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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Holidays, cloning, Lotro

Posted by Lithuanian Monday September 17 2012 at 2:20AM
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I was on holidays, therefore played very little and almost abandoned


was not played. A pity.

Lord of the rings online

I am almost addicted to it. My main characater now became "Vytautaz" - a level 30 Dwarf Champion, proud Weaponsmith and owner of the house. A second char - "Nakties Karys" is still some lvl. 25 Human Champion.

In order to gain more Turbine points, I started creating new characters on each server. Started from "Silverlode" server where two my Human girls - "Onea" and "Oneb" live. I went to the past experiences about dreadfull lvl.15 beast and that hard to beat lvl.18 monsters.

"Onea" took a Jeweller profession. It is a serious challenge: Jeweller grows up very slowly as he needs many many precious stones and precious metals...while stones are rare and precious metals (silver, gold, platinium...) are not too common. Initially Jeweller may depend on copper things, but later he faces some problems.

"Oneb" took Armorer profession and there she grew up quickly, acting as supplier for "Onea".

Currently, "Onea" is some lv.23 character (Champion as al my chars would be), "Oneb" - lvl.10. There was one funny thing: "Onea" was adressed by some person who asked if I was a girl (answered positively:in the game my char is girl) and then...then I received offer to be someone's girlfriend in the game because adresser needs it. Thought about telling him to go off, but decided to act politely: closed chat and logged off.  Also, was adressed with an offer to join a kinship. SInce adress was polite, I explained my main character is already in kinship and I cannot join.

Turbine points farming goes well: so far, "Onea" earned 170 points: she is doing every deed, anything for what she could receive valuable Turbine points. Of course, being supplied with armor and ability to craft jewellery makes this task easier. All I need is some 10 such characters with the same number of TPs...and then I buy Mines of Moria expansion.

Of course, there is a question what to do after Moria. I may need lots of things: gold cap removal; additional quest packs (Norther lands etc); vault upgrade and alike.That won't be soon, but I need to think about it right now.

I really like Lotro as I feel if it was a real world with rains raining or flowers blooming. It's an alive world where I do feel comfortable.