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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Quest questions and building

Posted by Lithuanian Friday October 5 2012 at 3:03AM
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Once again I was in obsidian fields near Dralk, gathering obsidian, crafting bricks and then - keystones. Managed to grow up from lvl. 86 to level 87 Mason, but still there are some 10 levels to go.  Had little time to play - went with some 130 Obsidian keystones to Player's D. plot. Added some 120, rest were stored in the storage silo. Gained about 100.000 xp this way.

So, 2 out of 11 structures have obsidian keystones added. All that remains are 8 structures with 120 keystones and 1 structure with 240 keystones. This means some job, but I am more than ready for this.


"Vytautaz" once again exchanged trophies and logged off. He is just using every trophy - and only after using the last one he would go for some hunt.

"NaktiesKarys" (my main toon) had more interesting day. A group invited me to storm Garth Agarwen fortress. We had many side-quests and a rather strong group. Unfortunately, one strong (lvl.56) player was forced to leave group. Everyone, except me, knew the territory so we went killing almost anyone without serious problems. I gained xp, even won some trophies.

The main problem with the group was - that it did not coordinate its actions. One member attacked monster, other shouted "do not attack"; when almost everyone fought - one left where he stood. We did all quests - and failed the last one, where we could not kill Creoth fighters. Then some swearing began, I left instance and group.

The fight was a good one, but I still need some quests to finish Garth Agarwen once and for all. And never return there, unless I am lvl.50s. This territory was hard even for 4 person group (without a healer).

I hunted some trolls too, gathering Dwarf iron by the way. 75 trolls killed, 75 trolls to go. However, I'm prepared to grind for Turbine points as it will pay off soon after I purchase Mines of Moria. If I am allowed +2 characters on same server - I gain advantage of 2 toons supporting my main with armor, jewellery or alike. I gain advantage of additional 2 toons grinding for Turbine points.


And so the day ended, I felt rather satisfied with the fights and buildings.