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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian


Posted by Lithuanian Thursday October 31 2013 at 6:42AM
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Lord of the rings online

Yesterday WoneK continued her adventures…and I felt I was rediscoovering the game again. First of all – cancelled all epic quests, I was not interested in same “escort Sarah to safety”, “exterminate evil crows” and alike.  Even cancelled “Blade of Renown”  – did not want to run forward and backward, then back to Ogurr.

What I did were simple slayer deeds. Finished with Brigand slayer (advanced). Then protected  Hobbit from incoming 3 waves of attackers. And finally, did Orc slayer and Orc slayer (advanced) deeds. This was fun. I was lvl.18, they were lvl.19 and I killed them with ease. Looted some weapons and armour, felt almost invicible. I remember how it was stresfull for NaktiesKarys to fight there…and how easy it is now. Just look at looted stuff characteristic, do not hesitate to throw old things away and use all power/morale potions you have. And I was victorious, fighting 5 orcs at once, using all my AoE attacks, standing triumphant over bodies of my enemies.

After finishing easy Orc-killing, went to Buckland, did some easy quests there…and now to Adso’s camp. Will stay there to do some things, just avoiding Old Forest and Barrows: I still need easy TPs.

Was happy enough to help lvl.10 Champion to kill brigands near Staddle and neekers near Andrath lake. Brigands were easy prey for my ranged and AoE attacks. Neekers were a bit harder, but still easy. Lvl.10 champion was in some superpower mode, using probably 20 foods/potions that gave her very impressive power. Soon, brigands and neekers were slain, I could go to adventure myself.

Was satisfied with my ranged attack (at lvl.18 I could finally use a bow) and heavy armour (that’s at lvl.20). Also, game dropped some bounder tokens which my main toon may use to purchase summon horns. What happenhs to bounder tokens after November 18 – only Turbine knows.

Was approached by one Kinship, I told them my main were in Edhel Annon, and recruiter told “it’s not a problem, we are here to make friends and do not mind”. Well…my kinship does mind and I wish recruiters would respect this…

And so the day has ended. I have done all easy deeds in Bree land, have 814 Turbine points and some 25 bounder tokens. The day was superb in Lotro.

Helms deep lottery and TPs

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday October 30 2013 at 6:51AM
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Lord of the rings online

Turbine announced a “levelling contest” to win Helms Deep expansion, life time membership or some 500 Turbine points. Every player higher tha lvl.60 is eligible. I thoght I could rejoice, I could even ask my kinship to help with getting Vytautaz to level 61 quickly.

However, we have “little fine print” – only players from US, older than 13 years. German and French speaking players found their countries were eligible too. All other world was left behind. There was a little explosion in forums, players asking, making nervous statements, feeling angry. Took part there too, one time-  only to convince to calm down. At the end, Sapience explained it was due to laws in different countries that sometimes contradict. A pity, I am feeling left behind…but let us hope one day I will have a chance to win such contest.

So, levelling contest aside, my Turbine points run continued. WoneK used all items (especially low level ones) and gained Kindred with Wardens of Annuminas and Council of the North, as well as reaching Ally with Thorins Hall.

Then there were quests. Slayer deeds. Exploration deeds. WoneK finished “Bree-land adventurer” and even neeker/sickle fly slayer was not such a mess. There were enough neekers and flies, not too much competitors, so that hunt went very easy. I looted everything, selling everything. Money was used to pay for 2 house upkeeps. Had some Bounder tokens drops, but they were very rare.

Now, all that remains are “Brigand slayer (advanced)” and “Ruins of Bree-land”. After that, all easy Bree deeds are complete and I would go either for Bree reputation quests or just kill anything to reach level 20-22 quickly.  Then, it’s high time for Shire (120 Turbine points) and Ered Luin (130 Turbine points) + reputation (50 TPs – Bree land, 50 TPs – Mathom society, 20 TPs – Thorins Hall kindred).

At the end of the day NaktiesKarys visited Michel Delving to purchase yet another symbol of Celebrimbor + several hornes of summoning.

And so the day has ended. I had 779 Turbine points, some 15 Bounder tokens. The day has been extremely good in Lotro.

Wicked dreams

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday October 29 2013 at 7:33AM
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Lord of the rings online

A new girl was born – WoneK, new champion-TP grinder. Intro quests were done quickly, Archet was ruined yet another time…and it was high time to start The Grind.

