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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Blood water and swords

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday October 3 2012 at 3:47AM
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Due to very little play time - was not played. A pity, I have lots of Obsidian runs to make and hundreds of marble keystones/blocks to add.


This time I was lucky. As usual, my "Vytautaz" just exchanged trophies and logged off. "NaktiesKarys" as usual hunted in Agamaur swamps. Of course, I had some big quests, but without group it had no sense. One player invited me to group, I rejected: please ask me first why do you need me in group. I asked him, he told he needed to kill some 24 monsters. It was ok, we went to kill evils, gathering some xp and looting.

Then he decided to go to one dangerous territory...and we had to stop. Road was too dangerous for us alone.

I asked my Kinship for help - and help was on its way. Despite being killed too early - we made a strong group of 4 persons:some lvl.30s, one lvl.42...and one terminator, lvl.70.

It was...well, it was fun. We ran through lots of evil guys with >3000 health, our tanks just slaughtered and I had only to count kills and loot quest items. We ran out of monsters very soon - they were killed quickly and their respawn time was slow.  I finished my quests, then we ran to help other player...and quests (two of them) were over. I wanted to go for yet another where I had to kill some trees and collect some seeds, but almost no one was willing to join.

Quests were finished, I received some rewards: xp and items, as well as new deeds were given: Enemy of Goblins III (kill 250 goblins:managed to kill some 110 untill logging off) and Enmity of the trolls (kill 150 of them). It leaves me with some work to do and xp to gain.

Of course, I felt satisfied with great help I received and one day, when I will be big and strong, I will help anyone who will ask. "Received help, give help", as Lotro proverb say. In Istaria, I do try this and I won't change my approach in Lotro.


And so the day ended. I felt satisfied and looking forward for today's adventures.