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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Istaria:serious updates

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday November 30 2011 at 1:45AM
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New big (and I mean Big) update for Istaria.

  • Crafting before: mostly needed 2 metal ores to make 1 metal bar. Example: you needed Nickel and Cobalt to make Cobalt
  • Crafting after update: you need only one ore. Example: you need Cobalt to make CObalt. Nickel has been renamed to "Dark Iron" and is a source of Steel.
  • Results after update: rejoicement of crafters, many people are happy.

Combat also experienced some major improvements.

After update:

  • changed social behaviour of some monsters. Most of them are made NON social. My Oastics are no more social ones, which means lower level players may attack them with less risk to be killed. On the contrary, some Wolves were made social;
  • changed Dragon  rite of passage: now all monsters are "in different locations of the Northern desert";
  • Bloodmage adventure [combat] school has been changed to gain more positive revamps.

Some new quests introduced. Needless to say, Istaria offers big number of quests and now there are at least 11 more. Also, some improvements were made, like teleportation landing pads on several usefull locations (less running), NPC relocation. From what I read - all improvements would be usefull.

As it is big update, it took all last day, so I was unable to log in and check. Today, players are reporting problems with servers and asking developers to take some action. I believe, it would be corrected before I return from my work so I would be able to play my favourite Istaria.

I am looking forward to craft, craft and craft. As I am level 81 Weaponsmith, level 74 Miner - I need very little to achieve magic level 100 in at least  Weaponsmith school. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to report all my experiences in this blog.


Quest Questions

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday November 29 2011 at 1:33AM
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Finally went to nice-sounding place of Spiritous Swamps, home to Bloodskulks and Bloodsnouts. Bloodskulks are bad enough: fighting one-to-one is possible, fighting more than 1 may mean certain death. These deadly swamps also host Purple spiders and Bloodsnouts. Went to hunt the latter - I still need their drops as components. Was able to kill 2 bloodsnouts, gain one component...and was killed by third snout. That meant, I needed a break.

Asked some of the most experienced players about Imperial Army (Star wars fan, it is NOT what you mean) quest: Investigate the true purpose of the Kwellen Raiders. It turned out, I would have to fight some lvl.110 monster and later kill some epic monster. Result - deleted quest  (very helpfull Istarian option). It may be a quest after I gain lvl.100 as a Warrior and reach some lvl.94 as Cleric. I am indeed "talented" with picking too hard quests.

Went with Player S. to kill some Ruxus for trophies. Then, with her permission, went to kill Leafy Oastics. As I have said before: Ruxus sometimes are greedy, but they are easy targets (not social and very often drop something); oastics are very generous (almost everyone drops something), but very social. Gathered 30 trophies...and oops, Player S. was left alone, she went to fight with 2 monsters and got killed.

Later she told she need to go to Tainted Spirits. These are lvl.29 undead Dragons. I remember how easily they killed my lvl.71 Cleric, so was expecting a hard fight. But there was little fight, they managed to do little damage to me. The problem was Player S. Initially we grouped so that I could see her health. Later, she left group, I fought one Tainted Spirit...and did not make it to heal Player S. She died second time, this time I was to blame. A pity.

Results of a day: some components found. Today our leader promised to meet with me and maybe make some armor from the components that I gathered. All I need is to regain confidence in myself. I can kill almost any monster from lvl.1 to lvl.99 - I just have to believe in it.

Fun and fight:Istaria's weekend

Posted by Lithuanian Monday November 28 2011 at 1:55AM
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A nice weekend in Istaria - something I like in this game (and some critics too).

I have to obtain tier 5 armor, so all weekend hunted monsters. When they are killed, if they drop, it may be: trophy; sellable non-usable item; usable item. The usable item is for any stuff that uses special technologies. As armor uses different technolgies (Armor V, Health V, Dexterity V, Speed V...) - different components were required.

Sand crabs - level 94-96. Big, social...and unlike what I expected, highly evasive. Very good targets.

Peridot golems - lvl.91-95. Not so social, easy to kill, but greedy: components drop too rare.

Mithrill golems - lvl.91-95. Not so social. Expect normal fight, using buffs/heals. Too little of these golems, drops too rare.

Massive Yew treants - lvl.96-99. Always in company with evil Enraged Yew treants and Oastics. If lured outside this bad company - possible to kill. People say, "they drop tons of trophies".

I was very happy, when at lvl.94 I killed lvl.99 Massive Yew tree. Finally, I understood I am a big level player. It also made me smile when Player S. said: "YOU can be killed?". Yes, I can...but it means I am big one in the eyes of the others.

Some complaints: while I may imagine Sand Crabs to be evasive - can't imagine why Mithrill golems are so rare. I don't mind if they drop stuff rarely: if so, I just have to kill more and more. But it's not so good running around and almost praying to meet some monster. Developers could add more Mithrill golems, I think. I also almost dropped one quest, it was just too hard for me, despite help from one mighty Dragon (looks like I would need almost ten Dragons to help me...).

Levelled from lvl.94 to lvl.96. Unfortuntely (second complaint) could not use 60 trophies one player gave me. It turned on, some trophies are not usable, you can't exchange them into xp.

Was helping Player S. I am starting to like the way she plays. A true Dragon: always first into battlefield, always to test fight at its maximum. She knows group fighting with 2 golems are risky for her - and still fights two golems. She knows Dark Crawler spiders are very dangerous  and yet fights untill she can. Once she went to some island and could not get out. I asked one friendly big Dragon to help her. Well, they both were trapped and Player S. sacrificed her life in order for that big Dragon to survive. When she grows up, she would be an excellent fighter in any group. Yes, I help her both with crafting and fighting (as long as she asks for help.And she asks, not commands). If only Player A. was acting so - he would get all the help in Istaria. But he seems to enjoy commanding ("Come to town A. NOW!). Speeking on Player S. - I think she has a very bright future in Istaria.

Player B. - was happy to help her too. Had some trophies to spare (Fire Opal golems, Mithrill golems), so gave her. Since other players gave me away trophies - I have to help others with the trophies I don't need or may easily hunt for.  Also, hunted Fire Opal golems for Player B (was killed by the way, but it was a bad idea to fight 2 Fire opal golems lvl.91-93 having 50% of health and all healing spells used...).