My girl ran everywhere she could, killing monsters, taking every single quest she could, looting and selling everything. Unfortunately, received no support from NaktiesKarys (he was too lazy to craft quality swords). Within few hours, WoneK finished intro, did spider slayer, spider slayer (adv.), Bree-land adventurer deeds. And then, as the day was going to the end – she used some reputation items.

Of course, these were not high-evel ones. 334 Dourhand crests to gain Know reputation with Thorins hall. Some 780 Wicked daggers to gain Known and Driend reputation with Council of the North. 200 Black badges to gain Known reputation with the Wardens of Annuminas. I thought the mouse will refuse to work, but mouse was good and works. Maybe my champion girl curses me for making her use that much, but I had to clean up vaults so that I have space for high-level reputation items. 100 Dourhand crests and 100 First age relics take same space, but have a bit different results, you know. Bree land reputation items are not used by far: need to grind as much reputation from quests as possible.

My tactic is very simple. Make all quick deeds in Bree (110 TP), reach kindred with locals (50 TP). Make all quick deeds in Shire (120 TP), reach kindred with Mathom society (50 TP). Make all quick deeds in Ered Luin (130 TP) and reach kindred with Thorins Hall (50 TP). Reach Kindred with Wardens of Annuminas (50 TP) and Council of the North (50 TP). Total ammount: 610 Turbine points per one toon. All other toons will lack Mathom society reputation (very slow to gain:does not pay off) and hence will earn some 500 TPs. Not bad too.

At the end of the day WoneK paid for house upkeep 150 silver: she still has to earn 600 silver for upkeep and some silver for Rich & Eastemnet coal.

And so the day has ended, I had 691 Turbine point, >1000 Bounder tokens (time for another Celebrimbor symbol) and there are tons of TPs ahead. The day was just superb in Lotro.

Fall festival:hunt

Posted by Lithuanian Friday October 25 2013 at 6:12AM
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Lord of the rings online

Fall (Harvest) festival continues. In forums there was some feedback, all negative, but posts quickly disappeared.

NaktiesKarys made some runs: all trickery quests (12 tokens), then mini games. Statistics:

  • Thorins Hall: 3 runs (1 token; 1 token; 3 tokens)
  • Bree: 2 runs (1 token; 1 token)
  • Duillond: 1 run (2 tokens)
  • Shire: 1 run (2 tokens)

Vytautaz made all trickery quests, played some mini games…and in the end bought remaining 2 maps (Rivendell, Enedwaith). This allowed Naktieskarys to complete Cartographile of Eriador deed.

And then there was a Moria raiding evening. Our kinship organized almost non-stop run, running various instances. NaktiesKarys participated untill midnight, completing one quest after another and earning valuable TPs. The runs were very well organized and we really had much fun. Some deeds still remain to be completed, most of them – in Moria instances. Side effect: I looted many Moria reputation items and used them all on Vytautaz, also some runes helped level up my Legendary weapons.

And so the day has ended. I had 534 Turbine points, NaktiesKarys had 48 Fall festival tokens and Vytautaz has almost completed his Festival runs program. The day has just been superb in Lotro.

Lotro:Harvest festival

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday October 23 2013 at 6:14AM
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Fall festival is finally there. I did not go there – just was reading wiki and other players’ impressions. And the impressions are mixed. We have good rewards – new maps to decorate house (including spooky Goblins), door mat, new mount and spooky warsteed appearance. As usually, there is a Big Ring inviting to the festival and some awards with Bounder tokens.

Not so bright side: festival offers very little activity. There are quests in spooky Burrow, each rewarding with tokens. However, Burrow itself is very complicated maze. Very hard to navigate even on the map (even Moria looked easier on the map). Proof is there:

optimal (very easy) route

very easy to navigate

From comments – most players who quest are unsatisfied, usually referring to “I am stuck” and so on. Some are excited because of any festival.

Another activity is “trickery” where player is supposed to find NPCs and perform certain emotes. There are quests in Bree, Shire, Duillond, Thorins Hall. Each quest gives 3 tokens, so it’s possible to earn 12 tokens a day.

Yet another activity – “mini games” to collect stuff, from Pumpkins to some Geodes and exchange them to tokens. I asked many times, but got no answer: is it a race against other players (like infamous “egg hunt” that was impossible to finish) or just race against time (like “gather as much as you can within NN seconds”)?

Festival grind is very simple for me: 4 maps (each map – 12 tokens, hence 48 tokens), 1 mount (20 tokens), 1 mount cosmetic (60 tokens) and I am done. Some job will be done by Vytautaz, some (steed stuff) – by NaktiesKarys. It will save me some time.

