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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Fun and fight:Istaria's weekend

Posted by Lithuanian Monday November 28 2011 at 1:55AM
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A nice weekend in Istaria - something I like in this game (and some critics too).

I have to obtain tier 5 armor, so all weekend hunted monsters. When they are killed, if they drop, it may be: trophy; sellable non-usable item; usable item. The usable item is for any stuff that uses special technologies. As armor uses different technolgies (Armor V, Health V, Dexterity V, Speed V...) - different components were required.

Sand crabs - level 94-96. Big, social...and unlike what I expected, highly evasive. Very good targets.

Peridot golems - lvl.91-95. Not so social, easy to kill, but greedy: components drop too rare.

Mithrill golems - lvl.91-95. Not so social. Expect normal fight, using buffs/heals. Too little of these golems, drops too rare.

Massive Yew treants - lvl.96-99. Always in company with evil Enraged Yew treants and Oastics. If lured outside this bad company - possible to kill. People say, "they drop tons of trophies".

I was very happy, when at lvl.94 I killed lvl.99 Massive Yew tree. Finally, I understood I am a big level player. It also made me smile when Player S. said: "YOU can be killed?". Yes, I can...but it means I am big one in the eyes of the others.

Some complaints: while I may imagine Sand Crabs to be evasive - can't imagine why Mithrill golems are so rare. I don't mind if they drop stuff rarely: if so, I just have to kill more and more. But it's not so good running around and almost praying to meet some monster. Developers could add more Mithrill golems, I think. I also almost dropped one quest, it was just too hard for me, despite help from one mighty Dragon (looks like I would need almost ten Dragons to help me...).

Levelled from lvl.94 to lvl.96. Unfortuntely (second complaint) could not use 60 trophies one player gave me. It turned on, some trophies are not usable, you can't exchange them into xp.

Was helping Player S. I am starting to like the way she plays. A true Dragon: always first into battlefield, always to test fight at its maximum. She knows group fighting with 2 golems are risky for her - and still fights two golems. She knows Dark Crawler spiders are very dangerous  and yet fights untill she can. Once she went to some island and could not get out. I asked one friendly big Dragon to help her. Well, they both were trapped and Player S. sacrificed her life in order for that big Dragon to survive. When she grows up, she would be an excellent fighter in any group. Yes, I help her both with crafting and fighting (as long as she asks for help.And she asks, not commands). If only Player A. was acting so - he would get all the help in Istaria. But he seems to enjoy commanding ("Come to town A. NOW!). Speeking on Player S. - I think she has a very bright future in Istaria.

Player B. - was happy to help her too. Had some trophies to spare (Fire Opal golems, Mithrill golems), so gave her. Since other players gave me away trophies - I have to help others with the trophies I don't need or may easily hunt for.  Also, hunted Fire Opal golems for Player B (was killed by the way, but it was a bad idea to fight 2 Fire opal golems lvl.91-93 having 50% of health and all healing spells used...).

Our guild have new plot in Bristugo, so dor some time dropped everything and helped with constructing. We cooperated with one mighty player so basic works on the plot were finished within one or two hours. Everyone rushed to help and that's the Istarian way - to help each other.

Weekend was exciting. I an growing, finishing some quests and thinking about levelling up my Cleric. Future plans? Very simple:

1) Grow up my crafting class to lvl.100

2) Start helping Player S. to grow and grow, be it crafting or fighting. And then just take her to hunts so that she may get free xp and hoardable items.