Our guild have new plot in Bristugo, so dor some time dropped everything and helped with constructing. We cooperated with one mighty player so basic works on the plot were finished within one or two hours. Everyone rushed to help and that's the Istarian way - to help each other.

Weekend was exciting. I an growing, finishing some quests and thinking about levelling up my Cleric. Future plans? Very simple:

1) Grow up my crafting class to lvl.100

2) Start helping Player S. to grow and grow, be it crafting or fighting. And then just take her to hunts so that she may get free xp and hoardable items.

One evening: 3 combat levels

Posted by Lithuanian Friday November 25 2011 at 12:58AM
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An evening of Golems and fast levelling up.

First - was helping player S. with SIlver golems. Everything was ok fine, untill virtually a horde of Spiders attacked her. Player S., survived, but it was a very risky moment. She also defended me from 6(!) golems while I way away from keyboard. She's a true Dragon: if she sees enemie, she attacks, even if that means being attacked by 3 nearby monsters and going into risk. She would be great Dragon one day and I hope she will help little Dragons then...

And then - a long awaited levelling up.

Initially - hunted several Peridot golems. Then got some other business (like crafting new bow for lvl.5 player). Later heared one powerfull player went to hunt Ice wolves. Asked to join, received permission...and we strated. Gained little xp (that player's combat level is high). Asked for 5 trophies and for them received some 16.500 xp and 9 silver coins. Not bad. That player is very generous and very helpfull. Saved me once, when I was just a tiny character, helps me now.

At some moment, I left alone. Went again to my Peridot golems. Hunted, looted, ran from Emeral golems...and counted if I can make it to level 91. "Yes, we can", as one non-MMORPG player once said.

Exchange trophies into xp. 16500 xp, 9 silver. Level 91.

Exchange trophies into xp. some 200.000 xp, 11 silver. [repeated] Level 92.

Exchange trophies into xp. some 200.000 xp, 11 silver [repeated]. Level 93.

Excahnge trophies into xp. some 100.000 xp, 5 silver. Almost level 94 (some 150.000 xo lacking).

All 92 Opal golem trophies were used, thanks to one most friendly Dragon. Everyone in chat was excited how generous she was: it was she who took low-level healer to hunt dangerous Golems and I grew up just by casting healing spells. She gave me trophies, she gave me sellable items just to see my grow up. And now, thanks to her, I am very close to my target: level 100. Just 6,25 levels, some 7 million xp points... I also have to mention another player - Dragon too - who just gave me 60 other trophies, usable by levels 96-99.

And then I will try to do three things:

1. help any other lower-level player to advance. There would be almost no monster I should be afraid of;

2. collecting hundreds of trophies for my Cleric so that one day he may grow up just by trophies;

3. levelling up craft.

What I will have to do is to collect trophies of lower levels and just give them away to anyone who needs. When I am lvl.100, most monsters could do little harm for me and I can slain them easily.  Then, I would finally be able to travel to Eastern Deadlands, home of the most dangerous creatures, all of some lvl. 112-120 and hunt them down with other experienced players.

It was an excellent day in Istaria. Helping others, helped by others and realising this game is great for me.

Some crafting and re-configuring

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday November 24 2011 at 1:00AM
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I was planning some hunting, growing in xp, reaching magic lvl.91. Well, managed to kill several Peridot golems, although several times had to run from their Emerald cousins.

Player S. arrived and we went to craft gems. Gathered full disks of them, I collected one type of gems, she - another ones, when it was decided gems does not give her too much xp. Switched to...sandstone., I gathered sandstone slabs, produced sandstone bricks and left for her to produce spell shards. She then produced some spells (?) and gained much experience. In fact, she grew up by some 3 levels within one evening. Another powerfull player arrived and helped us too.

Had a talk wit our leader by Skype. What he told me - it meant I was waisting valuable training points. I was increasing several statuses, while I should I have been increasing only two, most usefull. As I have 10 level to advance - hopefully, will increase these two only.

We have also talked about armor and crafting. He dismisses my second class as Cleric (Healer is better!) and advices to use lighter armor, that is wearable by all classes. A hunt is planned for November 24, so I hope I would reach that magic level.

Player A. once again acts a bit annoying. Asks to join any group, even if there is no group. Explained him politely two times I had a group with Player S. and that I need to help her. Why can't he understand that "no" means "no"?

Later, I think I would be able to advance quicker by killing my own level monsters (preferrably Golems) and preparing tens of trophies for my lvl.71 Cleric. I need him to advance with trophies only. First advancement - to lvl.81 so that he could wear advanced armor. Second advancement - to lvl. 100, maybe with some fighting.

Then, I finally may be able to stand in the front lines of our epic hunts. So far I am still a supportive charcater: healing, or just inviting monsters to come to us (by casting some curse on them). When I will have top levels in two adventure schools, I could finally be of use to the Big Hunts. So, if everything goes ok, by today's evening I would be some level 94.

"Niciest helping person"...

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday November 23 2011 at 1:41AM
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My advancement towards magic level 91 goes too slowly. Went to kill some Peridot golems, they have proven to be good targets. The only problem is, their cousins, lvl.99 Emeral golems are always nearby. And for some reasons - always like to interfere into my...private conversation...with Peridot golems.

Managed to kill two of them when was asked by Player S. to help. Player S. is a relatively young Dragon, she's doing some quests herself and sometimes asks to help in fighting monsters. We did some killing quests, basically "kill 20 monsters" type. It was a bit easier for her as I killed monsters, all she had to do was to loot and to tell me how many monsters we have to kill.

So, we went from one side of continent to another, killing everything and only in some cases I needed to heal her: Player S. fights good. She is just sometimes impatient and I had to remind her - "Please remember The Rule" (to run to me, not from me). But that is only natural for Dragon.

Later was approached by a player, who turned to be a character of Player E. Then she used - "I heared you are the niciest helping person...". While not the niciest (there are those whou would always throw away their own business and help newbie) one, but I think I am helping a bit. Player E asked to help with crafting, saying she need some 5000 sandstone spell shards. We tried, but it became clear that was inefficient.

Then we went to craft gems to Scorpion island. Player's E. skills are not too high, she is far from optimum, but still gem harvesting was better than sandstone. A bit of math:

sandstone: gather concrete slab, turn to brick (2:1 at best); gather bricks, produce spellshard (2:1 at best). My cargo disk contained 1050 concrete slabs, so 262 spellshards at their best.

gems (aquamarine, lapis lazuli, rose quartz): gather uncut gem, turn to cut gem (2:1 at best). My crago disk contained some 1750 uncut gems, so 875 at their best.

