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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

adBlock, Istaria buildings and Lotro hunts

Posted by Lithuanian Friday September 28 2012 at 3:40AM
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Got a surprise - header with text mmorpg is a free service, it costs money and money comes from ads. I never clicked on ads since I do play games I want to play. And when I am at work, the last thing I want my boss to see is half-nude Pamella Anderson-style woman with big sword advertising some Asian MMORPG. My boss may have a very wrong impression about what sites am I browsing. And my work PC is very slow: if I want to browse, I have to disable any ads on any site.

So - I will continue to block ads, even on Hope site admins won't be angry about that.


Started to gather iron (which is a bit complicated since it is guarded by Iron golems), when Player S., my good impatient Dragon, asked for some help. She needed to kill lots of Gold golems, so we went for some killing.

Initially golems were greedy:dropped anything except trophies. We hunted and hunted, killing any golem when there was a kind of sabotage: electricity in my house went off for some hour. When I returned to Istaria, I met with Player S., gave her trophies I have looted. She had nearly 90 of them - I think enough for at least one level.

Then returned to iron, harvesting it, avoiding golems and making construction stuff. Teleported to Player's D. plot only to find "my" Guildhouse was completed, tier 2 silos were built and others - nearly completed. I was lucky to find some use of my iron construction stuff. All that remains are to finish some tier 2 structures (silos, guildhouse) and then slowly start some Obsidian/marble stuff.


Was played very little: turned in last part of trophies; tried to use my alt to pay for house upkeep (50 silver), but could pay only on Saturdays, so just left my alt standing in the house. When I finally remove gold cap (i.e. buy removal from Lotro store spending TPs) - I possibly will purchase a larger house, costing 7 gold and use my alts to pay for upkeep.


And so the day ended, I left satisfied, thinking about buildings in Istaria and the fact that I will contribute to them. I am usefull and amongst my friends: life is just good.

plots, patience, thousands

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday September 27 2012 at 3:07AM
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began with slate work - running forwards and backwards. For first "part" I needed some 3000 bricks. Bricks collected, stuff made and added. Second "part" required 4500 bricks (and each run made ~800-900). This was done, although not too easy and required several transportations.

Then I went to do some easy job: bronze construction items (sheetings and jointings), each requiring 20 and 25 bronze bars. It was just a start when one player asked my help in killing 19 large beetles (low level, no danger for me).

And weird things began. I formed a group so that could see that player, then he asked to leave group, because he was getting no xp, then he was still in group, relogged several times...and disappeared. Maybe it was an alt of our famous Player A. Then, seeing he is no longer there, I returned to bronze.

Lucky for me, I had not to compete with low level players. Several runs and I was done with bronze. At the end of the day bronze job at Player's D. plot was done. Player's D Guildhouse is ~20% completed and most job would not be too grindy. Before that I will make one silo so that I may store construction stuff.

Then it came to the talks with Player D. I repeated him I may need one or two tier 2 silos to store stuff. He agreed and made...some 10 silos to be build. Quite a job for me, have to admit. Player D. also progressed, gaining more and more levels in combat schools. I'm glad of it.


I only turned in several trophies, watched how many xp is left towards top-reputation with the People of Eglain (about 2500). Of course, when I finishe with Eglains, I will kill monsters in Agmaur for my another alt and for xp, of course: still have dangerous quests where either group or high-level is required.


Abd so the day has ended. I realised Istaria was something where my heart belongs to. My friends. My job as a crafter to help others. Lotro is fascinating, I can easily immerse here, level up and do lots of things Istaria lacks..but maybe Istaria is just a home.

Building the world

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday September 26 2012 at 2:57AM
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Was played a bit. Spent all the time in sandstone quarries, gathering bricks and then making construction blocks and keystones. Overall, I needed 2000 bricks - it's about 3 runs to the field (one run produced about 800 bricks). Finally, had enough bricks and made all the stuff I needed.

Then - travel to Player's D. plot. A pity there is no vault, no storage silo, no Guildhouse to store materials. I told about it in the chat and to Player D.: I wish vault was maximum tier 3, not tier 5: even experienced players have difficulties with tier 5.

To my surprise, someone has aided buildings. However, "it matters not": today I will start grinding slate, need some 400 of materials and it would be a long run. Player A. sold his plot in Bristugo: last building is being demolished. Where he has storage silo - remains a mystery.


