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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

trolls, maidens, stones

Posted by Lithuanian Monday October 8 2012 at 3:24AM
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At the begining it was obsidian and need to get tens of thousands of it. Then Player D. came and asked some help. He needed to kill "Large Arbotus" and someone to harvest stuff from them. I volunteered. It was a good run: I harvested (now my top-level Gatherer paid off), he defended me and killed arbotuses. Soon my cargo disk was full, we teleported to one plot. My mission with arbotuses was over.

Later I resumed Obsidian harvesting and added obsidian keystones to 2 structures. Job is going on slowly, but I will make it. Of course, I do need to get optimal production of Marble, but that's a task for lvl. 96, not lvl.87...

One player returned to Istaria and once again I was happy to offer my help with weapons: as top level Weaponsmith I can make almost any metal weapon.


was full of tasks. "Vytautaz" just turned in any trophy untill there were no free trophies left. He also paid for house upkeep, since my toon now prepares money for a new house (the day I unlock money cap, of course).

Was doing more things on "NaktiesKarys". Finished some quests in Garth Agarwen. Took one which looked a bit promising:get some water urn, place it somewhere and job's done. Well, it was easy to find urn, defeating several monsters. Then I had to go to well-guarded fortress.

And there the trouble began. Invited 2 players, but it turned out I needed 6. We got this group and went to do some instances killing mobs on the way. I almost did not loot (but somehow got my share in coins...). We did one instance and went to second: same Red Maid, same quest to not to kill any Creoth...

Of course, someone did, I screamed "Who killed lame Creoth?", no one confessed. Our leader left instance (I guess he got angry). I told several times I was going to leave, no one objected or said "yes" - so I left. Quest was unsucsessfull one. Then I returned to my Trolls killing last of them and gaining some valuable Turbine points. Now I have some 1515 of them. I also transferred some trophies to "Vytautaz" so that he may grow and gain reputation with the Eglain faster.

The person that left -he was no longer angry on me. Good news, I don't want to do anything wrong or cause any harm. If I did something wrong - I deserve some punishment and would not run from it.


And so weekend has ended, gameplay was mainly succesfull. I was usefull to others, did some my own tasks and in future would be able to help others.

Quest questions and building

Posted by Lithuanian Friday October 5 2012 at 3:03AM
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Once again I was in obsidian fields near Dralk, gathering obsidian, crafting bricks and then - keystones. Managed to grow up from lvl. 86 to level 87 Mason, but still there are some 10 levels to go.  Had little time to play - went with some 130 Obsidian keystones to Player's D. plot. Added some 120, rest were stored in the storage silo. Gained about 100.000 xp this way.

So, 2 out of 11 structures have obsidian keystones added. All that remains are 8 structures with 120 keystones and 1 structure with 240 keystones. This means some job, but I am more than ready for this.


"Vytautaz" once again exchanged trophies and logged off. He is just using every trophy - and only after using the last one he would go for some hunt.

"NaktiesKarys" (my main toon) had more interesting day. A group invited me to storm Garth Agarwen fortress. We had many side-quests and a rather strong group. Unfortunately, one strong (lvl.56) player was forced to leave group. Everyone, except me, knew the territory so we went killing almost anyone without serious problems. I gained xp, even won some trophies.

The main problem with the group was - that it did not coordinate its actions. One member attacked monster, other shouted "do not attack"; when almost everyone fought - one left where he stood. We did all quests - and failed the last one, where we could not kill Creoth fighters. Then some swearing began, I left instance and group.

The fight was a good one, but I still need some quests to finish Garth Agarwen once and for all. And never return there, unless I am lvl.50s. This territory was hard even for 4 person group (without a healer).

I hunted some trolls too, gathering Dwarf iron by the way. 75 trolls killed, 75 trolls to go. However, I'm prepared to grind for Turbine points as it will pay off soon after I purchase Mines of Moria. If I am allowed +2 characters on same server - I gain advantage of 2 toons supporting my main with armor, jewellery or alike. I gain advantage of additional 2 toons grinding for Turbine points.


And so the day ended, I felt rather satisfied with the fights and buildings.

stone fields, goblin bones

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday October 4 2012 at 3:15AM
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After being a bit upset with marble - returned to obsidian fields of Dralk. Of course, no teleporter, vault or storage silo nearby...but still an opportunity to grow. I started making Obsidian keystones, when realized to ask if Player D. needed them.

He did. I rushed to harvest obsidian and make as many keystones as possible. Finally, I had a solution for my crafting growth. I ran forwards and backwards, crafting and storing in cargo disk - untill I made some 130 keystones. Then - up to Player's D. plot. Lucky for me, this plot needed lots of obsidian: every expert structure needs some 120 and large tavern - 240. To make things more funny, there are many expert structures on Player's D.  plot.

Which leaves me quite happy: I can grow and I can help others. When I finish with Obsidian, I would be more than able to craft marble: my Mason levelling would be quick. This time storage silos at Player's D. plot are excellent for me: I am able to store stuff that I would add later.


My "Vytautaz" exchanged trophies and logged off. Of course, later he would be forced to fight, but not for now. As with main toon, I had more business. Initially killed remaining 130 goblins. It was a carnage since they offered no real resistence and could not harm me. So I just ran in circles and killed any goblin. Finally - deed finished, 15 Turbine points awarded. Now I have 1495 Turbine points: had to collect 1000 more for Mines of Moria expansion.

One deed remains: killing 150 trolls. It is a bit boring, since there are too little trolls and they do offer some fight. Killed 18 of them ands logged off - was a bit tired.

