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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Running to help (others)

Posted by Lithuanian Friday November 18 2011 at 1:31AM
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An interesting day. Initially was thinking what to do.  Went to Clerics tower and some Scholar gave me a quest to visit a mystiv tomb and aquire 10 items from Risen tomb guards. As Caesar said, "I went, I saw, I slained". These lvl.40-41 skeletons were of little match to me, so these 10 items were aquired even without noticable health loss (well, and no xp). Returned and received some 17.000 epxerience points. Not bad. Another quest from the same Scholar would be a little more problematic: get 10 items from Enraged furies. Well, a bit later I would be able to start and finish this once.

Was helping "my" two dragons. Constructed some 600 sandstone spell shards for Player B. Just in case she begins to rise crafting level again. Also, gave her all trophies of her combat level - that would help her to level up faster.

Was helping another Dragon (let us say - Player E) too. We went to kill Cedar treants, he just had to run after me and collect trophies. So - he was able to finish the quest quickier than expected and obtain some abilities. I have also looted Skulk village, got some 20 trophies and gave it to her.

Yet another Dragon was escorted on her way to spooky Zombie killing field. There we had a good slaining of almost defenseless Zombies and Spiders. Group left impressed with mine Whirlwind ability: when there were many enemies around, I used whirlwind...and soon there were many corpses of enemies: whirlwind killed them all in one blow. Helped by another powerfull player - we soon ran out of the zombies/spiders. Just killed them faster than they could spawn.

At the end of the day managed to exchange some my trophies into xp. I have only 3 levels to the magic 91...and there I have about 100 trophies, which quickly will be turned into some 4 levels. Not bad.

Yet it was excellent to hear one phrase from Player E: "You guys are awesome!". I really am happy because he is enjoying the game and our company. It is good to see any player, satisfied with both the game and the help ehe had received. That's what I do love Istaria for.

Weekend would be a bit busy - will try to find some time to level myself. At least the higher my combat level is, the more powerfull I am - the easier it is to help others without taking any damage.