However, Player E. skills were not that high and she produced only at 4:1. So, she could produce some 437 from one my cargo disk. The only problem was that stones were dispersed and I had to travel a bit. But I made it, gave her full load of lapis lazuli gems, while she gathered some stones herself.

Player S. approached and politely asked if I could help her later with certain quests as well as if I could give some sandstone bricks. Unfortunately, it was a bit late, I had to go sleep at least for 6 hours, so promised to help her next day.

Player's E. crafting confirmed that even at low level skills, gems are still the best. They are easier to craft, they don't require additional materials and they give more xp per one cargo disk.When Player E. grows, she would have access to better gems that are not so dispersed.

Had to talk to Player A. He once again started - "add me to group plz". I explained I could not, because I helped Player S. and these were her quests, I was needed as a guard. Only after second or third attempt of explaining Plaer A. finally accepted my arguments.  Why can't he realise that yes means yes and no means no - remains a mistery.

I found to feel not so good to reject someone's ask for help, but if I helping one person, I can't help another one at the same time. Well, today I must gain some 600.000 xp points somehow (that's killing some 1000 monsters) and then - almost automatic advancement by at least 3,5 levels (lvl. 91 to 92; lvl.92 to 93; lvl.93 to lvl.94). Yes, I would have 2 long levels then...but that's not a too big problem.

Dragons and fighting

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday November 22 2011 at 1:44AM
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There are some events in Istaria that no one should miss: Dragon's Rite of Passage (RoP). When new Dragon is born, he is called Hatchling and cannot fly. Later, when he meets certain requirements, he may complete several crafting and fighting quests. Fighting at this time is hard, sometimes experienced players should help with all their firepower. When all of this is complete, only one step is behind a Hatchling and an Adul Dragon.

Adult Rite of Passage.

Usually it is an event with big number of friends. Everyone stands and waits. And then, magic sentence appears: "[nickname] began using Philactery of Shadows".

The sky turns darker than night, several thunders cross the sky - and then, as if from Earth itself magic circle of light appears, looking like a whirlwind, almost blinding player's eyes. The light hides Dragon from everyone's eyes and this fiesta of light continues.

When it's over, light circle slowly disappears and instead of little Hatchling everyone sees newly born big Adult Dragon, capable of flying. He usually takes off and flies above his friends. I saw several RoP and every time it was like a miracle.

Yesterday Player E. ascended to Adults - although only I observed it. Once again, it was wonderfull, I felt joy because of Player's E advancement. No, he needs to go to level 90 (or is it level 100?) and achieve the highest RoP - Ancient one, becoming almighty Dragon that fears little in any battlefield.

Later helped one player with the same Silver golems. Had to remind her one rule - "If any troubles, please, run TO me, not FROM me. it's for your own safety". I am not sure if it was commanding. My argument is, that if she is near, I could attack monster and cover her; if she is far, I may not make it to her. And as a Warrior, I do not have Resurrection spell. Overall, had a good hunt: I killed every golem, she killed too and soon we ran out of Silver golems: they were spawning slowly enough. Then helped level 9-11 players to kill spiders. Once again, I felt good because I could heal others or simply exterminate large number of Spiders with one Whirlwind.

Then came to kill Peridot golems. They were kind enough to provide me with experience and trophies: reached Warrior level 90 and exchanged trophies into xp.

Took some quests. One was very interesting:a prisoner in Tazoon asked for some food. i went to NPC, she gave kebob, then I went to prisoner, he asked to deliver a letter to his father, his father wrote an answer and a reward I was given a letter to banker in Aughundell. Result: 25 silver coins, 17500 xp in adventuring and 17500 xp in crafting. Good quest ...

Second was a line of quests from Aughundell, a Gnome stronghold. Local Iron Guard noticed that Withered Aegis are gathering their forces, so actions are needed to disrupt another onslought. First task was supposed to be easy: some undead Lieutnant is rallying undead forces - locate encampments and the Lieutnant itself. Did it...and then new task: "Kill Lieutnant'. Oh well well: the Lieutnant is lvl.92 undead, his guards are strong undead. Had to ask for help and one of the best known Dragons came to me, killed everyone without experiencing any troubles. My quest was over, I received some 50.000 xp and some coins. Next task was about Satyr race: something was happening in the Satyr islands. I was supposed to talk to Satyr in Feladan (their refugee camp is there). He sent to recover one ancient Stone. Well well...stone was within lvl.97 ugly Crab. Once again, had to ask for help and another strong Dragon flew to me, killed Crab within few blows and the hunt was over.

I received two more quests, both requiring assistance, but these will wait. Today, after game maintance, I will try to hunt some monsters to reach level 91. And when I reach it,  I will quickly grow by at least 3 levels, using some 100 trophies, given to me earlier. Being strong enough, it would be little problem to complete this quest.

Overall, the day was good. I was advancing quickly, helping others, gaining knowledge about some monsters I never fought before.

Weekend is Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Monday November 21 2011 at 2:00AM
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Almost entire weekend in Istaria full of adventures, levelling and some discussions.

Mostly had little time to level my own character in fighting or in crafting.  Searched for low level (lvl.21-25 and sometimes lvl.26-30) trophies. Some impressions:

Aquamarine golem (lvl.21): greedy one. May be slained for xp or some sellables/components only.

Slate golem (lvl.26): greedy one. May be slained for xp only

Leafy Oastic (lvl.26): good one. Often drops trophies, sellables, components.

Silver golem (lvl.21): medium one. Sometimes drop is good, sometimes no drop at all.

Skulk (lvl.21):excellent one. Drops trophies, hoard items (good for Dragons).

Initially provided some 21 trophies for one player, then - 21 lower level trophies for another. Once again had some fun slaining poor skulks.

Later had to explain how trophy hunting works in Istaria. One Dragon asked - so I told it was pretty simple. One just needs to locate trophy hunter (all listed in, then great and see what monsters trophy hunter wants to be killed (typically - "Go bag 5 [monster trophies]". Then one needs to obtain 5 trophies from monsters, great trophy hunter again and receive money with xp. If one reads wikia - it's pretty simple: kill enough monsters to get, say, 10 or 15 trophies, return to trophy hunter and exchange.