My progression in Lotro has slowed down, possibly due to more time spent in Istaria. However, I do grind coins: will need all of them to purchase bigger house (need to buy money cap removal for 300 TPs though) and pay upkeep. However, soon I will grow up my alts on Silverlode server and Turbine points will flow once again.

Overall, the day was a success. New help, new deeds - life is just good.

Blood water and swords

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday October 3 2012 at 3:47AM
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Due to very little play time - was not played. A pity, I have lots of Obsidian runs to make and hundreds of marble keystones/blocks to add.


This time I was lucky. As usual, my "Vytautaz" just exchanged trophies and logged off. "NaktiesKarys" as usual hunted in Agamaur swamps. Of course, I had some big quests, but without group it had no sense. One player invited me to group, I rejected: please ask me first why do you need me in group. I asked him, he told he needed to kill some 24 monsters. It was ok, we went to kill evils, gathering some xp and looting.

Then he decided to go to one dangerous territory...and we had to stop. Road was too dangerous for us alone.

I asked my Kinship for help - and help was on its way. Despite being killed too early - we made a strong group of 4 persons:some lvl.30s, one lvl.42...and one terminator, lvl.70.

It was...well, it was fun. We ran through lots of evil guys with >3000 health, our tanks just slaughtered and I had only to count kills and loot quest items. We ran out of monsters very soon - they were killed quickly and their respawn time was slow.  I finished my quests, then we ran to help other player...and quests (two of them) were over. I wanted to go for yet another where I had to kill some trees and collect some seeds, but almost no one was willing to join.

Quests were finished, I received some rewards: xp and items, as well as new deeds were given: Enemy of Goblins III (kill 250 goblins:managed to kill some 110 untill logging off) and Enmity of the trolls (kill 150 of them). It leaves me with some work to do and xp to gain.

Of course, I felt satisfied with great help I received and one day, when I will be big and strong, I will help anyone who will ask. "Received help, give help", as Lotro proverb say. In Istaria, I do try this and I won't change my approach in Lotro.


And so the day ended. I felt satisfied and looking forward for today's adventures.

the Lost: marble and swords

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday October 2 2012 at 2:05AM
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After chopping lots of elm tress - Guildhouse in Player's D. plot is finally finished. I was very satisfied of this - at last one building finished. Then I went to harvest marble.

This harvesting is a bit problematic: field is guarded by some unfriendly Marble golems, eager to attack anyone in their sight. I made a full load of marble and then (knowing the best ratio is 15 marble bricks for 1 marble keystone) started to produce...well, only to find my ratio was 33:1 and at its best - 28:1. Half of bricks were simply lost.

Then I took a look at my status: masonry some 990 and for best ratio I should have 1175. I felt a bit dissatisfied with myself, deposited those keystones to storage silo...and decided to make some Obsidian runs near Dralk. I need to be good in Masonry and I need it right now.

Talked with Player S. - she is advancing in Dragon crafting. We also joked about Dragons and their roles: both as hoarders (Dragons should hoard), air scouts and finally - heavy tanks. Any serious fight does need Ancient Dragon (or lots of multiclassed bipeds).

Our Player A. made another alt: I think no one got excited about it. Lucky for me, he did not beg or command.


was not too succesfull. I went to Garth Agamaur, noticed I won't make it alive and asked for help. Two persons from my Kinship responded, we travelled to dangerous lands (no chance to survive alone) and even managed to kill 13 of 30 Gloomwaters...when I got involved into fight with two guys, each with 3000 hp...and got killed.

Questing was over: I killed some 13 gloomwaters out of 30 and found some 3 of their swords (out of 10...or is it 15?). Next time I may need bigger group and finish this risky region once and for all. I do not want to return here, unless I am more powerfull than any of those monsters.

My alt "Vytautaz" was doing better: he just turned in another part of trophies, gained reputation and battle experience. There are many more things to do with him, but trophies would help. My own "OneA" and "OneB" are just doing nothing: no trophies, no hunts. Maybe I should level up "OneB"...

Positive moments: i saw Garth Agamaur: it's a risky place intended for group fighting and that fighting won't be easy. Trophies and loot are hardly worth of it, but experience and adrenaline - definetly are.

Overall the day in both games was good: i helped, was helped and had some fun. Looking forward for today's play...

helping: others and myself

Posted by Lithuanian Monday October 1 2012 at 3:57AM
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was played a bit. I was busy enough to gather materials and aid Player D. in his plot - to built Guildhouse. There were different materials to be added: flaxen tapestries and bolts; pale essence spheres and blocks; cedar and elm braces & jointings. Elm is still to be done, other materials were added and now the building is at 94% complete.

It was strange to read in forums complaints about Istaria "forum nazis". There had never been such practice, at least as long as I remember. Some posts were left unanswered, that's true - but none was locked just because Velea wanted so.



I used benefits my own House and main character could give. After days of hunting I deposited as much to my house chest, my alt took it all, then I deposited again...and so repeated untill my main toon had no trophy items left. Second toon ("Vytautaz") had full bag of trophies and went to the Forsaken Inn in Lone lands to turn in trophies: he would build reputation with Eglain easier.

My main character ("NaktiesKarys") tried to do one quest in Garth Agarwen, but this try failed: territory is plagued with too powerfull soldiers (>3000 health each). To make things worse, they hold in groups. I'm still unable to find a group capable of defeating those evils.

In exchange, my secondary toon paid for my own house upkeep (and my main paid for Guild's house management...).

Overall the weekend was succesfull in both games.