Meanwhile Vytautaz slaughtered Angmarim in Annuminas, reaching level 42 and finishing Gerthberyg slayer deed. It was kind of…boring…to go after each Angmarim, kill him, wait to respawn – but I am not ready for grumpy evil Angmar at lvl.42. Need to level more and return to Annuminas when I am some level 50.

NaktiesKarys hunted in Sarnur, gathering all reputation items he could. After few runs he went to Annuminas city and slaughtered every single Angmarim and local giants. Result: my mule toon has vault overflooded with reputation items. Dourhand crests (some 400), Mathoms (>300), First age relics and others – all are here, ready to be used by at least 2 alts. I am making a…backup…for faster TP grind. Using my free time to prepare for jet start.

Today I will try to look what festival looks like.

And so the day has ended, I had 489 Turbine points, zero Hytbold tokens and zero festival tokens. Day was – good in Lotro.

Re-building Hytbold, re-slaughtering Evendim

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday October 22 2013 at 5:53AM
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Lord of the rings online

21 October:

NaktiesKarys was inactive. Almost nothing to do for him.

Vytautaz continued adventures in Evendim. Salamander and Limfavrn slaughter went on, I killed any of these creatures and soon some slayer deeds were completed. Then, the time has come for Kergrim, infesting one of the tombs in Annuminas. Went there, killed and once again deed was completed – this time advanced. I was lucky to be invited in a group with one lvl.85 Player – slaughter went a way faster.

Then, did some travel quests, killed Rotten Rot with one NPC tree and tried to use my attacks as many times as possible: if I use them enough times, I’ll earn so desired Turbine points.

Drops were…kind of interesting. Artisan Weaponsmith recipes almost do not drop: by killing several hundreds of enemies (240 Kergrims, tens of Limfavrns and Salamanders) I got only 4 recipes. Too little, have to admit. However, Kergrim slaying is by far the best thing to do: drops are almost homogenous (same “skin” and very rare random stuff). Bounder tokens drop too rarely, almost impossible to get.

Checked my vault about reputation items. Too little of them: enough to get reputation with 3 factions (Bree, Mathom, Thorins Hall) for one toon and I do need many toons to grind Turbine points. Need Moria’s two factions, need Wardens of Annuminas, maybe Elves of Rivendell and xenophobic Lossoth of Forochel. Much work to do, much enemies to slaughter and vault to be flooded with reputation items.

Today, festival begins. Only God and developers know if it would be more realistic than previous (which proved to be disaster and complete failure). Of course, I won’t be there on a first day when half of server will be. Will wait for tomorrow.

And so the day has ended, I had some 489 Turbine points and left satisfied. The day has been good in Lotro.

20 October:


Have not played -but a major update was announced. Little of this update concerns me, but anyway it’s good to see game is still updating.

Lord of the rings online

It was a great crazy weekend in the Lotro. NaktiesKarys has finally reached Kindred with Sutcrofts, rebuild last required buildings…and was standing with some 220 Tokens of Hytbold.

And then the rebuild started. I took every building in Sutcrofts district and rebuilt it, from lame tent to big shiny Tower. Finished one deeds, received new ones. I was very satisfied and impressed with the rebuild. Town was changing before my eyes: houses appeared, inhabitants arrived, there were plants growing and new shiny structures. It was inviting, I realized I do want to rebuilt every single structure there. Turbine made Hytbold an exemplary feature: you could change the world and oversee the changes. I wish they would allow to rebuild, say, Archet: make it end-game content, but please allow burned town to live again. In the end, I had zero Tokens of Hytbold: spent them all…and still lack hundreds.

Vytautaz raided Evendim. Tried to do Monuments of Angmar, but failed each time:even with Orchaiwe I cannot fight 3 enemies at once. First my companion, the me getting killed. Once our kinship Burglar helped me…only to make me sad. Burglar insta-killed every monster, alone fighting with 3-4 enemies. Where I would be killed, he wasn’t seriously injured.My Champion looked so lame and worthless with him. I asked kinship, they pointed out I had not purchased trait slots which makes me weak. Also, my Weaponsmith lacked many recipes. But that does not help: recipes are drop only, so I would have to kill gazillions of monsters and trait slots will be of no use from November 19. Later, I started to kill Kergrim, finished Goblin slayer deeds and went very close to killing Gerthberyg in Annuminas, genocided Salamanders and some of Limfavrn.