It worked. I got some trophies for that player, then she asked me to guide her to monsters. First attempt failed, I just picked a wrong way. Later we chose more safe way and paid a visit to Silver golems. The Player asked if she could attack golems, I agreed. Then she fought, I stood nearby and healed her. She was victorious many times, gathered all she wanted to and I hope she got some xp and money when she exchanged trophies to coins. She also asked about different resources in Istaria - seems like she is after some crafting.

Later was approached by Player E. This time my feelings are mixed. Player E asked if I could craft some Granite bricks, but I was busy with Silver golems. Later I heared this player was rude to others after they politely told they could not help right now. At the end of the Sunday I was asked to join private chat with Player E. as long as few other players. Most of us were fighting in dangerous Eastern Desert and Player E. asked to help with some crafting. I told I could not help, because I am in Eastern Desert and that I would be at Player's E disposal next day. Player E wrote "..." and left the chat.

Oh, and Player A. too - he learned word "please" (a progress...), but continues to beg for money instead of just trying to sell loot to get ones. Hm...

Unfrotunately enough, game lagged a bit - so both I and some of Dragons I helped, were disconnected from time to time.

I did some hunt: initially in Western desert was killing lvl.76 Fiyakis to get some crystals. Crystals may be placed in stuff or just used to get some xp. Later hunted some Fire ogres to obtain Journeyman Fine Warhammer formula. Well, while ogres had some formulas with them, they lacked this one - only stuff I would not need (except Ice Defense formula which I would need to be defended from Ice beetles and alike frost-users).  Finally, our leader arrived to make some epic hunt.

We went to Eastern Deadlands, home of the most dangerous creatures at combat levels >100. The biggest xp gained is there, the Master class (top one...) formulas are obtained there. There were not so many of us, but the hunt was great. We worked as an excellent team, helping each other, healing, covering up the one who was in trouble. Dragons looted hoard items, high-levelled players went for crystals (I just enjoyed xp).

It was there that I finally realised I am more in a group than just a medium-levelled healer with two spells. I managed to hit Fiyakis with some 600 hp value hits (sometimes they were only 6 hp worth), but I did it. I was able to heal others, although not as efficient as a Cleric. I also 'pulled up' monsters so that strong players would have less running and I made it. Yes, I was hit hardly (mobs are some 23 levels above me...), but I made it to the group and continued fighting.

At the end of the hunt I got killed...and my hunt was over. I gained many xp points and now am on halfway to Warrior level 90. One big hunt - and I am finally level 91, with new armor use and nerw trophies too.

I was happy to help others and as well as being helped.

Running to help (others)

Posted by Lithuanian Friday November 18 2011 at 1:31AM
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An interesting day. Initially was thinking what to do.  Went to Clerics tower and some Scholar gave me a quest to visit a mystiv tomb and aquire 10 items from Risen tomb guards. As Caesar said, "I went, I saw, I slained". These lvl.40-41 skeletons were of little match to me, so these 10 items were aquired even without noticable health loss (well, and no xp). Returned and received some 17.000 epxerience points. Not bad. Another quest from the same Scholar would be a little more problematic: get 10 items from Enraged furies. Well, a bit later I would be able to start and finish this once.

Was helping "my" two dragons. Constructed some 600 sandstone spell shards for Player B. Just in case she begins to rise crafting level again. Also, gave her all trophies of her combat level - that would help her to level up faster.

Was helping another Dragon (let us say - Player E) too. We went to kill Cedar treants, he just had to run after me and collect trophies. So - he was able to finish the quest quickier than expected and obtain some abilities. I have also looted Skulk village, got some 20 trophies and gave it to her.

Yet another Dragon was escorted on her way to spooky Zombie killing field. There we had a good slaining of almost defenseless Zombies and Spiders. Group left impressed with mine Whirlwind ability: when there were many enemies around, I used whirlwind...and soon there were many corpses of enemies: whirlwind killed them all in one blow. Helped by another powerfull player - we soon ran out of the zombies/spiders. Just killed them faster than they could spawn.

At the end of the day managed to exchange some my trophies into xp. I have only 3 levels to the magic 91...and there I have about 100 trophies, which quickly will be turned into some 4 levels. Not bad.

Yet it was excellent to hear one phrase from Player E: "You guys are awesome!". I really am happy because he is enjoying the game and our company. It is good to see any player, satisfied with both the game and the help ehe had received. That's what I do love Istaria for.

Weekend would be a bit busy - will try to find some time to level myself. At least the higher my combat level is, the more powerfull I am - the easier it is to help others without taking any damage.

Fire and sandstone

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday November 17 2011 at 1:38AM
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Fighting and crafting day in Istaria.

Initially - tried to kill enemies of my own level (Peridot golems, Giant ice beetles). Was a bit hard, then one friendly player showed a safe place to hunt down enemies, and we hunted a little. Later, killed some Peridot golems myself.

Later, Player B -  Went with her to hunt down Marble golems, later one mighty player joined in and we ran again, killing golems, gathering their trophys and having no casualties. This hunt was a good one - I slained one golem after another, looting everything and  giving all the loot to Player B. Initially, golems were greedy on trophies, but later situation corrected. Player B managed to reach level 85 - so that soon the will be equal in combat level with me. While hunting, received 13 trophies of my own level enemies from that mighty player. Wow.

My own hunting was a  mixed one. Peridot golems are good, just I need to fight them alone. if they group against me - I have big trouble. Wolves are too social and maybe harder than golems of the same level. Ice beetles are a bit social too...but I will find solution to all this.

And finally, one young Dragon appeared in our chat asking for crafting help. As his Quarrying level is a bit low, mining is inefficient. I ran to help: my harvesting is efficient and my cargo disk is bigger. Therefore collected almost 1000 slate bricks for him. Later went to sandstone. Reason was very simple: in sandstone quarry there are tons of sandstone veins and all the needed structures are near.

Initially we finished with slate, then I managed to get another load of some 1300 sandstone bricks. Also met another character of Player B and gave her some 300 sandstone spellshards.

It was a good day. I helped others, was helped by others and had fun. I do like when any player says he/she is happy (because of quickly advancement) and I hope that this young Dragon managed to advance at least one level. And today if I meet him - I will help with that sandstone too, unless Player B calls for my help in her adventure quests.

