to understand trait trees.

I asked in Lotro forums about how Trait trees (TT) works. If I have some trait slots un-locked and some – locked, would  I earn more points in TT if I unlock? No answer, just “hey, take a look at this link”, but the link was written wery un-clear. Starting from the begining – “you earn 1 point from lvl.7 on each odd level”. Does it mean I would have 1 point at lvl.8, then 2 points at level 10…and finally 39 points at level 84? If so, why aren’t these enough to cap one tree? And why are some of the most usefull Champion skills – removed? Game may go very wrong way with this.

Also took a look at how many virtues and traits, legendary or not, I do have. I am lost in them, too many of them and this number should be decreased drastically. Maybe we need 10 virtues, but not more, each should be very clear. This was the second grump: I could not master traits/virtues at top-level. Too many, too unclear, too expensive to unlock and too unclear if this unlock won’t be TP-spending failure.

In short, I was alone in Rohan, having nothing to do, feeling lonely and bored. Daily quests done (no more dailies), all other deeds – left to level up after HD shows, there was no Kinship acitivity and felt very disappointed in my own toon. The only positive thing was my WoneL: she will grind every coin she could earn and when the time comes – she would pay for housing chest upgrade.

And so grumpy day ended, I had 1939 Turbine points, spent all Hytbold tokens (balance: zero tokens), feeling grumpy and lonely.

Smithy and Dwarves

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday November 13 2013 at 6:29AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys spent all his time crafting and then doing Hytbold dailies. Quests went easy, Hytbold tokens were grinded without problems and my reputation with Entwash Ale is growing fast. Having 30 Hytbold tokens, I had two choices:help Sutcroft district with anything they ask or help to rebuild Smithy. Kinship adviced Smithy since it unlocks crafting instance. This was done, now I lack only 5 Hytbold tokens to finish Smithy.

And WoneL continued her adventures:did the last riding with 24-hours horse, finished almost all deeds in the Shire and quickly moved to Ered Luin. First of all – exploration deeds: Elven Ruins, Places of the Dwarves, Scouting Dourhand, Rath Teraih exploration. Then – Dwarven quests, combining them with slayer deeds. All of this went very well. Goblins, Hendrevail, Dourhands were all slaughtered without mercy. Spiders and wolves remain as well as finish last quests. Then, Ered Luin will be done. I also used Mathom reputation items and finally reached Kindred.

I am really enjoying +100% xp event. Feeling very good and relaxed, even grinding is fun and interesting to me.

The next thing – I am preparing myself to 2 things. First: stick to Hytbold and when HD launches – do all quests/deeds for xp, maybe using xp accelerators. Then, all the dailies would be very helpfull. Second: will make my WoneL and Vytautaz to grind for in-game gold. Reason – they have announced that upgrading house chests would cost lots of money (up to 125 gold). Therefore I have to get every single coin on Withywindle. WoneL may pay for one upgrade. Vytautaz – for another. Of course, I am trying to grind every single TP for Helm’s Deep expansion (4295 TPs). Not sure if I will like it – but it’s about achieving lvl.95 and gaining some Turbine points after all.

And so the day has ended, I had 1904 Turbine points, spent all 30 Hytbold tokens (have 0 in the wallet). I was very happy in Lotro.

Hobbitses and Helms Deep

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday November 12 2013 at 6:17AM
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Lord of the rings online

More and more information about Helm’s Deep. This time – crafting. Tin metals – vendor only, like Coal. Khazad veins would be renamed as Khazad Skarn. Looks like there would be one ore and prospector could just extract other ores from it. In other words, crafting is being simplyfied. Reminds me of Istaria, where they have done it too. Guild reputation emblems value decreased and new Guild reputation is now 90.000. A pity they are lowering values, would be harder to achieve reputation. They also say, players who have obsolete items, would be able to exchange them into non-obsolete. My impressions: while simplyfying is kind of good…sometimes it can go wrong. There was nothing wrong with Khazad bronze (Eregion) and Khazad iron (Enedwaith) veins. Tin has always been pain: in Bree it is rare, in Eregion we always had more tin than copper. However, if they just make one Khazad ore…it sounds just wrong (but hey, free prospector recipes sounds just good).

NaktiesKarys did dailies in Hytbold, once more advancing Men of Entwash Vale reputation. Tried to do “climb the beacon” quest, but it proves almost impossible. Too many calculations where to jump, one mistake means failure. After dailies – back to Hytbold, helping with whatsoever Sutcroft district NPC asks.