Had to log in NaktiesKarys while grinding – to discuss legendary weapons, sent some ingots…and one time to raid Carn Dum. We organized a good raid, I was quite happy there, earned some Turbine points once again and looted many sellable stuff. Of course, I wasn’t satisfied with my Champion once more – other players just insta-killed any monster…I was not capable of seriously harming it. What’s wrong with my Champion and this classs at all?

Other events; had a Kin meeting where we discussed some things. Also,another Festival is soon: tomorrow there would be no sense to participate, but starting October 23 – it may be possible. Let us see if number of doable quests is higher than 2 or 3…

And so the day has ended. I had 459 Turbine points, zero Tokens of Hytbold. Days were good in Lotro.

TPs, regions, Rohan

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday October 17 2013 at 6:10AM
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Lord of the rings online

Day started with daily quests in Hytbold. 3 quests in Harwick (since all “Rohirrim children” are nearly undoable), 2 – in Snowbourne.  In Snowbourne, I have finished every type of quest they offer and got +25 Hytbold tokens for such good deed (a pity, no TPs).

Asked in Lotro forums about regions: which is the best in terms of TP refund. First place – my beloved Evendim, then not-so-loved grumpy Angmar and Moria. Mirkwood is somewhere near the end (10% return value), probably would have to stick with Great River (some 20% return value). One day I would have to purchase remaining quest packs: North Downs, Trollshaws, Mirkwood.

My reputation was:

  • Men of the Wold: Ally–>Kindred (27.300 / 30.000)
  • Men of Suftcrofts:Ally–>Kindred (23.400 / 30.000)

Which means that if today I do 3 quests in Harwick – I am finally Kindred. Then, only 6 quests in Snowbourne and I could purchase all the Hytbold Storm armour.

And so the day has ended (real life interfers heavily, too little time to play), I had earned 0 Turbine points, had 270 Hytbold tokens (so I could rebuild all the town right now). Day was…kind of good in Lotro.

Reputation by accident

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday October 16 2013 at 6:26AM
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Lord of the rings online

This blog has just celebrated one year online! Yay!

Had literally 2 hours to play: took Hytbold dailies. Rode to Snowbourne, took entire 4 quests, did them all – including “fish and kill The Creature”…and only then noticed I forgot to ride to Harwick. Reputation with Suftcroft increased greatly, but it was not what I wanted.

Rode to Harwick, took remaining one quest and it was finished. Turned in trophies…and had nothing to do.

My reputation:

  • Men of Wold:Ally–>Kindred (23.700 / 30.000)
  • Men of Suftcrofts: Ally–>Kindred (21.000 / 30.000)

Thus, 4 quests in Harwick, some 8 quests in Snownbourn and I am done with Hytbold rebuild.

And thus the day has ended, I had earned 0 Turbine points, had 220 Hytbold tokens. Day was short, but kind of good in Lotro.

Rohan, TP calculation

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday October 15 2013 at 6:30AM
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Lord of the rings online

The day was spent in Rohan. First – daily quests (Harwick, then Snowbourn) and then…well, then just random hunt of Hald-orcs and beasts.

My reputation was:

  • Men of the Wold: Ally–>Kindred (22.500 / 30.000)
  • Men of Suftcrofts:Ally–>Kindred (16.200 / 30.000)

So – I am getting close to Kindred and valuable +20 Turbine points for each faction. However, TP grind is going very slow. Most deeds are finished and remaining (mostly – “advanced”) ones give only +5 TPs. I have some unfinished Moria deeds, but that’s the only reserve I have.

Calculated purchase/outcome things about other regions: Great River, Wildermore, Mirkwood. Any of them cost ~800 TPs and give in return only some 150 TPs. Well, that’s kind of…waste of TPs. It looks like lower level regions (Evendim etc) gives way much more TPs.

Finally, got a new quality bow, designed for lvl.85 – all thanks to one very kind kinnie. Now, my toon is stronger and would be better in combat.

And so the day has ended, I had earned 0 Turbine points, had 195 Hytbold tokens and am getting closer to the Kindred with 2 factions. Life was good in Lotro.

Rohan, Sambrog, Helm's Deep

Posted by Lithuanian Monday October 14 2013 at 6:38AM
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Lord of the rings online

Weekend with Lotro, full of adventures. In Rohan, did daily quests, advancing with reputation with Men of the Wold and Men of Suftcrofts. Hunted some monster while travelling between cities. Then, started to do slayer deeds. Salamander slayer, Brigand slayer (simple and Advanced). Started East Wall region, finished its exploration & quest deeds and slaughtered Uruks there.