One more happy days in Istaria.

Like a wind:hunting evening

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday November 16 2011 at 1:09AM
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A wonderfull evening in Istaria's world. Initially, was thinking about what to do - while our leader came to the game. He asked how much xp points do I need to advance to lvl.86 and what monsters do I have to hunt. Then, he, another might player, player B (later) and me went to pay a visit to the Marble golems. it was going pretty good, plenty trophies. I went to exchange trophies into xp and returned back as a lvl.86 Warrior.

And the fun was only to begin.

We went to Marble Boulder golems: bigger, meaner, harder to kill, and they hit harder. Our leader with that powerfull player ran like a wind through the battlefield, slaining every boulder golem, leaving it  and running to another. Soon, we were left without golems: too fast killing, too slow respawning. Sometimes I was running dangerously out of health - and then our 'tanks' just healed me with really powerfull hits (like 1000 hp within one heal).

I also fought, tried to do my best: hit as hard as I can, cast debuffs or simple heal our 'tanks' should their health be lower than 80%. I saw that I alone would have too hard time with these enemies. However, I was helped by powerfull players who sacrificed their time just to help me, asking nothing in return. Even more, our leader told me that when I advance to lvl.91, he will make a new armor for me. That was nore than I could expect, I was too shy to ask. He organized hunt for me, gave all loot to me...and then he makes new armor for me. Istaria is wonderfull in this way, I have to admit.

Thanks to the hunt and to big number of trophies (some 60) I managed to advance by two levels within one evening. When I grew up and Marble golems' trophies were no longer needed by me - I gave all trophies I found to Player B, she was some lvl.83 when we fought.

I do love gaming Istaria style: almost everyone helps everyone, be it crafting (like I did with Player's B character) or fighting (like it was with me) or free stuff (weapons, armor, spells...). Of course, when I would be "big big boy in a big big world" - I will run like a wind through any monsters too. I will heal anyone lower in combat status than me and give him/her all the loot I find. That may not be that fast (well,if every grand hunt gives me +2 levels, I need just some 5 grand hunts), but I will wait.

Yet another happy day in Istaria.

Cloning, crying, grouping:how to talk to player?

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday November 15 2011 at 1:38AM
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Once again player A (I suppose he has at least 3 additional characters. While it is pretty legal for a 'pay to play' players, I still call it clones).

I was helping Player's B new character - mostly a crafter Dragon. First of all, gathered about 40 crystals for her. Crystals do good job when you are not very big: consuming crystal gives additional xp to adventure and craft (example: +250 to Adventure, +250 to Craft), so using them may be of some help. Also gathered many hoard items - and hoard is important for Dragons, since some of their most powerfull attacks (Silver Rage, Golden Rage) draws powers from Dragon hoard directly.

Later we went to help Player's B new character in crafting. It was something spectacular: one experienced player, me - both with cargo disks that allow carry big quantities of any material - gather Sandstone, later both running to produce Sand bricks and from them - Spell shards. All is given is to Player B so that she advances quicker.

And then Player A. I noticed players, whose name was like "Horrible, Teeth and Claw". It was a biot weird to adress him in the chat "Horrible", so I used "HTeeth". He went to me to kill lvl.6-7 maggots for crystals and started with "I want the crystals". I explained that he can kill as much maggots as he wants and take all the drops from them that he wants. Later he asked to add him into group - this effort failed, group invite system probably did not liked punctuation mark. Then he told he would change his nick to something easier. He came as one player that became inactive long ago and used to command as well.

He hunted maggots with me: I did not spoil him the hunt, trying to leave him in 'his' killing field and find 'mine'. When I saw his health was dropping - healed him several times. Later we went to craft sandstone. Player A at once asked to add him to crafting group which made no sense. In istaria, if there is crafting group, its members do not gain single xp point for crafting together. First I tried to explain to Player A the field was a bit dangerous: many 6-7 lvl. Sandstone golems as well as lvl.11 Bronze golems around. Player A is level 11 Dragon, so I explained him that if he is attacken with golem group, he may be killed within a minute. Everything was good, when he started to command again. The I interfered:

-Player A, you forgot one nice word.

-What [word]?


He started to use word "please" more often - at least some progress, I thought.When I explained him I had to go for a serious hunt for lvl.110 monsters (lvl.11 Player A: I am coming to help) and that it was too dangerous for him to come - he agreed too without "I am sad" like phrases.

But then...his new command. He told he was going (maybe away from keyboard or to some different location) and that Player B  "do not level up without me". Now that's was a command: do not level up untill I come? That has nothing to do with Player A: if I am in group and I level up, it does not affect other group members. When he returned and saw Player B levelled up, he told he was sad and homeless.  It was despite one experienced player went to him to hunt some lvl.7-10 Skeletons and aid him to grow.

I am not against Player A, I would help when I can - but I do not like commanding style. He still needs to understand that there is some difference between "give me the crystal" and "could you give me the crystal?", between "I need 2 silver coins to buy new formula, hand money to me" and "Can u give me 2 silver coins to buy new formula, please?". He was reminded about commanding style again (not by me).

Once again I am asking myself: how can help Player A who seems (and I emphasise word seems) to completely rely on others? How can I talk to person who likes to command? Exclude him, ignore him - but it is not a wise decision, he's not rude person nor scammer.  I do understand the world may seem difficult to new player and everyone should help each other, that's without question. I myself was helped many times by others who sacrificed their time to help me defeat some monsters or finish some quests and I am still helped by others. But I manage to find easy enemies: ones that are relatively easy to kill and that drops trophies. Is it not possible for Player A to do so? I don't know.

It looks like Player A wants everyone to help him with almost anything, be it crafting or battle. What to do with him?

excellent weeekend in Istaria (,little rp)

Posted by Lithuanian Monday November 14 2011 at 2:19AM
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It was an excellent weekend in Istaria - one to remember because of fun I had, because I enjoyed everything that was done.

I managed to grow up to lvl.85. Took one player to hunt in group. He was lower by lvl, but he was a Healer: therefore I strike down Golem, and my colleague heals me. I died one time, he died at least one time, but we hunted down a great number of golems, gathering many trophys and sellable items. Yes, we ran to monsters and every one of them was slain.