Meanhwile, my WoneL continued her journey. Finished last deed in Bree land, crossed Shire border…and adventures started. Took almost every quest. Tried to combine quests and deeds (like killing wolves with “wolf slayer” deed). Collected every single Gift Mathom that hobbitses gave me. Result: 3 deeds remaining (harvest fly advanced slayer, goblin advanced slayer; some 60 quests of 75 done). Thanks to Gift Mathoms, reached Ally reputation with Mathom society. Overall, things were going pretty fast – though I would have to hurry to Ered Luin before my 24-hour horse expires. I felt just satisfied with how I could do things and quickly get Turbine points.

And so the day has ended. I had 1749 Turbine points (wow…150 Tps earned?), 5 Hytbold tokens left. The day has been just excellent in Lotro.

Crafting, grinding, waiting

Posted by Lithuanian Monday November 11 2013 at 6:36AM
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Lord of the rings online

Only one week remains to the Helm’s Deep expansion. The most popular topics on the forums – concerning HD. We know there would be skill trees, one kind person explained about Champion ones. We know full tree would cost 55 points, we know we would get 1 point every two levels (so basically I would have 41 point) + some points from  having books done. I am waiting for this expansion, though have an uneasy feeling about skill trees.

Meanwhile, new girl, WoneL, was born and started her adventures. As WoneK, she ignored epic quest line and focused on regional quests only. So far – all deeds in the Bree-lands done (except Ruins), Kindred with Thorins Hall, Wardens of Annuminas, Council of the North  – achieved, Kindred with Bree and Mathom – remain. I expect some 10.000 xp to come from Shire quests – so these would save some valuable Well preserved Mathoms.

It was an interesting run. I noticed I could rely upon vendor weapons untill lvl.20, as well as vendor armour. Otherwise – it was a great fun, to re-experience quests and even to be killed (which rarely happens with my alts). Once again I supported my main toon – paid for house upkeep, purchased valuable Eastemnet coal.

NaktiesKarys initially did some crafting, enjoying Rohan region. Later, I moved to Hytbold and did daily quests. This time tome of reputation experience (+5000) helped a lot. As dailies were completed, I moved to my favourite Sutcrofts district and aided as much as I could.

And so weekend has ended. I had 1634 Turbine points (oh my…some 3350 remaining), spent 25 Hytbold tokens. All I need now is to grind TPs as fast as I can if I am to purchase Helm’s Deep. Getting some 300 within a day is possible (150 from reputations of 3 factions, 150 from basic bree land deeds). The weekend was just good and fun.

Orcs & girls:from Angmar to Shire

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday November 7 2013 at 6:25AM
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Lord of the rings online

It was a multi-tasking day. DunedanMule crafted rich iron and gold ores, reached level 19 and went out of ores.

NaktiesKarys went to beautifull Evendim (those who are in doubt what to buy for lvl.40 – Evendim only, you won’t regret it!), harvested some rich iron and gold, by the way killing evil Limfarn. Lucky, night was my ally as those creatures spawn better in dark and sometimes I could kill 3-5 of them with one AoE hit. Deed was done. One kinnie asked for help, but as always with us – a competition began and I did not make it, someone else helped. The other time was spent talking about my grumpy Vytautaz: how could he level up? Some advice Forochel, but I do need entire 1 level to gain.

Back to DunedanMule, crafting all the ores, then refining to advanced ingots…and selling them. Strangely enough, ingots were sold quickly (and I thought only ores are best-sellers…). Then, took my girl to the Michel Delving and purchased Universal Toolkit. It would save my place and money. Also, was happy enough to donate some precious metals to our Kin jewellers. My vault is still overflooded, mostly – with reputation items, some of them enough to level up 4 toons at once. The there are lots of reserve ingots in case I or someone else may need them.

Vytautaz was grumpy Human with weird helmet (where in LOTR have you seen helmet with 2 deer horns?), fighting Orcs near their camp. Grind and grind, untill 150 orcs were grinded…thus deed completed.

In Kin chat we discussed about Helm’s Deep crafting and equipment. Some players state “golden items” would become obsolete. I take a harder approach: it would take time to raid and get the best equipment, thus – for some time lvl.85 quipment would not drop in price. Same with crafting: one would have to grind tons of resources to get proficiency, then grind tons of items to get Guild experience.