While not grinding for TPs – helped kinnies. They need to advance, were offering instances and I helped a few times. Sambrog (Great Barrow) – one time lvl.40, two times – lvl.50. Only one time kinnie I was teaming with died (lvl.40), otherwise we were quick and victorious…even when Sambrog cheated summoning fell spirits to heal him. One time did Tuckoborough instance – seemed a bit easier for me. I was satisfied with this.

Everyone is talking about Helm’s Deep. My concern is with “new crafting tier” – so, new metals will be introduced. I must prepare for either harvesting with armed escort, or levelling up quickly – to lvl.95. However, this means new reputation with the Weaponsmith guild and maybe new, better weapons. Current system does not allow crafter to produce quality weapons. As a Champion, I found lack of any quality weapon for lvl.85.

My reputation was:

  • Men of the Wold: Ally–>Kindred (18.900 / 30.000)
  • Men of Suftcrofts:Ally–>Kindred (13.800 / 30.000)

And the weekend came to the end, I had some Rohan deeds completed (slayer deeds are coming to an end), I had 369 Turbine points and 170 Hytbold tokens. Life was very good in Lotro.

Rohan:missions impossible

Posted by Lithuanian Friday October 11 2013 at 6:46AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys spent a little time in Rohan. Decided to reach Ally with Men of Entwash Vale – and needed all quests they could offer. One quest was to kill some goblins/uruks in a cave. Good, went there, killed with the help of one player. Another quest was to find explosive pack and bring it to goblin’s center cave – and that proved hardly possible, cave was a huge maze and there were goblins on every step + I had no company to help me. Quest cancelled. Another one – to resupply lame tower, avoiding crabain. Well, i had to run to tower, pick arrows, go on the hardly seen rope…and avoid crabain while having very little time. Either crabain knocked me (impossible to time their appearance) or I fell of from hardly visible rope or just time ran out. This quest was, obviously, impossible. Thus – only 2 quests doable.

Did some easy quests in other towns…and left very unsatisfied. No help offered, I was just alone in the huge region. Mood was grumpy, so went to kill Salamanders and finish one deed.

My current reputation:

  • Men of Wold: Ally–>Kindred (11.700 / 30.000)
  • Men of Suftcrofts: Ally–>Kindred (6600 / 30.000)
  • Men of Entwash Vale: Friend–>Ally (21.500 / 25.000)

If only I had luck (so far had none) – I need only 3 quests from Entwash Vale and then I will forget it, concentrating on other, easier to get and more profitable to do for, factions’ reputation.

And so the day has ended, I had some 324 (?) Turbine points, 130 Hytbold tokens and grumpy mood. Day was just…not good…in Lotro with all these impossible quests.

Rohirrim and Isengard:alliances

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday October 10 2013 at 5:49AM
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Lord of the rings online

The day started with Hytbold dailies: once again I ran through enemies, killed only one time (my fault to leave my toon in non safe area) – otherwise hunt was very good. Finally, an Ally reputation with Men of Norcrofts.

Back to Isengard, did 5 daily quests, slaughtering poor Saruman apprentices, overseers and Goblin engineers, collecting not so usefull rewards…and finally, Kindred with Theodred’s riders!

Current reputation:

  • Men of Wold: Ally–>Kindred (11.700/30.000)
  • Men of Suftcrofts: Ally–>Kindred (3000 / 30.000)
  • Men of Entwash Vale: Friend–>Ally (19.100 / 25.000)

In short, I need some 51.200 reputation, which is some 42 runs, i.e. some 10 days. Thus, it is doable and my final destination – Hytbold armour – is quite at the hand.

Kinship had yet another event, this time thery were terryfying Bree. Looks like peacefull town suffered Chicken invasion (and I was too far to hunt ‘em…). No doubt, our “collect materials for those who need them” event is going on and every now and then we receive information that someone donates them.

Changed my Champion’s setup to be more…DPS’ed. Am not purchasing any trait slots untill Helm’s Deep: if my TPs are not refunded or my tree in Helm’s Deep not extended – why waste TPs?

In short, my runs to Isengard are over (have some quests there, but since it’s too hard to navigate – not doing them). Now I could concentrate on Rohan quests and deeds.

And so the day has ended, I had some 319 Turbine points and some 105 Hytbold tokens. Life is once again excellent in Lotro.

Riding Rohan and crafting

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday October 9 2013 at 6:00AM
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Lord of the rings online

Day has started with standard Rohan run, completely avoiding Harwick’s “play with Rohirrim children” quests. Three quests done, riding to another town, killing salamanders, gathering fungus, Hytbold dailies complete.