Was played for too little: just turned in 5 trophies, received some xp and reputation with Eglain people. I am starting to grow slowly, relying more on trophies than on quests: quests can be done at any time, trophies can't.


And so the day has ended. I felt satisfied with Istaria: soon I will see first building appearing at Player's D. plot...and then lots of others. Life is good once again.

"Ready to go?"

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday September 25 2012 at 3:12AM
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Was played a bit. I was at Player's D. plot (looks like new one?) writing down components needed for Guild house. Player D. want to build tier 5 buildings: task which I am not ready for, some of craft professions are not that efficient. Therefore - I would be able to contribute, but only with some materials. Maybe I will even gain some xp in such way.

Player A. showed up and asked if I could help him build one silo. I asked what materials does he need and received a list with impressive numbers, like 400 of one material and 200 of another. I told I may contribute...and received question if I was ready to go.

My answer was simple: I have other things to do and when I have time, I may help him. Of course, Player A. complained, but I was not willing to listen. I had a friend's plot, I still have Guild's plot and both require lots of work. I may help Player A., especially when he does not need rare materials...but only when I have free time in Istaria.

Yes, some things just never change. Player A. remained the same complaining-commanding person.

I went to harvest sandstone in Parsinia (player's D. Guildhouse needs it) when received message from Player C.: her alt Dragon was ascending - becoming Adult dragon. A group was formed, we rushed to the Peak of Storms, then to the mountains of New Trismus...and there, two Dragons used "Phylactery of Shadows".

It was a dance of dark and light with high energies emanating from the earth and flying to the sky, energies so bright we could see nothing but them...and then our Dragons appeared, new born adult dragons, abke to fly and prepare for the journey towards Ancient Dragon. We celebrated it...and then I had to quit.

The day was impressive. I am with my friends once again, I am of use (and in fact will have little free time).


The day in Lotro was a bit short one. I turned in trophies and gained reputation with the people of Eglain. 5 times turn-in, limit reached, some +1500 reputation gained. Then I went to hunt down monsters, taking trophies I needed (now I have 2 of them: shimmering essence and heavy sword sheats) untill I had trophies for ~17 turn-ins.

Had to go to the neariest town: my equipment became so worn it could be destroyed too soon. One kind person from Kinship sent me weaponsmith formula, so had to run to the post office too.

Now I have some trophies my other character may use to gain reputation with the people of Eglain.

No TPs were earned, but I am close to completing two class deeds: strike 350 times with one strike and some 150 (?) - with another.


Overall, day was a real good one, I left satisfied both from Istaria and Lord of the rings.

Obsidian and memories

Posted by Lithuanian Monday September 24 2012 at 2:06AM
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The game has updated its launcher to a new, more modern, style. It greets you with a mystic entrance to a Dragon cave, covered my mystique fires of the underworld. When you enter...well, you see many many screens and buttons while in the center there is most important person in the game:


I enjoyed this new version, it looks better and gives better impression. Returned to my obsidian fields of Dralk. Of course, it was a grindy "harvest-craft-delete crafted-return to harvest" run. My Guild did miss me and I missed them. Istaria still has the best playerbase after all.

My Player S. has made several her alts and one of them is to take Ancient rite of passage either today or tomorrow: I was invited to this great event. Rite of passage is the most important moment in the life of the Dragon: hatchling becomes adult and learns to fly; adult becomes powerfull Ancient.

I visited some old places: our Guildhouse in Bristugo (and looks like my trophies are still intact); our plot in Bristugo is not finished yet - but this time it's job for me. Player A. (the same "Nakties, y ou go with me") purchased a strategic plot in Bristugo, near landing pads, but his plot is empty. Plot in Heather, a very strategic one, is still under demolishing (!) without owner. Player D. has acquired a new plot, very big one with large structures...and of course, with some help to build them.

That help would be mine, of course. There are many structures and my chance to grow a bit and be usefull to others.


The weekend in the Lotro was succesfull as well. I turned in trophies to get reputation with Eglain people (wel, I could do only 5 trophie turn-ins a day). Then hunted in Agmaur when one player in regional chat asked for help: to kill 24 wighs and 2 their leaders plus recover signet ring.

