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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Riders of Rohan – first impressions

Posted by Lithuanian Monday September 30 2013 at 6:36AM
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Lord of the rings online

Spent all my time in the green plains of Rohan, questing, enjoying things.

Rohan is very interesting region. Some Rohirrim are suspicious, one of them even banished me from his town and I had a long line of quests to prove I am worthy. At the end there was a feast and local chief (“Reeve” as they are called) apologised and raised a toast to my honour. Some quests were very intriguing: one person was killed and there are 3 NPCs that could have done this, it’s up to me to decide and the choice was difficult. Every NPC had its own pro et contra. Another quest was about couple – they wanted to be married, father was against, so they are asking me to lie to father. Once again, choice. It was hard to decide, but I choice to lie – for this couple’s own good, maybe they would tell the truth later.

First meeting with aging, incapable of effective rule king of Rohan. He has banned hunts on Orcs, but local ruler wants to decide: create defenses or strike first? Best defense is attack, I chose to disobey King’s orders and we stroke Orcs…alas, the leader was killed and did not see the dawn of our victory. Then – meeting with Grima Warmtongue. Oh my, I really wished to strike him down, warm my axe in this creature’s blood and scream aloud about victory. Turbine, please, introduce this one day, please…

And the agents of Evil are everywhere. Someone poisoned food, trying to frame one loyal Guard. One NPC’s own mother allied with Sauron (she was imprisoned, luckily). No land is safe – lots of Orcs there, lots of mounted enemies and lots of fight. Rohan is not a territory one could relax and ride freely.

Quests were going just good. Increase morale of citizens, make weapons for guards and finally bring some mead for guards, impress local hunter of Orcs with beheading of the same Orcs, destroy Orcish banners and totems, investigate mysterious caves and confront powerfull enemies from the Shadow world – all this is promising.

I have even forgotten Turbine points grind. Yes, some deeds auto-complete, like “kill 120 enemies” or exploration deeds, some are yet to be completed, but I do not complain. I am having fun, I am interested in Rohan…and TPs may wait.

Even mounted combat is good, it lets me to survive longer, engaging in safe ranged attacks. also, I upgraded my steed: it is on pure red line, probably meaning more offense.

And so weekend, full of interesting questing, ended. I had some 114 Turbine points, ~3600 bounder tokens and reached level 84. Endgame is near and there is much, much to do, including epic quests and instances. Day are just superb in Lotro.

Riders of Rohan: the expansion

Posted by Lithuanian Friday September 27 2013 at 6:36AM
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Lord of the rings online

…the wait and eternal grind was over. My last “WoneK” used her reputation items, observed magic number of 2524. The time was right: I finally had enough Turbine points to purchase Riders of Rohan expansion.

Questing was interesting one. Some quests are bestowed by NPCs – and quite logically, you should return to them. Some quests are auto-bestowed like “oh, look, Orcish ballista, destroy 3 of them”…and auto-complete, rewarding you with valuable xp.

Rohirrim initially were very suspicious – mayor of Harwick accused me on tresspassing, exiled from the town, so my poor NaktiesKarys had to run doing lots of quests to finally be able return to Harwick. Quests were different, from “kill NN enemies”, to searching for suitable house for refugees. Of course, this is Rohan and one of the quest in enemy camp demanded to free horses. It was natural, it was just Rohirrim way.

Met my first warbands – one consisting of Salamander, killed them on foot. Others were…more problematic as one warband’s leader had some 69.000 health. Was killed several times by him, but one day I will have my revenge.

Mounted combat is still a problem for me. There are so many attacks and modes, I could get lost with. There was one quest where I participated in mounted combat and even managed to kill something; later I repeated it with some enemies. However, my horse was too fast so I cruised in circles, pressing almost all active buttons. Result – several enemies killed. I do need to ask somebody to help me with mounted combat so I could do it properly.

Mounted problems aside, day was great.  Rohan is interesting, inviting and doable. Now, I will be there, enjoying the content.

And so, the day has ended, I had 49 TPs at the end of it (20 TPs earned) and some Bounder tokens. Day was just great in Lotro.

TP grind...


Posted by Lithuanian Thursday September 26 2013 at 1:22PM
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Lord of the rings online

Days were spent in Lotro, initially talking about how beautifull Italy was (and I plan to return there next year)…and then mobilizing all reputation items available.

