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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

"Ready to go?"

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday September 25 2012 at 2:12AM
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Was played a bit. I was at Player's D. plot (looks like new one?) writing down components needed for Guild house. Player D. want to build tier 5 buildings: task which I am not ready for, some of craft professions are not that efficient. Therefore - I would be able to contribute, but only with some materials. Maybe I will even gain some xp in such way.

Player A. showed up and asked if I could help him build one silo. I asked what materials does he need and received a list with impressive numbers, like 400 of one material and 200 of another. I told I may contribute...and received question if I was ready to go.

My answer was simple: I have other things to do and when I have time, I may help him. Of course, Player A. complained, but I was not willing to listen. I had a friend's plot, I still have Guild's plot and both require lots of work. I may help Player A., especially when he does not need rare materials...but only when I have free time in Istaria.

Yes, some things just never change. Player A. remained the same complaining-commanding person.

I went to harvest sandstone in Parsinia (player's D. Guildhouse needs it) when received message from Player C.: her alt Dragon was ascending - becoming Adult dragon. A group was formed, we rushed to the Peak of Storms, then to the mountains of New Trismus...and there, two Dragons used "Phylactery of Shadows".

It was a dance of dark and light with high energies emanating from the earth and flying to the sky, energies so bright we could see nothing but them...and then our Dragons appeared, new born adult dragons, abke to fly and prepare for the journey towards Ancient Dragon. We celebrated it...and then I had to quit.

The day was impressive. I am with my friends once again, I am of use (and in fact will have little free time).


The day in Lotro was a bit short one. I turned in trophies and gained reputation with the people of Eglain. 5 times turn-in, limit reached, some +1500 reputation gained. Then I went to hunt down monsters, taking trophies I needed (now I have 2 of them: shimmering essence and heavy sword sheats) untill I had trophies for ~17 turn-ins.

Had to go to the neariest town: my equipment became so worn it could be destroyed too soon. One kind person from Kinship sent me weaponsmith formula, so had to run to the post office too.

Now I have some trophies my other character may use to gain reputation with the people of Eglain.

No TPs were earned, but I am close to completing two class deeds: strike 350 times with one strike and some 150 (?) - with another.


Overall, day was a real good one, I left satisfied both from Istaria and Lord of the rings.