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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Fire and sandstone

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday November 17 2011 at 12:38AM
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Fighting and crafting day in Istaria.

Initially - tried to kill enemies of my own level (Peridot golems, Giant ice beetles). Was a bit hard, then one friendly player showed a safe place to hunt down enemies, and we hunted a little. Later, killed some Peridot golems myself.

Later, Player B -  Went with her to hunt down Marble golems, later one mighty player joined in and we ran again, killing golems, gathering their trophys and having no casualties. This hunt was a good one - I slained one golem after another, looting everything and  giving all the loot to Player B. Initially, golems were greedy on trophies, but later situation corrected. Player B managed to reach level 85 - so that soon the will be equal in combat level with me. While hunting, received 13 trophies of my own level enemies from that mighty player. Wow.

My own hunting was a  mixed one. Peridot golems are good, just I need to fight them alone. if they group against me - I have big trouble. Wolves are too social and maybe harder than golems of the same level. Ice beetles are a bit social too...but I will find solution to all this.

And finally, one young Dragon appeared in our chat asking for crafting help. As his Quarrying level is a bit low, mining is inefficient. I ran to help: my harvesting is efficient and my cargo disk is bigger. Therefore collected almost 1000 slate bricks for him. Later went to sandstone. Reason was very simple: in sandstone quarry there are tons of sandstone veins and all the needed structures are near.

Initially we finished with slate, then I managed to get another load of some 1300 sandstone bricks. Also met another character of Player B and gave her some 300 sandstone spellshards.

It was a good day. I helped others, was helped by others and had fun. I do like when any player says he/she is happy (because of quickly advancement) and I hope that this young Dragon managed to advance at least one level. And today if I meet him - I will help with that sandstone too, unless Player B calls for my help in her adventure quests.

One more happy days in Istaria.