Later, one powerfull Dragon organized a group to Deadlands to hunt lvl.112 monsters (and the top level player can reach is 100).

This was an event: Dragons, roaming the sky and two humans standing on the evil ground, looking at the dark green sky and what was left from once green trees, now turned to some abominations. Soon, some monsters, calling themselves "Indestructable Fiyaki" attracted our Dragon. "Time to show you the Living races does rule Istaria" - thought Dragon and flew towards monsters. "Dragon!" - whispered Fiyaki - "We are Withered Aegis, our numbers are countless and this is our land. You shall be killed". Fiyaki wanted to add something, but was quickly killed by deadly Dragon strike. Other Fiyakis rushed in, seing that Dragon runs. Little did they knew that another mighty Dragon and biped as well as medium-levelled Warrior awaited them. Soon the sky was full lightinings from Dragons, strikes of Warhammers and other weapons and if anyone was wounded by enemy - others rushed to helped, sometimes at the costs of their lifes, to heal comrade at all costs. At some moments almost all group was left bleeding, their health being at some 20% - but still, combined Dragon and Human force prevailed. A will to live in a free Istaria, free from Withered Aegis, prevailed. Dead Fiyakis were everywhere and the hunting groups stood victorious, seeing hate and despair in the eyes of every monster.

Player  B - had much fun helping her. Initially - by providing with a medium amount of trophies and later, when she reached lvl.21 - decided to visit Forest Skulk village. Alas, I am a very bad negotiator...

It was a shiny day in the Forest Skulk village. Skulk gatherers were wandering around and their fellows hunters sharpened spears while observing how was fishing for Skulk Fishermen going. Aged Shaman stood before the Statue of the Old One - a statue made from the bones of the finest Skulk warriors so that everyone worship Old One by spilling blood of any traveller, be it Dragon or biped. Soon, a sound of metal was heared. "Who are thee?" - asked Shaman, seing Warrior approaching. "My name means nothing for I come from Bristugo and I am  Gifted warrior from Istaria". "What is that thee wants?" - asked Shaman. "Your amulets, please. One hundred, since you have them and they are of not use to you, but are needed by my friends". "Skulk not give thee da amulets, biped!" - shouted Shaman - "Leave or die you will!". "No need to fight" - told Warrior - "I need amulets only, not corpses". "Get that human!" - screamed Shaman, dispatching his best Hunters. Soon, one of the Hunters was dead killed with one blow, another lived two blows only, third one tried to defend himself, but in vain. "No need in unwanted fight" - told Warrior - "Please". "Thy death will be end to this fight" - whispered Shaman, attacking Warrior. One blow almost killed old Shaman, taking half of the Skulk's life, but magic energy allowed Skulk to live and soon he began casting magic curses on Warrior. The sky turned dark and magic rain felt on Warrior, slowly corroding his armor ...but the warrior did not notice it. "Who's next?" - asked he, looking at the horde of the skulks that was gathering outside village.  Soon, the fight was over. Warrior stood, victorious in the battlefield, with the amulets he came for. "Next time do not mess with the Living Races" - he told to the approaching Skulk.

In short: gathered about 100 Skulk trophy amulets (they differ in the name) for Player B and had fun while fighting Skulks. Later, went to hunt for other monsters, but they (monsters) were greedy, so managed to get only some 10 trophy amulets of each type - and was very satisfied to see Player B happy. That is when I feel strong: not when I am killing lower lvl. monster - but when I am helping someone and that person is happy. Then, I do feel strong.

I was also helped by one powerfull Human: she helped to me kill some evil Treants and gather 5 "Yew Saps". The reward was very high, all thanks for that player, because she covered me, she killed everything I needed and stayed in the battlefield as long as it was needed. Well, when I grew up to lvl.100, I will help anyone with that Treants too. I managed to die 2 times, but it was not a problem (maybe later would add some rp about that).

So -weekend was excellent. I grew up, helped others grow and did enjoy everything I did. Today a big hunt is promised so we would have great fun too.

Hunting again:questions about grinding

Posted by Lithuanian Friday November 11 2011 at 1:12AM
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Hunting day and some thoughts about it.

Player B is growing and growing and growing, it takes her 3 days to reach a new level. Earlier it was easy for me to help her, because I could still have a chance to fight against enemies. Now, when she reached my own level - it is becoming hard.

Tried some Blood SKulk village. Skulks in Istaria are a bit deformed human-like creatures, hostile to anyone and they do love attacking in groups. Blood skulks (some 84-87 lvl.) are dangerous, our Wiki describes that group fighting is certain death. I managed to kill some of them (3 or 4), picking one by one...but no trophies. Later, Player B flew up to me and she thought she would be able to fight with a group of skulks. I was killed immediately (few stuns, some hits - and fresh death point), she managed to call for her friend and kill some skulks.

Then Player B disconnected, I went to hunt my Marble golems, employing new tactic and having hard times with finding trophies. Fighting alone means you get more experience points, but levelling is too slow. Now, I do need some 400.000 xp points to next level. Killing one monster is approximately 5000 (one may be 4000, another - 6000)  points. So - 80 monsters to kill for one level and I have entire 3 levels to grow. So - 480 monsters to kill. Ok, some points will be obtained through trophies: only 400 monsters to kill.

This got me a bit sad. At some levels game offers too little enemies (like lvl.81-85) and most of them are too hard for starting levels. Later player is compensated for that, being offered at least 2 types of Golems (my favourite monsters) and/or Bees (they are possible to fight too). Player B has some friendly Player to aid her ("I will gather these trophies for Player B") and I even failed to find anyone to group with (while group hunting is much  much faster way to advance).

Player A once again used same ways of commanding and did not respond. I will always help any new player, but won't comply with orders (unless in group hunting I, as less experienced, am told what to do).

But - it may be just a temporaily mood. Istaria has so much to offer, maybe all that one needs is to see something except level number...

Superb hunting and still Player A

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday November 10 2011 at 1:26AM
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Yesterday was an excellent day. I do have good time while playing Istaria, there is much to do: fight, harvest or just observe how times of the day changes from the highest mountain in the continent...

But it was a day of good hunt. Player B arrived, we went to kill Fire ogres. It was initially "hit and run" tactic: I hit with a spell, Ogre runs to me, then Player B and I attack ogre, I loot trophies and later give all trophies to Player B. Later, another player, a very good healer, arrived. At this moment got killed one time, recalled home to Bristugo and teleported into battlefield again.