Time for Isengard, kicking almost anything around, from Goblin Engineer to Saruman’s apprentice (why did evil Mage gave such costumes with weird helmets to apprentices?), gathering not so valuable tier 4 gems/runes as rewards. 2 quests in Galtrev: one involving slaughter of Saruman’s hordes and one…fishing in the lake for long lost  relics. The last was taken by accident, since it gives reputation with the men of Dunland and I am already Kindred with them. Quest was interesting, but at lvl.75 it may be very hard.

Crafting: my hurry is my fault. One day crafted weapon, did everything ok…it turned out I missed school, player received weapon not for his class. Had to remake, sacrifising my own valuable Tarn symbol. Re-checked weapon several time and finally it was done. Then, another kinnie asked for Halberd, this weapon is made by weaponsmiths too. However, kinnie did not have one relic, I had only one…so he agreed on second age simple weapon. It was first time that bartered Tarnished symbols of Celebrimbor were of some use. Weapon was made and sent. I was satisfied with the crafting: it is the way our Kinship functions.

In Lothlorien finished last deed – Beast slayer (advanced), killing 294 unprotected animals. Hurray, another TPs earned…though I am running low on TPs, I am completing all deeds and one day I will have no way to grind.

My reputation with the factions:

  • Men of the Wold: Ally–>Kindred (8100 / 30.000)
  • Men of Suftcrofts: Ally–>Kindred (1800 / 30.000)
  • Men of Entwash Vale: Friend–>Ally (19.100 / 25.000)
  • Men of Norcrofts: Friend–>Ally (23.800 / 25.000)
  • Riders of Theodred: Ally–>Kindred (26.300 / 30.000)

And so the day has ended, I had some 314 TPs and 80 Hytbold tokens. Day has been just excellent in Lotro.

Lotro:after maintenance

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday October 8 2013 at 6:24AM
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Since Lotro was on extended maintenance (some 7 hours), logged in Istaria. Chats were empty (only Trade chat had 3 players). My level 15 Spiritist was running forwards and backwards knowing not what to do. I had 2 quests only and if I wanted to progress I should have changed to good old Cleric and grind for hundreds of tokens. I did not want to.  Took my time to visit Bristugo – one plot was still empty, another was still inactive, yet one plot was alive again. Entered one player’s house – it looked empty, nothing inside (but hey, houses are used as storage there). Logged off, feeling emptyness: I had almost nothing to do in Istaria. Imagine Lotro where at certain level you have no quests, only trophies…

Lord of the rings online

Played at morning, did all dailies. One quest I did not understand, it was to go to Easterling, place flag and wait for archers to kill target. I placed, sometimes it did not work, sometimes I could not place…but somehow it was completed. Then I recalled to Isengard to do 4 daily quests (kill Saruman’s apprentices, bring evil devices, kill overseers, kill Goblin engineers). 3 quests out of 4 managed to complete before maintenance. Hytbold dailies were completed, I advanced reputation with Men of Wold, though a lot of work remains to be done.

Our Kinship organizes yet another in-kinship event: to gather materials for crafters. It’s very simple: collect and donate. Since I had some Skarn ore, sent almost all I had on my mule character. It’s very good to help others.

And then was a great silence, tried to play Istaria, but had just to wait. And yes, Twitter confirms Lotro is alive. Logged in, killed Gobling engineers, continued to slaughter Uruks, completing Uruk slayer deed and one hidden deed.

Travelled to Rohan, killing wargs. It was spectacular – sometimes I against 6 wargs and still victoriuos. This way I managed to finish advanced warg killing deed.

And then, kinnie asked if anyone could craft Guardian’s great two-handed sword. I thought I did not have this recipe, teleported home, to Thorins Hall…but it became clear the recipe was known to me. Made it, gave one…kind of funny…name and rode to Michel Delving.

Used all my tokens to purchase 3 symbols of Celebrimbor and some 6 craft experience boosts + 1 relic pack. All tokens were spent, I can’t see any sense in collecting them.

And so the day has ended. I had 289 Turbine points, 55 Hytbold tokens. Things are just good in Lotro.

Illness in circles

Posted by Lithuanian Monday October 7 2013 at 6:39AM
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Lord of the rings online

In real life – some virus that made me stay home, do not go to walk and keep windows closed. On the other hand – lots of Lotro playing.