Our KInship is holding an epic race, all Kinship donating things for prizes and reaching goals immediately. Our organizers have posted about items – and some days after they admit almost all goals are met. We do have a great Kinship.

WoneK, poor Champion girl, was created and deleted many times. She finished intro quests, ran to Bree vault, took all reputation items to reach Kindred, sold everything she had, then bought some coal…and got deleted.

I ran out of reputation items very quickly, at the end had to use low-level ones, like Barrow treasures and Crests of Dourhands. However, it gavee me lots of Turbine points. Top achievement was 300 TPs per day: 2 toons in Bree vault just using stuff.

Yesterday I saw I am running out of every rep. item. Had to hunt with Vytautaz for Wardens of Annuminas items, then – farm Sarnur as NaktiesKarys and finally – as NaktiesKarys farm Bree items. Wardens and Thorins Hall items had a good drop rate, Bounders tokens bags dropping kind of quickly (once again I see mostly +10 and +20 ones). Bree items were a pain: dropped to slow and +700 items even slower. Bright side – invited almost everyone into fellowship and within last fellowship (me and one lvl.85) we ran very very quickly, almost one-shotting monsters. Looks like Turbine lowered Bree and Mathom reputation items drop. A pity.

I am rushing to grind TPs. All I need is some 240 more Turbine points…and then Riders of Rohan expansion for as low as 2495!

And so the days ended, I had 2259 Turbine points and 2965 bounder tokens. Day has been good in Lotro.

waiting for Godo/Frodo

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday September 24 2013 at 10:28AM
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Logged in while Lotro was on maintenance. Did not know what to do, went to New Trismus, met no players there…logged off.

Lord of the rings online

was on maintenance most of the day. I logged in happy mood – vacation in Italy were over, I really enjoyed Florence and Venice, went to the “field of miracles” in Piza and looked at medieval fortress in Naples, visited Pompeii and walked long walks in Rome and Vatican, enjoyed real dynamite called “Espresso”, tasted true original gelati and pizza. Everything was excellent.

In Lotro – my server, Withywindle, finally finished with 1,75 million tokens, I purchase steed and Tarnished symbol of Celebrimbor with ~1000 tokens in reserve.

And in Lotro we have new quest – Frodo’s birthday, so we are expected to come to him, then rush to Hobbiton and listen to stories. And there the problem starts. You just can’t talk to NPCs. You have to talk to one NPC three times. Only then could you start talking to other NPCs. And you can’t talk to all of them in one run: they randomly change each hour. One hour – 4 hobbits and you need 12 hobbit tales.

Sounds pretty easy. But it isn’t. Some NPCs won’t talk for many hours. One player told he was waiting for two days. I waited for a day and then cancelled the quest: this one is just impossible. ALmost everyone complains about it, forums are full of negative comments (only few fanboys enjoy, but that’s why fanboys are fanboys). Two days of pure doing nothing, just standing in front of NPC? No, thanks.

Now my policy is very clear: dismiss any auto-bestowed quest with big ring, especially if it involves Hobbit NPCs (since they are the worst by far). No matter if quest is easy, no matter rewards – I will dismiss these quest. If Turbine can’t make quality quests – they can ask players for free ideas. Lame quests that make players angry are the worst thing for any mmorpg.

Riders of Rohan expansion is now 2495 TP only! Time to start grind.

And so the day has ended, I had 1799 Turbine points, some 1000 bounder tokens. Day was…a bit bad in Lotro.

revamps, investments

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday September 12 2013 at 6:28AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys did all doable “festival” quests that gives any tokens: accused drunkards, made on trip to resupply market, collected apples, yelled at lazy hobbitses to encourage them to work, fished for selfish hobbit lady.

Then there was a trip to Angmar: finished one deed (just how do they imagine lvl.40s player could pass through Iron crown and Giant guards, each with >20.000 hp?) and then hunted undead for reputation items. Got no so much: +700 rep.items drop very slow. Then went to another area, got a bit reputation items (+700 still drops very rarely) while in group and even some Bounder tokens bags. Each contained only 5 bounder tokens, only some given from quests gave 10 tokens.