Soon we went to kill Jade golems, the reason being that there are more golems at one time and they do not have their bodyguards (Pygmies serve as bodyguards of Ogres). It was nice, Jade golems are known of being not greedy, we worked as a team and managed to get many trophies, Player B flew to local Town Marshall to exchange trophies into xp from time to time.

And then the most fun part came: Lava golems. They proved to be the best - always giving good xp, 90% of them dropping at least 1 trophy; downside - they do gather in groups and this can be problematic. Was killed the second time, fortunately enough got resurrected and continued my fighting. This part was the best one. Having one high-levelled healing Druid, we hunted down every golem, sometimes fighting groups of them. Of course, it proved challenging for me, few times I had to run in order to stay alive - but I still fought, gathering trophies and giving all of them to Player B. We ran like a wind through melted, hot lands of Dralk, town of the Dragons and no Lava golem escaped our hits. We worked as a perfect team, supporting each other with both firepower, healings or buffs. There I managed to grow up to level 83 and Player B reached level 81, so that Lava golem trophies became obsolete for her.

I was very satisfied from this hunt. While Player B was out, we hunted trophies, so that she would get as much as possible. We healed each others, we just had fun. And this is what any quality group hunting is: great fun (looks like people start calling golems "noobs" like I do, therefore "Jade noob", "Lava noob"...), great experience. Now, Player B can hunt monsters of the same level as I can and we will fight side by side as it should be in Istaria.

Player A was in the chat, asking everyone to help and still upset that no one came. One time after his almost typical command, I asked: "Player A, is it command or question?", the answer being - "Question". He asked to join the group, but I refused. He is level 21, monsters are at some level 78. I explained him, that I, at 4 times higher level, with better armor, weapons and spells - got killed, so this adventure may be too dangerous for him. The answer - "ok".  Later Player A explained he need help in growing to level 30 and then - looks like he won't need guidance. What's so magic in level 30 both in Human and Dragon races - can't remember.

Overlal - the day was good one and I am waiting for today's hunting.

Helping (2) Dragons

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday November 9 2011 at 3:30AM
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The world is changing (at least a little). But first of all - thanks to all who comment my blog, I really appreciate their advice.

Yesterday's situation: me, Player A (Dragon) and Player B (Dragon). I was in team both with A and B is experienced, more polite, not commanding Dragon. Both A and B ask if I can group hunt with them: A needs some more treant sapplings, B needs some more Fire Ogres.

Teamed up with B. And then Player A starts saying that it is unfair. Unfair -what? I cannot split into 3 characters: one teaming with A,  one teaming with B and one - levelling up himself. Reply from A - "Still unfair". Later, Player A returned with his another personage and told that "I have changed my behaviour". Good to hear, I hope this promise will be kept...

Group hunting with B was one big pleasure: B hunts (being Dragon, she is stronger than me although her level is lower), I aid in hunting and healing. All trophies goes to B, since she needs trophy coins and hoard items. In Istaria, Dragons can use their hoards to make super strong attacks capable of killing mob within first hit - so Dragon always needs something to hoard and Ogres are kind enough to supply with such items. We fought and fought, me being sometimes almost killed by Ogre and Pygmy forces, but healed by my comrades. No one died during this hunt, no one needed to teleport back and there was a big fun.

Will I be helping Player A? First I need to help Player B witht that Fire Ogres; then - as people there adviced - I need Player A to be asking, not commanding. And maybe I will tell Player A to listen to what I say. If I say "Do not attack Masive Elm treants or Enraged Elm treants" - that means it is dangerous for him at his combat level to attack, even with my help. Yes, he needs experience, but with me by his side (I being lvl.82 Warrior, he - some lvl.20 Dragon) he won't get much case he gets anything.

The day in istaria was interesting and I am waiting for what would happen today, when after work I will return to my favourite Istaria:Chronicles of the Gifted.

new players:to help or not to help?

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday November 8 2011 at 1:55AM
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Was playing Istaria for some 2 days: solo hunting, group hunting, helping others. The main question was about new players that ask for help. It is natural to help someone with almost anything, be it resources or trophies or just guidance.

The question is:where are the limits between new player commanding older one and asking for help? Situation: yesterday was seeking for lvl.92 Enranged wisp, wandering in the forests near Last Stand settlement. Some angry Forest Oastic showed up, attack and I merely escaped being unprepared to fight someone higher by 10 levels.

While wandering in the forests, player (let's call him player A) shows up in the chat.

A: Nakties, come to Kion to help me.

me: I am busy at the moment.

A: which temple are you attuned to?

me: Bristugo

A: recall then [explains he need to kill 20 elm sapplings near Bristugo]

Was this an asking to help or commanding to help? It's no problem to help other, be it 20 sapplings of elm (level 26-30) or 20 Nickel golems (level 41). it's no problem to get 20 trophies. It's about commanding someone and asking someone. I am not mentioning English word "please". Later he went into fighting with ~lvl.25 monsters, even group fighting - and told me before "Nakties, you just heal, not fight". Result: he died at least 2 times, just because my healing spells must "cool down" and while they are cooling down, I cannot use them. I saw he was in danger, but since he asked/commanded just to heal...

Later in the chat he asked in the same way ("Player B, you help me") almost anyone. Some players were busy with their own fighting or gathering resources. Some player told frankly: Player A, I do not like your manner [of asking help]. Result: Player A told he lost his friends, he is sad, because (almost anyone) is against him and he would go to the most dangerous Deadland. I explained I need to level myself and that I was helping another (lvl.70) player - therefore, with player's A kind permission, I could not divide into 3 characters.

I had a mixed feelings about this. Asking for help is normal. Being a newbie and therefore being impatient is normal too. However, the manner of asking - is questionable, at least for me. Should I help him at any costs or should I explain about English word "please" and that I may sometimes wish to hunt solo or help other players?

Don't know. Maybe someone wishes to share thoughts? Comments are highly appreciated.

Discovering / helping

Posted by Lithuanian Saturday November 5 2011 at 1:50AM
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Finally paid visit to Marble golems: lvl.81-85 trophy objects.  As usually, people in chat were helpfull to find monsters.

Strangely enough, Marble golems have little good qualities of their Jade cousins. Jade golems may hurt, but when killed they often drop trophies. Marble golems drop trophies too rarely. Jade golems always drop some other stuff that is priced - Marble does not.