And playing went in circles. First  – Hytbold dailies starting at 10:00 Lithuanian time, first ride to Harwick, then do all doable quests, and then ride to any nearby town. After this – teleporting to Galtrev, riding to Saruman’s fortress and doing repeatable quests to gain Kindred with Theoderic Riders. Poor Saruman, do you think you are safe when Middle Earth heroes slaughter your minions and even your two overgrown Troll guards?

One player helped me a lot. it was lvl.75 Hobbit who quested in Bonevales. Asked him to try to share quests. First tries were not succesfull…and then voila – lost quest line, I have easily made it and completed a deed. Also, hunted in Dunland together with another lvl.85 player. I needed orc slayer, he needed it too. It was very good cooperation.

Today I have obtained 2 pieces from Hytbold Storm armour: breastplate and shoulderguards. Still have to work with reputation and it really goes very slow:

  • Men of WOld: Ally–>Kindred (4500/30.000)
  • Men of SUftcroft: Ally–>Kindred (1800/30.000)
  • Men of Entwash Vale: Friend–>Ally (19.100/25.000)
  • Men of Norcrofts: Friend–>Ally (19.000/25.000)

And the funny thing is, I need to finish all this: become Kindred with Wold and Sutcroft and Ally to Vale and Norcrofts. However, daily quests do contribute to the deeds, especially “dragon-kind slayer” one.

Today it would be extended maintenance (>7 hours), so – too little play.

And so weekend has ended. I had 259 Turbine points, some amount of Bounder tokens. Days has been very good in Lotro, even grind does not seem so senseless (jus a bit slow).

Hytbold and frogs

Posted by Lithuanian Friday October 4 2013 at 10:27AM
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Lord of the rings online

Day has started in Snowbourne – then a ride to Hytbold, donated tokens for Armoury. One more upgrade, and one Rohan Storm armour piece would be available. The tiny problem is, I need Ally with one faction, faction located in Harwick and Harwick is far, far away from Hytbold. One player suggested buying “return to…” additional skill and make some use of it. Nice idea, but it won’t pay off, unless it’s for account.

Done some quests in Snowbourne and one other town. One quest involved “walk with arrows and avoid crebains” – dismissed as practically impossible. Another sound easier: go and take some frogs. “Take” –> kill, I thought killing frogs is no problem. i have killed trees, crebain, bears, wolves, slimes, trolls, spiders and alike. Yet things were a little harder. Area was full of tree trolls, these resided in narrow tunnels. If you want to go, you neet to kill 3-5 trolls, then run after frog, run into another stack of trolls…and understand you can’t catch lame frog, it disappeared.

This quest is just impossible to finish (well, it would be possible only after someone reaches level 95 and trolls won’t attack…). Had to cancell it, maybe one day, with group of DPS players I will return there so that trolls are not problem.

Daily quests ended, had 35 Hytbold tokens and nowhere to spent them. Next days have to work with Men of Wold faction. I did some quests near Thornhope, they lead to the forest, forest had its own quests…and there I stopped. These were not offering any reputation, so they may and will wait.

Our Kinship is preparing for great race, checking prizes – we have almost everything, from tiny to big presents so that everyone will be rewarded. Kinship is doing great, right everyone discusses what he/she could contribute.

And so the day had ended, I had some 169 Turbine points, 35 Hytbold tokens and unidentified number of useless “Bounder tokens”. Day was kind of good in Lotro.

Rohan:dailies and raids

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday October 3 2013 at 6:43AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys finally got to Hytbold, took all the quests of rebuilding it…and got confused. Hytbold was empty, no one was offering any token-giving quest. Tried to ask,answers were confusing, thought about logging off…when one player told to re-read “Aiding the Eastemnet” quest text. I had to ride to nearby towns, take quests there and et tokens. One town – 4 quests and I have to do 5 of them. Those I received were not problematic:ride and kill mounted enemies, slay standard enemies, free Rohirrim from webs  etc.

However, I understood I missed entire Thornhope quest line. One day I had to visit local mayor, but I thought this can wait. Well, now I got mayor, lots of quests about destroyed town: look for survivors, then for thei belongings, kill named Orcs/Uruks. Everything rewarded with valuable item and war steed xp plus reputation with one faction. I have left some quests for the future – if I finish daily quests, will do those.

Hytbold is a…complicated matter. Town is almost burned, it needs to be rebuild, each repair action costs tokens (and you get 25 tokens a day). At some level of repairs you get access to some Armour set piece and have to choose carefully what armour do you want – according to this plan your own repairs. My armour set (Hytbold storm) costs some 250 tokens + price of rebuild (sometimes – very high investment). But I do hope this investment will pay off, it’s – by far – endgame gear, so it should work.