There is still almost nothing to do in Lotro, I feel somehow exhausted. Only thing I am capable for is to grind for reputation items and prepare next toon for some 200-250 TPs in one run. One visit – and some 200 TPs are mine. This means time sink, but it is investment into future.

Turbine announces revamps, this time – Captain. Trait trees are confirmed, captains’ impressions are mixed, from praises to bashes. I wait for Champion revamp with but one hope: maybe revamp would make my class usefull. Now it’s spectacular (swing swing with swords), but of little good. It’s just support class, while Guardian or Captain tanks, Loremaster unleashes pets, RuneKeeper calls for magic fire and Minstrell heals – at the same time Champion has little to do, except swing-swing in all directions and trying to stay alive. Champion needs tanking, he needs to be usefull in battle. Maybe Turbine will do it.

And so they day has ended, I had 1514 Turbine points and 3865 bounder tokens. Next week will be off – visiting sunny Italy, hope to drink some real espresso/capucino, eat some original quality pizza – and of course, enjoy heritage that gave almost everything to Europe.

festival, leaves

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday September 11 2013 at 6:35AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys made one run for festival. Accuse drunkards quest, encourage workers to work quest, find some apples quest, catch 5 fish for lazy hobbit quest and one run  to supply the market quest. Yet another time was unsucsesfull with customers of the market, their list is very tricky and all the time I failed their quests. I deem them impossible, at least within 15 minutes: maybe 45 minutes would be the right time. If only Turbine wished to listen – I could make them a list of ideas how to improve festivals, but they just keep silence.

Helped one player to kill 50 orcs near Bree. It’s always good to help others and it was fun for me. As all these worthless orcs were killed, returned to Thorins Hall, sold stuff and farmed Sarnur a bit. All these killings (possibly 100 and more monsters) gave me 1 bag with 5 bounder tokens.

I feel something…strange. Almost everything lost its sense. I could go and farm for low-level reputation items. I could go to Annuminas to farm Angmarim or to Angmar for some other factions. But I have almost no income of Turbine points, except some (kind of not so easy) quests in Dunland. Do need some motivation/inspiration.

Then all the day went in Bree talking with kinnies. Some of our officers are suspending their activities and we had some serious talk.

And so the day has ended without any repotable results.

a short-lived hero

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday September 10 2013 at 5:43AM
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Lord of the rings online

WoneJ was deleted some time ago – WoneK was born. She made intro quests, ignoring side ones, saw Archet burned and ran towards Bree. All quests were of no importance – only Bree vault was important.

122 Cordolan trinkets: used, kindred with Bree. 122 well kept Mathoms used, kindred with Mathom; some 100 black badges and some Bands of Numenor used, kindred with Wardens of Annuminas. Finally, some 400 Dourhand crests and >100 first age relics used, kindred with Thorins hall. Also, some other rep.items giving basic reputation with some other factions were used. Tried to calculate Moria items, but these were not enough even for basic reputation. After such heroism (making empty space in vault is a good thing) WoneK logged off and was deleted. Long live WoneL…

NaktiesKarys did almost all doable “festival” quests. Ran to help 2 customers, then rided to Barfumlog and carried some mushrooms, accused drunkards and did pond fishing quest + one basic fishing to catch big fish. This one was succesfull and gave me valubale Legendary item xp. What has fishing to do with Legendary weapon – have no idea about it. Unlike what some other player say – helping customers is not easy one, because when they give quest, sometimes there is no solution, like “give me an apple” and not red nor green is on the list, or – “let us see if there is any quality meat except Bacon” – and won’t agree with bacon and non-bacon. I am close to 120 festival tokens – since farming more than 200 is absolutely impossible – and will buy horse cosmetics. A pity this festival does not let to earn tokens. Had to farm Sarnur for First age relics and some Dourhand crests.

Needless to say, every player clearly states in the forums: fishing quests is impossible. Somebody calculated finishing tier 4 fishing quest has some 0,0005% probability. I think Turbine has to call for real feedback. At least chose some players, some new and some old, some hardcore, some softcore, some very patient, some unpatient – and ask them. Ask Players council at least. The questions may be very simple: a) how to do quests that they would appease everyone? b) how to do quests that they attract more players? c) how to make profit from it? Personally I would be more than happy to think about it and propose things to developers without any compensation: the best compensation would be that they hear me and listen to me. Nobody complains about hard work, sometimes people stand hours in Bywater, waiting for some Hobbit to get drunk or running to catch 5 fish for some selfish Hobbit. However, almostr everyone complains about eggs, mushrooms and fishing. No comments are done about horse racing since it has 50% less time than is needed to finish it.

