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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

"Niciest helping person"...

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday November 23 2011 at 12:41AM
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My advancement towards magic level 91 goes too slowly. Went to kill some Peridot golems, they have proven to be good targets. The only problem is, their cousins, lvl.99 Emeral golems are always nearby. And for some reasons - always like to interfere into my...private conversation...with Peridot golems.

Managed to kill two of them when was asked by Player S. to help. Player S. is a relatively young Dragon, she's doing some quests herself and sometimes asks to help in fighting monsters. We did some killing quests, basically "kill 20 monsters" type. It was a bit easier for her as I killed monsters, all she had to do was to loot and to tell me how many monsters we have to kill.

So, we went from one side of continent to another, killing everything and only in some cases I needed to heal her: Player S. fights good. She is just sometimes impatient and I had to remind her - "Please remember The Rule" (to run to me, not from me). But that is only natural for Dragon.

Later was approached by a player, who turned to be a character of Player E. Then she used - "I heared you are the niciest helping person...". While not the niciest (there are those whou would always throw away their own business and help newbie) one, but I think I am helping a bit. Player E asked to help with crafting, saying she need some 5000 sandstone spell shards. We tried, but it became clear that was inefficient.

Then we went to craft gems to Scorpion island. Player's E. skills are not too high, she is far from optimum, but still gem harvesting was better than sandstone. A bit of math:

sandstone: gather concrete slab, turn to brick (2:1 at best); gather bricks, produce spellshard (2:1 at best). My cargo disk contained 1050 concrete slabs, so 262 spellshards at their best.

gems (aquamarine, lapis lazuli, rose quartz): gather uncut gem, turn to cut gem (2:1 at best). My crago disk contained some 1750 uncut gems, so 875 at their best.

However, Player E. skills were not that high and she produced only at 4:1. So, she could produce some 437 from one my cargo disk. The only problem was that stones were dispersed and I had to travel a bit. But I made it, gave her full load of lapis lazuli gems, while she gathered some stones herself.

Player S. approached and politely asked if I could help her later with certain quests as well as if I could give some sandstone bricks. Unfortunately, it was a bit late, I had to go sleep at least for 6 hours, so promised to help her next day.

Player's E. crafting confirmed that even at low level skills, gems are still the best. They are easier to craft, they don't require additional materials and they give more xp per one cargo disk.When Player E. grows, she would have access to better gems that are not so dispersed.

Had to talk to Player A. He once again started - "add me to group plz". I explained I could not, because I helped Player S. and these were her quests, I was needed as a guard. Only after second or third attempt of explaining Plaer A. finally accepted my arguments.  Why can't he realise that yes means yes and no means no - remains a mistery.

I found to feel not so good to reject someone's ask for help, but if I helping one person, I can't help another one at the same time. Well, today I must gain some 600.000 xp points somehow (that's killing some 1000 monsters) and then - almost automatic advancement by at least 3,5 levels (lvl. 91 to 92; lvl.92 to 93; lvl.93 to lvl.94). Yes, I would have 2 long levels then...but that's not a too big problem. writes:
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