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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lord of the rings online: alone

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday October 11 2018 at 4:09AM
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Lord of the rings online

A weird feeling: an Update I have been waiting for. Excited. Lands of my favourite Dwarves, their history, their proud and nice folk, new quests to do, new  monsters to kill, new deeds to complete and hey, I am smart, i collected Black keys to open those new boxes, yay!

Then news began to appear. Excitement vained. New crafting tier (another senseless grind). Only ~100 "quests and deeds" (i guess maximum 100 Lotro points to earn), but hey - quest packs goes around 700-800 Lotro points...

News again and again, each time darker and darker. Untill the very last day - holding, trying to find optimism, even if I had to force myself.

And now Update 23. Only negative news that makes life harder and lacking any sense. Before any fanboy tries to oppose hard data: all this taken form official announcement.

Masteries nerfed twice.

Enemies are harder to kill.

Some stuff became harder to master.

All keys vanished, no chance to get them in game.

No NPC vendors "for 2 or 3 weeks".

All Gorgoroth instances: drop of Anfalas  crystals/scrolls removed. Left only for tier 2 challenge.

New quest pack price: 2000 Lotro points. I.e. - it would pay off after 21st toon (imagine 21 capped toons...).

Healing classes heals are reported by players to have been nerfed

Loremaster pets' health is reported to been nerfed.

Local tokens are capped at 400. Got more - trash them on such cosmetic half-owl.


In short - new region, you are helpless again monsters, because they have 100% masteries, have maximum 50%. If you get some embers - feel free to do whatever you want, items are hidden behind reputation, level, even could be - content. Newbies, feel free to die often and should Minstrel be of any use - befriend one to resurrect you.

To make things more interesting: quest pack comes with obligatory raid. I don't need any raid at all, I never raid, my PC always lags, loot is always bad and I typically am of little use (because elites do all the job and i just got killed). And "crafting instances". What if I do not need any instance and never needed one post Lothlorien?

So, new toon that arrives to new lands: is in already outdated equipment, cannot get normal equipment, cannot earn enough motes/embers, even if earns, cannot barter anything, has skills nerfed at least twice and cannot run Court of Seregost to earn crystals. For SSG fanboys: if essence in new lands is only 2500 embers and if trashbox drops 30 ash: I need some 84 trashboxes, i.e. 84 keys, each 200 Lotro points. That's 16.800 Lotro points for only one essence. Imagine, I have no keys and have to barter them and buy Lotro points:

5000 points is 50$ in Lotro market. We already have 150$ + 2500 goes for 30$. 180$ each essence plus some grind from our side.

Ten essences - 1800 USD. And that's only ten essences. We have armour, jewellery etc.

"You are nto obliged to buy!" -fanboy would scream.

No. But if I am to survive more than 2 hits - I need quality armour, weapons, essences...

No, it's not pay-to-win, in PvE there isn't pay to win. it's just heavy Pay-to-Advance or Pay-to-Survive.

That's how Update 23 looks now. Needless to mention bugged quests, lost NPCs and alike.

I stand in Lotro alone. There is no content to do. There are no more quests to run (in fact, some in Mordor, but these require lots of friends to guide and protect me), there is absolutely nothing left to do. Just stand in Bree, ask in /World if anybody needs help (nobody does...a pity).

My dream about Dwarven lands has turned to be a nightmare. Situation is worsened by simple fact: Lotro is still the best for me, I tried many other games and none had a soul and atmosphere like Lotro does.

Alone in the middle of big Middle Earth with no perspectives, no content, just nothing.

Wellcome to nightmare of Update 23.