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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Weekend is Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Monday November 21 2011 at 2:00AM
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Almost entire weekend in Istaria full of adventures, levelling and some discussions.

Mostly had little time to level my own character in fighting or in crafting.  Searched for low level (lvl.21-25 and sometimes lvl.26-30) trophies. Some impressions:

Aquamarine golem (lvl.21): greedy one. May be slained for xp or some sellables/components only.

Slate golem (lvl.26): greedy one. May be slained for xp only

Leafy Oastic (lvl.26): good one. Often drops trophies, sellables, components.

Silver golem (lvl.21): medium one. Sometimes drop is good, sometimes no drop at all.

Skulk (lvl.21):excellent one. Drops trophies, hoard items (good for Dragons).

Initially provided some 21 trophies for one player, then - 21 lower level trophies for another. Once again had some fun slaining poor skulks.

Later had to explain how trophy hunting works in Istaria. One Dragon asked - so I told it was pretty simple. One just needs to locate trophy hunter (all listed in, then great and see what monsters trophy hunter wants to be killed (typically - "Go bag 5 [monster trophies]". Then one needs to obtain 5 trophies from monsters, great trophy hunter again and receive money with xp. If one reads wikia - it's pretty simple: kill enough monsters to get, say, 10 or 15 trophies, return to trophy hunter and exchange.

It worked. I got some trophies for that player, then she asked me to guide her to monsters. First attempt failed, I just picked a wrong way. Later we chose more safe way and paid a visit to Silver golems. The Player asked if she could attack golems, I agreed. Then she fought, I stood nearby and healed her. She was victorious many times, gathered all she wanted to and I hope she got some xp and money when she exchanged trophies to coins. She also asked about different resources in Istaria - seems like she is after some crafting.

Later was approached by Player E. This time my feelings are mixed. Player E asked if I could craft some Granite bricks, but I was busy with Silver golems. Later I heared this player was rude to others after they politely told they could not help right now. At the end of the Sunday I was asked to join private chat with Player E. as long as few other players. Most of us were fighting in dangerous Eastern Desert and Player E. asked to help with some crafting. I told I could not help, because I am in Eastern Desert and that I would be at Player's E disposal next day. Player E wrote "..." and left the chat.

Oh, and Player A. too - he learned word "please" (a progress...), but continues to beg for money instead of just trying to sell loot to get ones. Hm...

Unfrotunately enough, game lagged a bit - so both I and some of Dragons I helped, were disconnected from time to time.

I did some hunt: initially in Western desert was killing lvl.76 Fiyakis to get some crystals. Crystals may be placed in stuff or just used to get some xp. Later hunted some Fire ogres to obtain Journeyman Fine Warhammer formula. Well, while ogres had some formulas with them, they lacked this one - only stuff I would not need (except Ice Defense formula which I would need to be defended from Ice beetles and alike frost-users).  Finally, our leader arrived to make some epic hunt.

We went to Eastern Deadlands, home of the most dangerous creatures at combat levels >100. The biggest xp gained is there, the Master class (top one...) formulas are obtained there. There were not so many of us, but the hunt was great. We worked as an excellent team, helping each other, healing, covering up the one who was in trouble. Dragons looted hoard items, high-levelled players went for crystals (I just enjoyed xp).

It was there that I finally realised I am more in a group than just a medium-levelled healer with two spells. I managed to hit Fiyakis with some 600 hp value hits (sometimes they were only 6 hp worth), but I did it. I was able to heal others, although not as efficient as a Cleric. I also 'pulled up' monsters so that strong players would have less running and I made it. Yes, I was hit hardly (mobs are some 23 levels above me...), but I made it to the group and continued fighting.

At the end of the hunt I got killed...and my hunt was over. I gained many xp points and now am on halfway to Warrior level 90. One big hunt - and I am finally level 91, with new armor use and nerw trophies too.

I was happy to help others and as well as being helped. writes:
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