And so the day has ended, I earned 215 Turbine points in one run, emptying some space in vault and leaving my main toon to farm for more rep.items. At the end of the day I had 1509 TPs and 3665 bounders tokens. If only I could make 5 more runs like that…then Riders of Rohan, my dream-quest pack would be almost mine!

Lotro:bounder tokens hunt

Posted by Lithuanian Monday September 9 2013 at 6:36AM
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Lord of the rings online

Only two they are, a Master and Apprentice – told one wise man who never lied (well, rarely told all the truth, but still…). And so each coin always has 2 sides. Same with Lotro “festival”. One side is hastily, poorly done, based entirely on random number generator and ultra-fast reactions. Another side – since first side is by far the worst, one just needs to find fun outside RNG/luck system.

WoneJ was deleted – bye bye – and WoneK was born, she is destined to make about 200 TPs for me in one day. We’ll see how it works today.

NaktiesKarys took part in “festival”. Very mixed impressions:

  • egg hunt – either 4-10 competitors or me being single with all rotten eggs, just 2 normal and 2 coloured. Impossible to finish;
  • fishing is based on luck – did not try;
  • fishing “catch lost items from the pond” – very good;
  • fishing – helping one lady to catch 5 fish – very good;
  • tour through the market – very good;
  • near Stock – use mushrooms. Always overcrowded, RNG/luck dependence – did not try;
  • restocking market – doable, very good
  • serving customers – 2 quests very good and doable, rest are “get the ingredients” and these always are out of any logic. Says red apple will do, I take red apple – “this item was not on the list”, take the same quest, then green apple – was not on the list. So which one was on the list?

Bounder tokens always drop 5 tokens, in extremely rare cases – entire 10 tokens. I have some ~60 “festival” tokens which is far, far awat from desired 300. Well, if I am extremely lucky, I will grind for 120 and buy warsteed cosmetic.

Almost everybody in the forums does mention that bounder tokens have almost zero drop and almost everyone is dissatisfied. However, no answer whatsoever from developers – they seem to be uninterested in disappointed community.

Dark side: because of frustration I almost yelled at one player. He was hunting in Annuminas, he was lvl.85 elf Hunter. He just waited untill I target Angmarim, then one-shotted it and went further. I sent him tells to join fellowship: no answer. Ninja-invited many times – rejected. Finally, I started telling like “oh look, noob elf on the run”…untill some player (I guess – Game moderator) warned me harrassement was not wellcome. Thought I would be banned, but I was left to play and enjoy game…though I still consider that Hunter to be one of the lamiest Hunters in Middle Earth: what’s the use of player who cannot even write “No, thanks” or does not know how to join fellowship?

Had some…discussion…with Kinship about my apocalyptic view on Lotro. I felt like everything has lost its sense. Questing in Gap of Rohan was a bit uneasy, I’m still unexperienced with mounted combat. Slayer deeds (thanks, developers) were over-boring. Festival was lame and impossible. Bounder tokens did not drop. And even my top-level Weaponsmitg could not be of any help to others.

Bright side: because of the worst festival in Lotro history – done some hunts. First was one region, went to far reputation items. I was alone, killing every enemy in sight (though +700 item drop was very low). Then, some lvl.41 Hunter appeared. I asked him if he want to join fellowship – he agreed. And then we ran, targeting almost every monster, Hunter was of great help for me because he rained arrows while I was engaged in melee combat. We just slaughtered everything, my bags almost exploding from loot and reputation items. The he asked to target another type of mobs and used his Hunter abilities to track them so I could see purple dots. It was of great help once again. The he neeeded to locate certain items – of course, guarded – and we ran through. I lost count how many hundreds of enemies were killed – but in the end, he was done with at least 2 of his quests here. It was my time to leave for repairs – and he maybe had to turn-in quests. He asked how could he repay…I answered as I would to everyone: “1) Have fun; 2) when you are big, help others when they need”. Superb hunt was over.

Helped one kinnie with traps: he needed lvl.40 traps and I made them – some 100. Hope he would use them and level up.

