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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Like a wind:hunting evening

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday November 16 2011 at 1:09AM
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A wonderfull evening in Istaria's world. Initially, was thinking about what to do - while our leader came to the game. He asked how much xp points do I need to advance to lvl.86 and what monsters do I have to hunt. Then, he, another might player, player B (later) and me went to pay a visit to the Marble golems. it was going pretty good, plenty trophies. I went to exchange trophies into xp and returned back as a lvl.86 Warrior.

And the fun was only to begin.

We went to Marble Boulder golems: bigger, meaner, harder to kill, and they hit harder. Our leader with that powerfull player ran like a wind through the battlefield, slaining every boulder golem, leaving it  and running to another. Soon, we were left without golems: too fast killing, too slow respawning. Sometimes I was running dangerously out of health - and then our 'tanks' just healed me with really powerfull hits (like 1000 hp within one heal).

I also fought, tried to do my best: hit as hard as I can, cast debuffs or simple heal our 'tanks' should their health be lower than 80%. I saw that I alone would have too hard time with these enemies. However, I was helped by powerfull players who sacrificed their time just to help me, asking nothing in return. Even more, our leader told me that when I advance to lvl.91, he will make a new armor for me. That was nore than I could expect, I was too shy to ask. He organized hunt for me, gave all loot to me...and then he makes new armor for me. Istaria is wonderfull in this way, I have to admit.

Thanks to the hunt and to big number of trophies (some 60) I managed to advance by two levels within one evening. When I grew up and Marble golems' trophies were no longer needed by me - I gave all trophies I found to Player B, she was some lvl.83 when we fought.

I do love gaming Istaria style: almost everyone helps everyone, be it crafting (like I did with Player's B character) or fighting (like it was with me) or free stuff (weapons, armor, spells...). Of course, when I would be "big big boy in a big big world" - I will run like a wind through any monsters too. I will heal anyone lower in combat status than me and give him/her all the loot I find. That may not be that fast (well,if every grand hunt gives me +2 levels, I need just some 5 grand hunts), but I will wait.

Yet another happy day in Istaria.