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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

One evening: 3 combat levels

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday November 24 2011 at 11:58PM
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An evening of Golems and fast levelling up.

First - was helping player S. with SIlver golems. Everything was ok fine, untill virtually a horde of Spiders attacked her. Player S., survived, but it was a very risky moment. She also defended me from 6(!) golems while I way away from keyboard. She's a true Dragon: if she sees enemie, she attacks, even if that means being attacked by 3 nearby monsters and going into risk. She would be great Dragon one day and I hope she will help little Dragons then...

And then - a long awaited levelling up.

Initially - hunted several Peridot golems. Then got some other business (like crafting new bow for lvl.5 player). Later heared one powerfull player went to hunt Ice wolves. Asked to join, received permission...and we strated. Gained little xp (that player's combat level is high). Asked for 5 trophies and for them received some 16.500 xp and 9 silver coins. Not bad. That player is very generous and very helpfull. Saved me once, when I was just a tiny character, helps me now.

At some moment, I left alone. Went again to my Peridot golems. Hunted, looted, ran from Emeral golems...and counted if I can make it to level 91. "Yes, we can", as one non-MMORPG player once said.

Exchange trophies into xp. 16500 xp, 9 silver. Level 91.

Exchange trophies into xp. some 200.000 xp, 11 silver. [repeated] Level 92.

Exchange trophies into xp. some 200.000 xp, 11 silver [repeated]. Level 93.

Excahnge trophies into xp. some 100.000 xp, 5 silver. Almost level 94 (some 150.000 xo lacking).

All 92 Opal golem trophies were used, thanks to one most friendly Dragon. Everyone in chat was excited how generous she was: it was she who took low-level healer to hunt dangerous Golems and I grew up just by casting healing spells. She gave me trophies, she gave me sellable items just to see my grow up. And now, thanks to her, I am very close to my target: level 100. Just 6,25 levels, some 7 million xp points... I also have to mention another player - Dragon too - who just gave me 60 other trophies, usable by levels 96-99.

And then I will try to do three things:

1. help any other lower-level player to advance. There would be almost no monster I should be afraid of;

2. collecting hundreds of trophies for my Cleric so that one day he may grow up just by trophies;

3. levelling up craft.

What I will have to do is to collect trophies of lower levels and just give them away to anyone who needs. When I am lvl.100, most monsters could do little harm for me and I can slain them easily.  Then, I would finally be able to travel to Eastern Deadlands, home of the most dangerous creatures, all of some lvl. 112-120 and hunt them down with other experienced players.

It was an excellent day in Istaria. Helping others, helped by others and realising this game is great for me. writes:
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