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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Obsidian and memories

Posted by Lithuanian Monday September 24 2012 at 1:06AM
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The game has updated its launcher to a new, more modern, style. It greets you with a mystic entrance to a Dragon cave, covered my mystique fires of the underworld. When you enter...well, you see many many screens and buttons while in the center there is most important person in the game:


I enjoyed this new version, it looks better and gives better impression. Returned to my obsidian fields of Dralk. Of course, it was a grindy "harvest-craft-delete crafted-return to harvest" run. My Guild did miss me and I missed them. Istaria still has the best playerbase after all.

My Player S. has made several her alts and one of them is to take Ancient rite of passage either today or tomorrow: I was invited to this great event. Rite of passage is the most important moment in the life of the Dragon: hatchling becomes adult and learns to fly; adult becomes powerfull Ancient.

I visited some old places: our Guildhouse in Bristugo (and looks like my trophies are still intact); our plot in Bristugo is not finished yet - but this time it's job for me. Player A. (the same "Nakties, y ou go with me") purchased a strategic plot in Bristugo, near landing pads, but his plot is empty. Plot in Heather, a very strategic one, is still under demolishing (!) without owner. Player D. has acquired a new plot, very big one with large structures...and of course, with some help to build them.

That help would be mine, of course. There are many structures and my chance to grow a bit and be usefull to others.


The weekend in the Lotro was succesfull as well. I turned in trophies to get reputation with Eglain people (wel, I could do only 5 trophie turn-ins a day). Then hunted in Agmaur when one player in regional chat asked for help: to kill 24 wighs and 2 their leaders plus recover signet ring.

We were three: person who needed help, one Hunter and me, Dwarf-Champion. it was a very fun slaughter: we just ran into any monster, slaughter him and run to another. One time I ran into problem: group of 3 or 4 monsters of my level (I'm lvl.33, they were lvl.30). I was quickly losing health ("morale" in Lotro), no special attacks helped...when that Hunter ran to help. Finally, 24 wighs were killed and their leaders were killed. We were killing monsters for the ring - and the ring was found.

Then the player told he wanted tor reward each of us with a 1 gold coin. Hunter and me refused. I did it for fun. I felt usefull. And this was worth more than golden coins could give. Then that perosn said like "Know that now you are friends of [Kinship name]".

It was a great feeling. A feeling I did something not only for me, but for my Kinship as well.

Later I was helped by one Hunter in a hard quest. I needed to kill mobs that had >3000 health and enjoyed attacking in groups by two or three. Initially I was killed several times, later took a bit conservative approach and wait untill monster spawn. Fight was finally over, my 2 quests were finished.

Besides from that, I took deeds in Shire land earning >100 Turbine points. Now I have more than 1400 Turbine points, missing some 1000 to Mines of Moria expansion pack. However, deeds in Shire were not impressive. Restore auick post, i.e. deliver letters avoiding "Nosey hobbits". Kill harvest-flies. Kill some slugs (it's me, hero, why kill useless slugs?). I did deeds as well as those quests that award me with "Gift Mathom", giving +700 reputation to "Mathom society".

The weekend was just great in both games. I enjoyed them and was happy - what more could me ask from a MMORPG?