Then kinnies invited for Erebor instance…and there I just felt in wrong shoes. We had guardians, we had captains, wardens, minstrels…and no champions. My own role was something unclear: strike 1 of two overgrown monsters from behind and avoid catapults. Two times we were wiped out, I tried to do all I could to stay alive, but in vain. My hits were too small, from some 150 to about 300 and I felt sad about this. My Champion was good for nothing. Second instance was – to run from one valve to another, closing each and occasionally – attacking enemies. Of course, kinnies wanted good for me, but in these instances I felt just wrong. They could freely win without me, I could not tank, I could not DPS, I could not heal, buff/debuff.  However, it was interesting and I fought as well as I could.

The day has ended, I had some 144 Turbine points and left quite satisfied. Day has been good in Lotro.

Greedy Hobbits and tanking

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday October 2 2013 at 6:20AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys travelled home, to cozy halls of Thorins Hall, to look for Legendary weapons recipes. As I am level 85 (officially – tank), I  need to have quality equipment. First – weapon, my trustfull Axe. Then – saddle my Warsteed and ride at top speed to Michel Delving. I hoped to exchange my Bounder tokens to bounders jewellery, “Stout bounder” line (each giving +119 might etc).

Alas, jewellery was “Unique”, so I could wear only 1 piece of each. Felt very dissatisfied. I thought I would be able to purchase as much as I want, thought these were “bound at acquire”…I was wrong. Bounders were greedy leaving me half-equipped. Now I do have some 3000 bounder tokens and knowing not what to do with them. Purchase 3 symbols of Celebrimbor?

Had to purchase Tarnished symbol of Elder kings for 500 gold – thus, am with 40 gold right now, once again I have to start gold grinding anew. At the other hand – have new quality weapon, used all runes to quickly achieve experience. Have new quality jewellery.

And just when I used my last map to Moria…kinnie asked for help. I was on my way to Rohan – but found myself wanting to say: it is a duty of tank to help others (non-tanks, obviously). I was summoned, swept through opposition and helped my lvl.69 kinnie to finish the quest.

Then – Rohan, Snowbourne where dark events were going on. Armies of Mordor besieging town, very little citizens letf to guard, food lacking and every citizen needed as militia. Had to be involved into plots, fight with powerfull monsters and protect town leader from powerfull Mordor fighter (some 180.000 hp…). One or two times was defeated, but at the end I was victorious…and a bit lost.

My quests in Sutcrofts were complete as far as I knew. Yet I had not achieved Kindred with local men and have no ideas about how to do this since quests are no more. Travel further?

And so the day has ended, can’t remember TPs number (shop not working for me) and Bounder tokens number is irrelevant. Day has been very good in Lotro.

Totally tank

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday October 1 2013 at 5:52AM
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Lord of the rings online

…and yesterday it was a one big final ding. Magical, long-awaited level 85. I could officially be called a tank (well, not by combat role, just by level). Have to do remaining Rohan quests…and start legendary Hytbold dailies.

A strange feeling. I am strong, but still with too different equipment. Crafted a lvl.85 Legendary axe for myself, maxed it to level 60. Armour is still…a collection from various sources. Jewellery is a big problematic, I can’t get really usefull stuff.

However, Kinship congratulated on this, I was more than happy. Was invited to Erebor instance, accepted it. First try was a failure: my mission was to run from point A to point B and use one item. I turned somewhere…and oops, am dead, my kinnies fighting some evil fire monster. Retreated, only to find in area with closed doors. Got some serious talk with raid leader (“in raid no one quits!”), auto-accepted next invite where we had to face 2 overgrown monsters, some 830.000 hp each. My role, once again, was mere support: stand in monster’s back and hit it. I did what I could, but at some point we made a mistake, all raid was wiped. Restarted and everything went just excellent. Then we made next step, some instance where we faced lots of enemy archers. Once again, my mission was to hit archers from the back. At least it was some good fight, my chance to use all available AoE attacks and hit several enemies at one time. Finally, it was almost midnight and I asked for permission to leave.

Rohan quests were done just little, one Orc-slayer quest autocompleted. The only negative thing I am noticing is that Rohan gives too little Turbine points. However, I am experiencing fun there, so TPs are not a very big problem. Maybe they will pay off one day.

And so the day has ended, I don’t remember how many TPs and Bounder tokens I had. Day was good in Lotro.