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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Lotro:Harvest festival

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday October 23 2013 at 6:14AM
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Fall festival is finally there. I did not go there – just was reading wiki and other players’ impressions. And the impressions are mixed. We have good rewards – new maps to decorate house (including spooky Goblins), door mat, new mount and spooky warsteed appearance. As usually, there is a Big Ring inviting to the festival and some awards with Bounder tokens.

Not so bright side: festival offers very little activity. There are quests in spooky Burrow, each rewarding with tokens. However, Burrow itself is very complicated maze. Very hard to navigate even on the map (even Moria looked easier on the map). Proof is there:

optimal (very easy) route

very easy to navigate

From comments – most players who quest are unsatisfied, usually referring to “I am stuck” and so on. Some are excited because of any festival.

Another activity is “trickery” where player is supposed to find NPCs and perform certain emotes. There are quests in Bree, Shire, Duillond, Thorins Hall. Each quest gives 3 tokens, so it’s possible to earn 12 tokens a day.

Yet another activity – “mini games” to collect stuff, from Pumpkins to some Geodes and exchange them to tokens. I asked many times, but got no answer: is it a race against other players (like infamous “egg hunt” that was impossible to finish) or just race against time (like “gather as much as you can within NN seconds”)?

Festival grind is very simple for me: 4 maps (each map – 12 tokens, hence 48 tokens), 1 mount (20 tokens), 1 mount cosmetic (60 tokens) and I am done. Some job will be done by Vytautaz, some (steed stuff) – by NaktiesKarys. It will save me some time.

Meanwhile Vytautaz slaughtered Angmarim in Annuminas, reaching level 42 and finishing Gerthberyg slayer deed. It was kind of…boring…to go after each Angmarim, kill him, wait to respawn – but I am not ready for grumpy evil Angmar at lvl.42. Need to level more and return to Annuminas when I am some level 50.

NaktiesKarys hunted in Sarnur, gathering all reputation items he could. After few runs he went to Annuminas city and slaughtered every single Angmarim and local giants. Result: my mule toon has vault overflooded with reputation items. Dourhand crests (some 400), Mathoms (>300), First age relics and others – all are here, ready to be used by at least 2 alts. I am making a…backup…for faster TP grind. Using my free time to prepare for jet start.

Today I will try to look what festival looks like.

And so the day has ended, I had 489 Turbine points, zero Hytbold tokens and zero festival tokens. Day was – good in Lotro.