And yesterday I was standing in Bree, doing nothing, chatting with others about nothing, when some lvl.32 player told he was unsucsesfull with “dungeons”. I asked if he wanted Great Barrow, just he and me. He agreed and we slaughtered everything. I was very proud that this far no player fighting along with me was killed. So – run was quick, Sambrog was owned quickly and we left.

Tried to escort two kinnies (lvl.20s) to Gates of Moria. Unfortunately, they attracted far more attention than I could deal with. One was killed, another too. A pity – but next time, if they are mounted, we could make this run quickier and safer.

Now I am prepared for Big Jump: gathered many reputation items, at lest easy ones. Ready to create toons, run them from (burned) Archet to Bree vault, use all I can use, delete toons, create new, use all I can use…and alike.

My formal achievements were very low:some 1294 TP, about 3620 (?) bounder tokens.

And so weeekend has ended: a mediocre, little-inspiring weekend. Days were somewhat boring and grey in Lotro.

Lotro fall festival:the fail

Posted by Lithuanian Friday September 6 2013 at 5:45AM
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Lord of the rings online

…and we finally have it. A fall festival, as promised – “steady income of bounder tokens” and fun. Oh yeah.

First of all, developers almost anulled bounder tokens as loot. Yesterday I hunted in Evendim: tens of limfarns – no bounder tokens; hundred of Angmarim – no tokens. Finally, after grinding too many (can’t even imagine numbers) Lossoth in their camp (Forochel) – some 80 tokens.

But we do have festival with its steady income. Festivla area was overcrowded and very laggy, at least on WIthywindle. Quests were…mockery. Rewards being 4 “Farmers Faire” tokens and one bag of bounders tokens (typically – 5). With such mocking rewards -if they can be called rewards at all- here comes the quests: in fact, most of them required visiting all the Shire and return back. One required to guess what fat local Mayor wants to eat. Oh, of course, just I will get my crystall ball, diploma of Telepathic and there we go… To make things worse, most quests have 23 hours cooldown. So – 4 quests with 20 bounder tokens reward each day: that’s less I used to get in an hour!

Disappointed in this lame festival, disappointed in the disappearance of bounder tokens. It means I could not donate a single one…and no one could. Drops are too low, why did Turbine do this? Why don’t they adress players, or Player’s Council? They would give great ideas for free to make this festival good and desirable.

Only this morning I read our wiki and found more quests. Not so intelligent, without bounder token awards, pure grind – but they are doable, just fish or collect eggs. That’s what is possible, even with standard 23 hours cooldown.

Thus – hunted, grinded Lossoth and Annuminas reputation items, my DunedanMule has finally reached Kindred with Lossoth and WOneJ completed ‘history of Dunedan”.

And so the day has grumpily ended, i felt very angry, had 1219 Turbine points and 3310 tokens. Life was bad and uninspiring in Lotro.

Grouping:unwanted lvl.80

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday September 4 2013 at 8:14AM
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Lord of the rings online

So-called “real life” intervened, had some 2 hours to play.

WoneJ finished neeker slayer, paid for one more house upkeep…and that’s all she did.

NaktiesKarys went to grind for Bounders tokens. Group was formed pretty fast, I sent invites to everyone I met in the area: just because cooperation is better than competition. Area is not so huge, and if we cooperate, we gain more loot and tokens. However, there were players that were already in fellowship and did not respond to my tells nor did they accept invites (even if they were free). Why compete when cooperation is more profitable? Yes, I did earn some tokens this way.

At the end of the day saw a group of lvl.20s going to Great Barrow. Asked (me, lvl.80 Champion) to join, just out of interest and an option to grind for tokens. Was accepted, but soon almost everyone became annoyed with my presence. Had to leave the group. A pity, I was expecting some fun to be had.

And so the day has ended, I had 1164 Turbine points, 2670 tokens. Withywindle has donated some 550.000 tokens (~1 million remains). The day was good with Lotro.

Lotro off-line, v.2.0

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday September 3 2013 at 6:12AM
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Lord of the rings online

Yesterday the game - all sites, forums, game itself - most of the day went offline, with very little explanation from Turbine. Later, forums re-appeared with users ringing alarm bells. One went to far as to ask if WB are shutting down Lotro. Some players were joking, others asked who attacked Lotro servers...only at some 22:00 Lithuanian time game went on-line.