We were three: person who needed help, one Hunter and me, Dwarf-Champion. it was a very fun slaughter: we just ran into any monster, slaughter him and run to another. One time I ran into problem: group of 3 or 4 monsters of my level (I'm lvl.33, they were lvl.30). I was quickly losing health ("morale" in Lotro), no special attacks helped...when that Hunter ran to help. Finally, 24 wighs were killed and their leaders were killed. We were killing monsters for the ring - and the ring was found.

Then the player told he wanted tor reward each of us with a 1 gold coin. Hunter and me refused. I did it for fun. I felt usefull. And this was worth more than golden coins could give. Then that perosn said like "Know that now you are friends of [Kinship name]".

It was a great feeling. A feeling I did something not only for me, but for my Kinship as well.

Later I was helped by one Hunter in a hard quest. I needed to kill mobs that had >3000 health and enjoyed attacking in groups by two or three. Initially I was killed several times, later took a bit conservative approach and wait untill monster spawn. Fight was finally over, my 2 quests were finished.

Besides from that, I took deeds in Shire land earning >100 Turbine points. Now I have more than 1400 Turbine points, missing some 1000 to Mines of Moria expansion pack. However, deeds in Shire were not impressive. Restore auick post, i.e. deliver letters avoiding "Nosey hobbits". Kill harvest-flies. Kill some slugs (it's me, hero, why kill useless slugs?). I did deeds as well as those quests that award me with "Gift Mathom", giving +700 reputation to "Mathom society".

The weekend was just great in both games. I enjoyed them and was happy - what more could me ask from a MMORPG?


Posted by Lithuanian Friday September 21 2012 at 7:07AM
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Yesterday my main toon in Lotro was spending in Lone lands. It's "Wellcome back weekend", when experience, gained for killing mobs, is doubled: an excellent chance to grow up.

Started with some trophy-quests, thus growing up reputation with the people of Eglain. Later tried to take some quests that officially were solo for lvl.30. To my disappointment, they failed: even entrance was over-guarded and I had too little chances to stay alive.

Asked my Kinship for help, but this time in vain. Therefore just hunted monsters, blaming everything for the map: in Agamaur you just have no map and have to remember how each centimeter looks like in day/night and which turns leads where.

This was too much - play was over. Overall, I dislike that region. It's a maze, full of hard monsters with no map at all. If you are not in a strong group - you are in trouble.

And so the day ended...

Lonelands, continued

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday September 20 2012 at 1:44AM
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My play time (as "Onea") was a short one - had some 1,5 hours to play. I went to local inn and did trophy quests: turned in 5 trophies, increased my reputation with the people of Eglain...and it became clear I had more trophies than I could use within one day. Well, then it was the time to finish quest: gather Cordolain treasures + burn bodies of Eglain dead (but they do stay on the ground after burning).

It was a bit interesting run: i was lvl.24, spiders were lvl.24 and sometimes I had to fight two sipders. later met one very friendly Hunter who was killing spiders, sometimes showing the way for me or covering me with his good arrows. A nice, helpfull person.

And so some quests were finished: to collect spider eyes, to burn Eglain dead and recover their treasures. I am doing this to increase reputation with the people of Eglain - a rather mysterious faction in Lotro. Of course, one day I will outgrow trophies, but then I will collect lots of them for my alt - "Oneb".

Overall, life if "Oneb" is going to be easy. She is supplied with metal whenever main character finds any. She will be supplied with Bree treasures so that she may become a Kindred to Bree quickly.  She will receive trophies for Eglain (so that there's no need to hunt for them). She will receive any quality jewellery.

It become clear to me that Mines of Moria means only Mines of Moria, not any more paid region. However, I will make new characters and earn more Turbine points to buy this expansion (some 2500 Turbine points). And then - two classes unlocked + 2 more characters on each server (which is very good for TP farming and buying more stuff).

Life in Lotro is good - but I must return to my Istaria one day.


Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday September 19 2012 at 1:51AM
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The day was spent by running to the Lonelands, home of the People of Eglain. They form a rather strange, isolated faction. Since reputation does matter, I chose to go for trophies and all the reputation increase quests: will take my time in Bree later, Bree-town is too easy (just farm Barrows for treasures and in no time you are in the best relations...).