First fight was difficult one: Golem hit me at some 200 or even 300 points. As it may happen with monsters - if you come too close to another peacefully wandering monster, he may join the fight.  Initially it was not a big problem: fought in group with one multiclassed lvl.70 player, so he supported with healing spells or attacked, sometimes inflicting damage greater tha I could. Being formally at ione klevel with the monster, I managed to inflict less damage than usually.  Overall, it was a good group and we could have fight without end, slaining one Marble golem after another.

Later joined a group with one Dragon searching for (the same) alcohol golem bottle caps. Once again we were in the battlefield between Ale, Meadow golems and some Tipsy Ghosts. SInce all these monsters were lvl.37, initially it was not a problem. Later, when we began group fighting, sometimes with 4 or 5 enemies at the same time - problems began. I have only  2 healing spells, so have to heal Dragon and -sometimes- myself. Sometimes it was very hard, but still, after half of day fight - finally the last cap and Dragon completed his quest, getting reward botyh in game currency and experience points.

For the end, after exchanging Marble golem trophies to 122.000 xp points - helped one new player with his quest. Once again I returned to my "town of youth", ran by the fields and plains I once used to - and killed almost every monster with one hit. Also constructed some weapons for that player, so he won't use lower quality Training or Refurbished.

Overall, day was good. Today I won't be playing (leaving to visit my parents), maybe will visit my Marble golems at Sunday.

Fighting evening:jade and fun

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday November 3 2011 at 4:12PM
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A short evening: fighting, having some fun and levelling up.

I was at some 50% to level 81, so decided to have some fight: kill monsters, gather trophies and exchange them into xp.

Note: in Istaria, monsters may drop a coin-like item, called trophy.

When player gets 5 trophies, he may exchange them to xp points

at local Trophy Hunter. After this task is done 5 times, reward

is lowered by 50%

It was my favourite Jade golems: big greenish creatures, guarding Jade gem field near Morathaven. Golems are of 76-79 combat levels, their leader - level 83 named golem Zienad is lvl.83. As all higher tier golems, they like to cast some Bleed spells (so that it would take your health slowly), call some friends to help or simply cast Earthquakes (which is natural seing that monster is almost 2-3 higher than me). Fight proved to be normal one...untill I decided to be a hero and engaged in fight with some 5 golems. Nothing helped: my comrade, with whom we formed a group; all healing spells by him, all healing spells by me, all special combat combos. I managed to kill some 2 golems, wound others, but was killed.

As I have written - death is not a problem in Istaria. Player is automatically resurrected to his town - so did I. As I had 1 death penalty (-10% to all combat status, if I recall) - had to eat some food in tavern. It is another interesting thing in Istaria: each potion heals wounds so that death point fades quicker.

Lucky for me, Jade golems dropped trophy tokens, soon I had 10 of them - and voila to the town, where I could exchang: Kirasanct. Local Trophy hunter exchanged 10 tokens to some 100.000 xp points - and I finally have reached level 81.

Yes, I fought in a group with one comrade. I found such hunts to be very impressive. We deviced a very simple strategy: I fight, he supports me with healing spells and if he is sure - with attacks. If I see he is under attack - I may help with my healing spells or cover him from attacking monster. This tactic worked. Later, went to group with one Dragon - had to hunt alcohol Golems and search for their trophies - no wonder - bottle caps. It was fun, because monsters were at lvl.37 and I at lvl.81. Fighting one to one or one to three was not too hard: Dragon's firepower is big, my healing spells may heal up to 500 points at one time and my own abilities as Warrior include casting Whirlwind or summoning Heroism (double strikes, increases defense for a short time). Once again - to the Tavern, eat food and back to the battlefield. Once again, it was fun for me.

Note : in Istaria, Taverns are filled by player-made food.

If you are Confectioner, just make food, bring to Tavern

and local keeper will sell your goodies for a small fee. So, buying not

only decreases death points, but also encourages other players to craft.

I was also glad I helped someone: be it just helping player to grow up or just hunting for some rare drops. If I can heal someone or lure away monsters from my comrade - I do feel good. That's how Istaria worlds functions: if one needs some help, he/she  will find it. When I was an inexperienced young plaqyer, I was helped a lot: first armor was almost donated, now I am given new quality armor (just asked to return should I no longer need it), people always tell me about locations of  resources/monsters - I do need to repay the world of Istaria with the same attitude. Be helpfull to others, provide them with maximum support  so that they can grow faster and have more fun.

This day was good. Had to quit rather early due to the needs to stay in the real world...

Hello, world:introduction

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday November 3 2011 at 7:33AM
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Hello, world!

This blog would be a report of one person's adventures in the vast world of Istaria:Pax Istaria. First, let me introduce myself.

Nick in the game: Nakties Karys (Night Warrior, if translated to English). Race:Human. City: Bristugo. Adventure classes: Warrior lvl.80, Cleric lvl.71, Berserker level 40. Crafting classes: Weaponsmith lvl.81, Miner lvl.74, Blacksmith lvl.40 (and few others like Gatherer that are below 10). Type of play: free-to-play. Guild: Universal Warriors. Game shard: Order.

I am a rather new player in the game. Initially (noobs alays make mistakes:they take action before reading some manuals) tried to be "lone wolf", but it no the best option in a world of Istaria. Soon, I was accepted to Universal Soldiers and helped by them a lot. Now, when I am on my way to top level (100 is supposed to be top one) I found myself helping others to gather materials or to kill particular monster: something, I am starting to be proud of. I think my life is worth of anything if I can be of any help to others. Therefore I had two very bright moments. First was there, in comment to my review on Istaria: one player wrote my text explained a lot; second was when one Dragon promised he would help every new Dragon when he grows up.

My tactic in a game is sometimes described as "power levelling" and may be critised: kill monsters, gain as much trophies as I can, exchange trophies to experience poins. Such tactic lets me grow fast, but leaves little space for wandering around.  Currently I am enjoying benefits Istaria's multiclassing offers to me: my Cleric gives me more health and better healing abilities and my warrior provides enough points to wear the heaviest armor and use of almost any non-magical weapon.

In this blog I would try to describe my adventures: what I did, how it went, what have I achieved and so on. Hope it would be of any interest to the community...