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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

excellent weeekend in Istaria (,little rp)

Posted by Lithuanian Monday November 14 2011 at 1:19AM
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It was an excellent weekend in Istaria - one to remember because of fun I had, because I enjoyed everything that was done.

I managed to grow up to lvl.85. Took one player to hunt in group. He was lower by lvl, but he was a Healer: therefore I strike down Golem, and my colleague heals me. I died one time, he died at least one time, but we hunted down a great number of golems, gathering many trophys and sellable items. Yes, we ran to monsters and every one of them was slain.

Later, one powerfull Dragon organized a group to Deadlands to hunt lvl.112 monsters (and the top level player can reach is 100).

This was an event: Dragons, roaming the sky and two humans standing on the evil ground, looking at the dark green sky and what was left from once green trees, now turned to some abominations. Soon, some monsters, calling themselves "Indestructable Fiyaki" attracted our Dragon. "Time to show you the Living races does rule Istaria" - thought Dragon and flew towards monsters. "Dragon!" - whispered Fiyaki - "We are Withered Aegis, our numbers are countless and this is our land. You shall be killed". Fiyaki wanted to add something, but was quickly killed by deadly Dragon strike. Other Fiyakis rushed in, seing that Dragon runs. Little did they knew that another mighty Dragon and biped as well as medium-levelled Warrior awaited them. Soon the sky was full lightinings from Dragons, strikes of Warhammers and other weapons and if anyone was wounded by enemy - others rushed to helped, sometimes at the costs of their lifes, to heal comrade at all costs. At some moments almost all group was left bleeding, their health being at some 20% - but still, combined Dragon and Human force prevailed. A will to live in a free Istaria, free from Withered Aegis, prevailed. Dead Fiyakis were everywhere and the hunting groups stood victorious, seeing hate and despair in the eyes of every monster.

Player  B - had much fun helping her. Initially - by providing with a medium amount of trophies and later, when she reached lvl.21 - decided to visit Forest Skulk village. Alas, I am a very bad negotiator...

It was a shiny day in the Forest Skulk village. Skulk gatherers were wandering around and their fellows hunters sharpened spears while observing how was fishing for Skulk Fishermen going. Aged Shaman stood before the Statue of the Old One - a statue made from the bones of the finest Skulk warriors so that everyone worship Old One by spilling blood of any traveller, be it Dragon or biped. Soon, a sound of metal was heared. "Who are thee?" - asked Shaman, seing Warrior approaching. "My name means nothing for I come from Bristugo and I am  Gifted warrior from Istaria". "What is that thee wants?" - asked Shaman. "Your amulets, please. One hundred, since you have them and they are of not use to you, but are needed by my friends". "Skulk not give thee da amulets, biped!" - shouted Shaman - "Leave or die you will!". "No need to fight" - told Warrior - "I need amulets only, not corpses". "Get that human!" - screamed Shaman, dispatching his best Hunters. Soon, one of the Hunters was dead killed with one blow, another lived two blows only, third one tried to defend himself, but in vain. "No need in unwanted fight" - told Warrior - "Please". "Thy death will be end to this fight" - whispered Shaman, attacking Warrior. One blow almost killed old Shaman, taking half of the Skulk's life, but magic energy allowed Skulk to live and soon he began casting magic curses on Warrior. The sky turned dark and magic rain felt on Warrior, slowly corroding his armor ...but the warrior did not notice it. "Who's next?" - asked he, looking at the horde of the skulks that was gathering outside village.  Soon, the fight was over. Warrior stood, victorious in the battlefield, with the amulets he came for. "Next time do not mess with the Living Races" - he told to the approaching Skulk.

In short: gathered about 100 Skulk trophy amulets (they differ in the name) for Player B and had fun while fighting Skulks. Later, went to hunt for other monsters, but they (monsters) were greedy, so managed to get only some 10 trophy amulets of each type - and was very satisfied to see Player B happy. That is when I feel strong: not when I am killing lower lvl. monster - but when I am helping someone and that person is happy. Then, I do feel strong.

I was also helped by one powerfull Human: she helped to me kill some evil Treants and gather 5 "Yew Saps". The reward was very high, all thanks for that player, because she covered me, she killed everything I needed and stayed in the battlefield as long as it was needed. Well, when I grew up to lvl.100, I will help anyone with that Treants too. I managed to die 2 times, but it was not a problem (maybe later would add some rp about that).

So -weekend was excellent. I grew up, helped others grow and did enjoy everything I did. Today a big hunt is promised so we would have great fun too.