Fight was not easy for my lvl. 24 character. Orc were not that hard - problem was with orcs-flamethrowers (those ugly guys bearing a pot with flammable liquid and throwing it at you) and spiders. I took a quest to burry Eglain dead and recover their treasures. Ran into 2 spiders, had to run only to run into 2 more spiders. Lucky for me, they lost interest and I could take them one by one. Fighting spiders was difficult, but still I was victorious.

Lonelands also offered new deeds and new deeds mean new Turbine Points. One deed was finished (Goblin slayer for 5 TP), lots of new ones await.

I will fight there untill I have any trophy to exchange into reputation and xp. And when I outgrew trophies - it would be high time for Bree again, to do all the quests there and gain reputation (since xp would be of little matter).

And so the day has ended: i left satisfied and thinking about new adventures in lotro.

Kinships and farming

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday September 18 2012 at 3:26AM
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was playing for TPs farming characters and my main, "NaktiesKarys".

Farming characters (Onea & Oneb) fought very little: Onea killed sickle-flies to finish deed and get valuable Turbine points. She also searched for copper and barrow-iron, sending ore to Oneb. At the same time, Oneb refined ore to bars and started to make armor.

Initially it was bronze one, then - iron. I made armor to fit all free inventory slots, then sold it and returned to make again. Thus some ingame currency was gained. The result was: oneb advanced quickly and managed to sent 5 armor pieces to "Onea". Of course, later "Onea" will supply "Oneb" with jewellery. Cooperation is good thing after all.

Currently, Onea earned me nearly 200 TPs. Still there are some to go and gather those 2500 for Mines of Moria.

Later switched to main character "NaktiesKarys" and just talked in our Kinship chat. Was able to help one lvl.28 character to fight some evil undead in Lone-lands.  Undead were killed, "ruin-master" was killed too and quest was finished. I was happy to help others - at least one in our kinship.

All I can think about - is Turbine point spending. Having some 1200 points, I will make every effort to collect 2500 and buy Mines of Moria. What happens next - I don't know. There are lots of things to buy: gold cap removal, maybe horse riding, auction house using, money-sending (why not support main character?). There are also other expansions and quests-packs that would be needed for advancement. What should I buy (for TPs only) after Mines of Moria - I don't know yet. Maybe someone could advice me.

And so the day has ended. I left satisfied with immersive world of Lotro.

Holidays, cloning, Lotro

Posted by Lithuanian Monday September 17 2012 at 2:20AM
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I was on holidays, therefore played very little and almost abandoned


was not played. A pity.

Lord of the rings online

I am almost addicted to it. My main characater now became "Vytautaz" - a level 30 Dwarf Champion, proud Weaponsmith and owner of the house. A second char - "Nakties Karys" is still some lvl. 25 Human Champion.

In order to gain more Turbine points, I started creating new characters on each server. Started from "Silverlode" server where two my Human girls - "Onea" and "Oneb" live. I went to the past experiences about dreadfull lvl.15 beast and that hard to beat lvl.18 monsters.

"Onea" took a Jeweller profession. It is a serious challenge: Jeweller grows up very slowly as he needs many many precious stones and precious metals...while stones are rare and precious metals (silver, gold, platinium...) are not too common. Initially Jeweller may depend on copper things, but later he faces some problems.

"Oneb" took Armorer profession and there she grew up quickly, acting as supplier for "Onea".

Currently, "Onea" is some lv.23 character (Champion as al my chars would be), "Oneb" - lvl.10. There was one funny thing: "Onea" was adressed by some person who asked if I was a girl (answered positively:in the game my char is girl) and then...then I received offer to be someone's girlfriend in the game because adresser needs it. Thought about telling him to go off, but decided to act politely: closed chat and logged off.  Also, was adressed with an offer to join a kinship. SInce adress was polite, I explained my main character is already in kinship and I cannot join.

Turbine points farming goes well: so far, "Onea" earned 170 points: she is doing every deed, anything for what she could receive valuable Turbine points. Of course, being supplied with armor and ability to craft jewellery makes this task easier. All I need is some 10 such characters with the same number of TPs...and then I buy Mines of Moria expansion.

Of course, there is a question what to do after Moria. I may need lots of things: gold cap removal; additional quest packs (Norther lands etc); vault upgrade and alike.That won't be soon, but I need to think about it right now.

I really like Lotro as I feel if it was a real world with rains raining or flowers blooming. It's an alive world where I do feel comfortable.