There are still no reliable information about Champion class in Helm’s Deep. A pity, I do need this. However, there are more info about trait treets and looks like Turbine had done it wrong way (i.e. “max skill A to get access to skill B”).

And so the day has ended. I had 1294 Turbine points and some 20 Bounder tokens left.

Grumpy Angmar:revisited

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday November 6 2013 at 5:50AM
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Lord of the rings online

I have one re-make of a famous song: I’m a grumpy Dwarf – in a grumpy world…

Vytautaz left Evendim and went to Angmar. First settlement, should be no problems. Killing spiders, other animals, orcs, Angmarims – all went good. Rewards for quests were not that good, but it matters little. The problems began when I received forced fellowship quest in a starter area. Initially I was alone in that region (at least “fellowing” tab thought so). Later lvl.40 player appeared and disappeared. I was left alone.

Alone with horde of Angmarim crossbowmen, fighters, archers…and need to search all the town for 4 chests. Later I received 2 more hard forced fellowship quests. Dear Turbine, how am I supposed to make fellowship if there are 1 (me) or 2 players in that region and all chats (regional, advice, lff) are dead? My dear Turbine, maybe your employes should play Angmar/Moria solo?

Angmar is hard, depressing and very grumpy. It is impossible to play there and have fun, unless you are at least level 80. I dislike this region even more, when I have revisited it.

I decided not to surrender and went to kill Orcs – it’s a deed after all. It soon went too boring. My under-equipped toon was capable of fighting, but experience still sucked. Needed to kill 100 monsters to get to level 43…and I need at least 52 to adventure in Angmar. I could not level in Angmar (too hard for lvl.42), I could not level in Evendim (takes forever), I could not use Misty Mountains (evil Goblin town!).

Logged as NaktiesKarys:replenished my metal ingots, finishing Rich iron and for some reason mining Gold in green and nice Evendim. Purchased symbol oif celebrimbor from Hobbitses for 1000 bounder tokens. Otherwise there was nothing to do.

And so the day has ended, I have earned zero Turbine points. Day was just mediocre in Lotro (but common, maybe today it would be better).

Lotro:festivals, fun & TPs`

Posted by Lithuanian Monday November 4 2013 at 5:40AM
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Lord of the rings online

It was a looong weekend (starting November 1) and all the time was spent in Lotro.

WoneK worked hard. Finally, TPs were refunded, Turbine email was received quickier than expected: good job, Turbine. And then, Shire/Ered Luin has begun. My girl rode her horse, doing every quest she could do, grinding every TP she could. Wolves, spiders, goblins were slained, farms and sights of Shire were explored, Quick post was restored, 75 Hobbitses quests were completed, even Slugs were killed. Then there was Ered Luin: slaying of wolves, hendroval, spiders, goblins, brigands. Exploring Elf-ruins, Places of Dwarves, Rath Teraig and scouting Dourhands. Finally, there was a reputation run: mathom society and Men of Bree, all were finished. Then, she paid for house upkeep, bought 2 reputation items for 2 gold, replenished Rich and Eastemnet coal reserves…and now waits.

DunedanMule became Kindred with the Rangers of Esteldin, earning extra Turbine points.

NaktiesKarys was very active. He grinded reputation items, be it Mathoms or War Leashes. Angmar and Barrows, even Sarnur were farmed. Helped one player with weapons: he asked for lvl.40-50 ones and received them. One day took part in 3 skirmishes in a row: two Sambrogs runs (lvl.59) and one defense of Smials (lvl.59 too). Then, we had Sambrog run at level 85: was a bit hard, I spammed AoE attacks and was healed all the time. At its end, received some marks/seals and good lvl.85 jewellery. Also had a chance to craft some legendary weapons for kinnies. Finally, yesterday went to Enedwaith: was running low on Khazad iron + there was one unfinished deed. Iron was mined quickly, iron and steel ingots were produced…and then, there was a time to kill Wood trolls, 255 of them. Killing was quickly finished, 20 Turbine points was gained. Then, harvested Khazad copper, ancient iron.

Our Kinship had a Helloween party. We gathered outside Kin house – fireworks were lightining the sky, our musicians played all songs, starting from “May it be the evening star…”, there was a quiz, horse race and other great actiivities. Players from other Kinships joined our party too. In short – all was going very well.

And so the weekend has ended. I had 1269 Turbine points (a top record – 345 TPs in one day) and felt very satisfied. Life is excellent in Lotro.