Lord of the rings offline became Lord of the rings online at last.

WoneJ abandoned epic quest (may always return to it) and finished Brigand slayer (adv), Quests in Breeland (30). Also, my grinding toon paid 300 silver coins for house upkeep. By chance, WoneJ also acquired sturdy steel key, now I will have some 14 of them in the vault: am not opening any lootbox lesser than lvl.70.

NaktiesKarys farmed for tokens, killing lots of stuff and collecting hundreds of reputation items. This is a huge investment:one day my new toons will have no problem in reaching kindred with several fraction within few minutes. Also, met one strange player: he was farming tokens, I told him we'd better form group so that we could gain more and do not compete. He rejected, telling "I am leaving now"...but he stayed for long and we competed. Did not understand that: why compete when more profit and satisfaction is from cooperation?

And then, one kinnie asked for help in Great Barrow. Folks were busy, he adressed me and after assurance instance won't scale - I went there. Oh boy, it was massacre: lvl.80 champion versus lvl.24 wighs. That was the show for my AoE attacks as they smashed everything that opposed me. No need to use "bubble", bracing attacks or healing potions. Always running ahead, getting into the heart of the battle. Monsters were probably gratefull and dropped many token bags. Even named monsters (Sambrog and Co) had only some 9000 health. We did them all, my kinnie even shared quest and I received reward. At the end kinnie had lots of quests completed and reached new level.

I left instance being very satisfied. I was of real help, my kinnie did not die and we had lots of fun. I wish there were more instances like these for me...

And the day ended. I had 1159 Turbine points, as well as 2105 Bounder tokens. My server, Withywindle, has some (if I am not too wrong) 500.000 tokens. Yet about million to go. I left satisfied and ready for more and more action. Life is just prety good in Lotro, while Lotro is not offline.

the fun of grind

Posted by Lithuanian Monday September 2 2013 at 5:38AM
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Lord of the rings online

Weekend was very busy – Bounder tokens made life both easier, funnier and more grindy.

NaktiesKarys grinded everything, from low to medium lvl. areas to finish slayer deeds, gain some Turbine points and get some tokens. Only Dunland remains with some slayer deeds – but this region is tricky, since it offers only 5 TPs for advanced slayer deed (not 10 as in other regions). Also almost finished slayer deeds in Evendim, only evil Limfavrn and some Annuminas deeds remain.

Bounder tokens made grinding funny. First of all – fellowships are almost auto-formed, if there are some players in one area, they are more likely to form a fellowship. I was invited into some, and I created some. There were two remarkable in Evendim: when I and other lvl.45 player hunted for Giants and when I and other player slayed Kergrim. Area was little and there was no need to compete: together, we made an almost perferct team.  And all these slayer deeds, single & advanced, meant instant flow of Turbine points. Also, it was a huge investment: I grinded hundreds of reputation items, so that my new toon will gain some 100 TPs immediately after arriving to burned Archet.

Thus, Bounder tokens made positive changes: groups are more often formed, players are rewarded for (otherwise bit boring) grind.Player gets 15 TPs for donated 2500 tokens. Possible downside: I doubt anyone buys slayer deed accelerator.

One time managed to run Dark Delvings, finish all deeds here and have much fun. Once again, TPs and experience, as well as reputation items. Other time went to Great Barrow – tried tanking, which was doable and I really enjoyed my AoE attacks.

My toon, WoneJ, started her own grinding process: did basic deeds in Bree-land, like spider slayer (simple, adv., brigand slayer, quests in Bree-land (15). Soon, she will finish all starter deeds, now just running forwards and backwards with epic quests (which is boring since this toon is to grind for TPs and in game coins).

Not so bright side: my Withywindle is very inactive with Bounder tokens donation. If everyone donates 2500 tokens and earns 15 TPs – we would now enjoy all the barter items. But player are kind of passive and Turbine (a pity!) does anot announve official statistics. My topic in Lotro forum urging to donate 2500 tokens went almost unnoticed.

However, weekend, full of interesting grind, ended. I had 1139 Turbine points, had some 1700 Bounder tokens left and greatly increased my budget after each Bounder tokens run. Things are going interesting and good in Lotro.